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Mending Medicare: Federal Spending Law Reduces Physician Pay Cut Amid Reform Push - 03/01/2023

A massive federal spending law took effect in late 2022, delivering a smaller-than-scheduled Medicare physician pay cut in 2023, but the Texas Medical Association and others in organized medicine continue to push for comprehensive reform.

Strength in Numbers: Texas Physicians Shape Health Care Policy at AMA - 03/01/2023

The Texas Medical Association wields its influence in two ways: through the Texas Delegation to the American Medical Association and through membership on the AMA’s various councils and committees.

2023-2024 TMA Women Physicians Section Executive Council Candidates - 02/15/2023

WPS Executive Council elections will take place online from Feb. 13 - 24, 2023 . You will be emailed a link to the ballot in advance which requires you to login to the TMA website. Results will be announced on March 3, 2023, and the term will begin at  TexMed 2023 .  Contact TMA section staff

AMA President Commends TMA’s Advocacy on Medicare Pay, Prior Auth, Physician Wellness - 01/30/2023

In a rare and distinguished opportunity, the president of the American Medical Association paid a visit to the Texas Medical Association at its Winter Conference on Jan. 28, praising Texas physicians for their advocacy accomplishments in several key areas that align with AMA’s Recovery Plan for Physicians.

Amplified by AMA: Participation in AMA Can Improve Texas Medicine - 01/11/2023

The Texas Medical Association's impact on the national stage hinges in part on the activism of roughly three dozen TMA members who serve as representatives to the American Medical Association House of Delegates, the principal policymaking body of AMA.

TMA at AMA: Texas Shapes National Policy on Medicare Reform, Opioids, Price Transparency - 12/13/2022

When Texas physicians joined their colleagues from around the country in Honolulu for the Interim Meeting of the American Medical Association House of Delegates, it wasn’t all sunshine, golf courses, and sandy beaches.

Strength in Numbers: Women Physicians Seek to Change the Culture of Medicine - 09/22/2022

In Texas, women accounted for 36% of active physicians as of September, just under the national rate of 37% and more than double their share 25 years ago. They now outnumber men among Texas medical school enrollees, suggesting they may account for most of the physician workforce in future decades.

Women Physicians Spotlight: Lindsay K. Botsford, MD - 09/04/2022

September is Women in Medicine Month. So how are leaders like Lindsay K. Botsford, MD, impacting medicine within organized medicine and within their practice settings? Here's what this TMA Women Physicians Section member has to say.

TMA Women Physicians Section GroupMe - 07/18/2022

Join the TMA-WPS GroupMe! This is an opportunity for TMA woman physician section members to converse informally, collaborate, and exchange information.

AMA Deadlines: Go for $10,000 Research Challenge Prize - 07/05/2022

Several American Medical Association deadlines are coming up fast this month – with a $10,000 prize on the line as well as research funding pertaining to female physicians.

Member Spotlight: Emily D. Briggs, MD, Women Physicians Section Chair - 07/04/2022

Meet New Braunfels family physician Emily D. Briggs, MD, chair of the Texas Medical Association’s Women Physicians Section. Dr. Briggs feels the section is an important part of TMA because “historically, women have been underrepresented in medicine. Over the decades we have made significant strides. However, leadership in medicine does not reflect this advancement.”

TMA at AMA: Reflections - 06/22/2022

Little Elm internist John Flores, MD, TMA vice speaker and Texas delegate to the American Medical Association, takes a look back at the progress made at this year's Annual Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates. See Dr. Flores' reflections.

TMA Insurance Trust Names New Executive Director - 05/27/2022

The American Medical Association (AMA) honored Houston scientist and physician Peter J. Hotez, MD, with the Scientific Achievement Award for his work on promoting vaccines and combating vaccine misinformation.

Sponsored Content: Celebrating Female Physicians - 04/05/2022

Feb. 3 is National Women Physicians Day, and the Texas Medical Association is proud to celebrate women physicians who are making a difference in the practice of medicine, in their communities, and in the lives of their patients.

Texas Physician Leaders Win Top AMA Honors for Pandemic Achievements - 04/05/2022

Advancing COVID-19 vaccines and countering vaccine misinformation. Going to great lengths to secure personal protective equipment. Bolstering physician morale and professionalism in turbulent times.

Section News: Details on Women Physicians, Resident and Fellow Section Business Meetings - 04/05/2022

Check out the business meeting schedule for all six special-interest sections coming up at this week's TMA Winter Conference, plus details on leadership positions up for grabs in the Women Physicians and Resident and Fellow Sections.

TMA Names New General Counsel - 03/25/2022

The Texas Medical Association (TMA) has named Kelly M. Walla, JD, LLM, as its next general counsel beginning July 1.

Houston Doctor Presented with Award for Leadership in Medical Ethics and Professionalism - 01/31/2022

The American Medical Association Foundation (AMAF) honored Ellen M. Friedman, MD, FACS, FAAP, with the 2021 AMA Foundation Award for Leadership in Medical Ethics and Professionalism. This award recognizes physicians who are dedicated to the principles of medical ethics and highest standards of medical practice, and who have made an outstanding contribution through active service in medical ethics activities.

David L. Lakey, MD, Presented National Health Education Award - 01/31/2022

The American Medical Association Foundation (AMAF) honored David L. Lakey, MD, with the 2021 AMA Foundation Award for Health Education. This award recognizes the professional or public health education activities of practicing physicians.

AMA Honors Texas Physician with Medal of Valor - 01/31/2022

The American Medical Association (AMA) honored Lubbock, Texas, critical care specialist Victor J. Test, MD, with the AMA Medal of Valor for his work on behalf of patients and his community in the COVID-19 epidemic. The award recognizes physicians who demonstrate courage under extraordinary circumstances in non-wartime situations.

AMA Honors Houston Physician with Scientific Achievement Award - 01/31/2022

The American Medical Association (AMA) honored Houston scientist and physician Peter J. Hotez, MD, with the Scientific Achievement Award for his work on promoting vaccines and combating vaccine misinformation.

Martha Pugh, MD: One of TMA’s longest-Serving Members Flourished in Male-Dominated Medicine - 12/01/2021

After growing up on a South Alabama cattle farm in the 1940s and ’50s, Martha Pugh, MD, went on to have a 51-year career in a different male-dominated field: medicine. Often one of few women in the building, whether at medical school or in hospitals, Dr. Pugh – now 82 and retired – found common ground with her male peers and went on to become one of the Texas Medical Association’s longest-serving members for 42 years.

A Texas Trailblazer: May Owen, MD, a Medical Pioneer and TMA’s First Female President - 12/01/2021

On May 27, 1936, May Owen, MD, answered a scientific riddle in a speech before the Texas Medical Association, explaining research that would soon make her a statewide celebrity. Dr. Owen’s pioneering work continued in the decades to come, making her the first female president of the Texas Society of Pathologists in 1946, the first female president of the Tarrant County Medical Society in 1947, and the first female president of TMA in 1960.

Texas Takes Its Expertise to AMA Interim Meeting - 11/24/2021

Physician representatives of the Texas Medical Association worked to ensure Texas maintains a strong voice in the American Medical Association, bringing firsthand experience to the development of several national policies at the Special Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates Nov. 12-16.

Bailey Caps Trying Year as AMA President, Inspires Physicians to Continue Leadership - 06/21/2021

In a speech concluding a historic and challenging term as American Medical Association president, Fort Worth allergist and immunologist Susan R. Bailey, MD, shared sympathetic and inspiring words for her colleagues as she reflected on a year defined by the global COVID-19 pandemic.