Practice Management Publications

Never, Ever Text Patient Hospital Orders - 05/12/2020

No matter how comfortable you are with texting, remember, texting patients’ hospital orders is not an acceptable practice.

Do You Know Who Can Consent to the Treatment of a Minor? - 11/26/2019

The Texas Medical Association's recently updated white paper, Consent For Treatment of Minors, is there to help you understand what you can and cannot do when treating a person younger than 18.

Three Things You Need to Know About Texas’ Telemedicine Law - 09/19/2018

Texas’ new telemedicine law and applicable rules have created new opportunities for physicians to care for patients outside the traditional office visit. Here are answers to three basic questions you might have. (Remember: When treating Medicare patients via telemedicine, follow Medicare rules.)

Three Steps to a Tech Contract You Can Live With - 04/04/2018

When you are shopping for a new technology vendor for your practice, signing a contract is the easy part. The real work starts well in advance and continues as long as the contract is in force.

Keep Your EHR SAFER With These Guides - 03/13/2018

Electronic health records give you and your practice access to patients’ information quickly, easily, and – perhaps most importantly – safely. But that only works if your EHR is implemented and optimized for patient safety.

Does HIPAA Limit What You Can Charge for Electronic Medical Records? - 03/07/2018

If patients ask for copies of their electronic protected health information (PHI), the fees you charge must be reasonable and cost-based, according to federal and state regulations.

How to Write an Employee Handbook - 01/23/2018

Do you have an employee handbook that outlines your practice’s unique and important policies? If not, where do you start?

Marketing Is Not a Luxury ― Marketing Is a Necessity - 10/26/2017

Physicians who work in small practices constantly face a basic marketing question: What's the best way to sell myself and my business to the community? Because few physicians studied business principles, many won't know the answer. That's why the Texas Medical Association is publishing a book titled Marketing Smart: A Guide for Medical Practices.

Short-Term Objectives Can Help You Realize Long-Term Goals - 12/21/2016

For a medical practice to achieve its goals, it must have a financial plan. A good plan takes a long view of the practice’s success but includes short-term, achievable objectives along the way.