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Seeking Balance: TMA Opposes Feds' Implementation of the No Surprises Act - 12/04/2023

The Texas Medical Association supported the patient protections in the federal No Surprises Act but also knew from the beginning that the law's payment arbitration provisions were flawed and could give insurers an advantage.

The Knowledge Center Turns 20: Answering Physicians' Questions and Stewarding Medical History - 10/03/2023

The Texas Medical Association Knowledge Center helps physicians navigate daily challenges, and stewards an archive of Texas medical history.

Putting the AI in Paid: Payer Use of Artificial Intelligence Sparks Physician Concerns - 10/02/2023

Physicians - worried about payers' increasing use of artificial intelligence to process prior authorization requests, enable value-based care models, and systematically deny coverage - are seeking transparency on behalf of their patients and practices.

10 More Ways to Save Money in Your Practice - 08/30/2023

Past editions of TMA Practice E-Tips have suggested ways practices can save money and time in daily activities. Here are more tips … for TMA members only. These programs and services are free for TMA members, and can save practices thousands of dollars.

PAs and APRNs: How Do These Midlevels Differ? - 08/30/2023

Physicians interested in hiring a midlevel practitioner for their practice sometimes wonder whether they should hire a physician assistant or an advanced practice registered nurse. Here’s the basic difference between the two.

Are You Tweeting Yet? - 08/25/2023

Want to get started using — or become more active on — social media on a professional level? Interestingly, the 2015 Texas Legislature provides a painless opportunity for you to wet your feet in the Twittersphere, with how-to help from TMA.

Who Will Run Your Practice If You Can’t? - 08/23/2023

You might have given thought to what would happen to your solo practice and your family in the event of your death, but what if you have a serious accident or illness and are unable to work for, say, several months?

Report: Most Private Payers Have Stopped COVID Cost-Sharing Waivers - 08/21/2023

Private health insurance plans have largely stopped waiving patient cost-sharing for COVID-19 treatment, according to a recent report by the Peterson Center on Healthcare and Kaiser Family Foundation. The data represent an overwhelming shift from payer cost-sharing policies during 2020 as indicated by previous research.

Payers Axe Consultation Codes - 07/25/2023

Both Cigna and UnitedHealthcare (UHC) have announced that starting in October, they will no longer pay for CPT consultation codes 99241-99245 – office consultations – and 99251-99255 – inpatient consultations. UHC’s policy change becomes effective Oct. 1, as outlined in its March bulletin. Cigna’s July newsletter says Cigna’s policy takes effect Oct. 19.

Help Patients Make Wise Choices About Treatment Options - 07/20/2023

Tools are emerging to help physicians overcome the time constraints that can preempt discussions with patients.

E&M Coding — Are You Under, Over, or on Target? - 07/20/2023

E&M Coding — Are You Under,Over,or on Target?

COVID-19: Telemedicine - 07/20/2023

View COVID-19 resources related to Telemedicine.

Judgment Calls: Court Victory Highlights Importance of Corporate Practice of Medicine Laws - 06/07/2023

Hospital Internists of Texas was pitted against a multibillion-dollar company in a corporate practice of medicine lawsuit. At the trial court level, a Travis County district court jury awarded the Austin medical practice more than $10.2 million.

At Your Service: Practices focus on patient experience and convenience - 06/05/2023

Practices focus on patient experience and convenience to compete in an ever-changing medical landscape.

A Shelter From the Practice Viability Storm: TMA Braces Physicians Amid Economic Headwinds - 05/31/2023

TMA is here to help all practices – regardless of setting or payment model – thrive, remaining steady in its advocacy at the state and federal levels to protect physician autonomy and to defend against the corporate practice of medicine.

Human Resources Services - 05/31/2023

While having sound and consistent hiring practices will help your practice attract candidates, keeping them takes a lot more effort. A TMA practice management consultant can assist with human resource challenges.

Practice E-Tips on Commercial Insurance - 01/20/2023

Get helpful practice tips on working with commercial insurance providers.

Here’s Your Billing and Collections Checklist for 2023 - 01/06/2023

TMA’s Reimbursement Services staff work year round with physicians and health plans to help make sure you get paid correctly and on time. They’ve put together a list of practical actions you can take at the start of 2023 to keep your billing and collections on track throughout the year.

Deal or No Deal: Negotiating Contracts - 11/28/2022

Maximize your leverage when negotiating a health plan contract.

New TMA Committee Aims to Protect Private Practice - 10/18/2022

Private practices across Texas face the same threats as their larger counterparts: successive physician pay cuts, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and rising inflation. But they lack access to the same resources when dealing with them. The Texas Medical Association is dedicated to helping them keep their doors open, which led to the formation of a new Ad Hoc Committee on Independent Physician Practice.

Did That Employee Quit, or Did You Fire Her? - 10/11/2022

The question of whether an employee quit or was fired is very important if the ex-employee files for unemployment benefits. It determines who has the burden of proof in the case. These tips from the Texas Workforce Commission can help you keep the onus of proof off you.

Workplace Violence: Protect Yourself and Your Colleagues - 10/07/2022

In some practice settings, physicians and others may encounter violent behavior in patients, clients, and/or residents. Here are some tips for staying safe.

Ask the Expert About Managing Operating Costs - 09/25/2022

Learn how to best manage operating costs in the Texas Medical Association’s next Ask the Expert session on Sept. 29 at noon CT.

Practice Operations Services - 09/16/2022

With the many challenges that face today's medical practices, business operations remain at the core of a practice's ability to be successful and profitable. Work with a TMA practice management consultant to identify and assess key or problematic areas of your practice.

Financial Management Services - 09/15/2022

Having sound financial policies and processes can help your practice attain a steady cash flow, maintain healthy collection ratios, increase staff efficiencies, and boost your overall bottom line.