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Be Careful With Covenants Not to Compete - 09/09/2019

Almost every contract has an escape hatch — but you might have to escape to a place you don't want to be.

7 Things You Must Know Before Signing an Employment Contract - 07/02/2019

A good contract by definition is one that is fair and reasonable and is a win-win situation for everyone involved. But how do physicians ensure they are getting a good contract before agreeing to work for a hospital or group practice?

Capital Gains: Attracting Investors Without Losing Independence - 01/02/2019

Can physicians line up venture capital without letting go of their independence? It’s not so easy.

How to Get Out of a Bad Vendor Contract - 08/24/2017

While physicians who enter into bad consumer contracts they want to get out of would be advised to work with their own attorneys, Texas law has protections for consumers.

TDI Proposes HMO Rule Rewrite - 12/01/2016

Whenever a state agency undertakes a wholesale overhaul of a set of regulations important to physicians and patients, TMA examines the proposal extremely carefully. That's why a TMA staff team spent weeks studying the Texas Department of Insurance's (TDI's) Oct. 7 proposed repeal and rewrite of the entire regulatory chapter on HMOs.

TMA PracticeEdge Moving Forward With Five ACOs, CCM, GPO - 06/23/2016

After review from its Board of Managers, TMA PracticeEdge now has plans to help five groups of TMA physicians implement accountable care organizations (ACOs). In addition to two previously announced ACO projects in Houston and Central Texas, TMA PracticeEdge is poised to move ahead with three more. The five projects include more than 170 physicians and cover 26,000 patient lives.

Adverse Impact on Quality of Care - 06/13/2016

A majority of physicians (71 percent) tell TMA in our latest survey that in the past year there was at least one instance in their practice when the quality of patient care was impacted adversely by the operating policies or utilization controls of a private health plan. The most frequently cited causes were limited networks (83 percent), formulary limitations (80 percent), coverage limitations or denials (73 percent), and treatment delays (57 percent).

Put Your Practice Software to Work for You - 06/03/2016

Your practice management system contains a wealth of information that can help you run a better practice. Are you taking advantage of it?

Monitoring Health Care Payment Plans - 05/13/2016

Monitoring Health Care Payment Plans

UniCare Leaves Texas and Endorses BCBSTX - 05/13/2016

UniCare leaves Texas and endorses BCBSTX.

Some Health Plans Pay Then Take it Away - 05/06/2016

Some health insurers look for reasons to rescind a patient’s health insurance so they can avoid paying his or her medical bills. They cancel the policy and take back all payments made under the patient's policy. TMA wants to protect Texas patients from this ploy.

Spend Patients’ Dollars on Health Care, Not Elsewhere - 05/06/2016

Physicians believe health insurers must be more accountable and more transparent about how they spend patients’ premium dollars. TMA suggests a consistent reporting formula for the so-called medical loss ratio so patients shopping for health insurance could easily compare the performance of health plans.

TMA Physicians and Legislators: “Patients Have a Right to Know” - 05/06/2016

“We believe our patients have the right to know what’s covered in their insurance,” said Josie R. Williams, MD, TMA’s president. “Our patients also have the right to know which doctors and hospitals are in their network, how much extra they will have to pay for the health care services they receive, and why they have to keep paying more for health insurance.”

TMA Says Patients Need Easy-to-Read Health Insurance Labels - 05/06/2016

TMA is working with state legislators to require insurers to simplify health plans and make them as easy to understand as reading what’s in a can of soup.