Know When to Use Modifier 26 in Medicare Claims - 04/01/2021

When Medicare procedures have both professional and technical components, modifiers 26 and TC may come into play. Don’t delay payment by forgetting to add modifier 26 when needed.

Novitas Requires Certain Forms for Paper Documentation - 03/30/2021

Novitas Solutions will return faxed or mailed documentation that is not submitted with certain approved Novitas forms.

Aim for Accuracy in Claims - 09/22/2020

Did you make one of the nearly 1.7 million annual requests to correct minor errors or omissions on a Medicare claim? Novitas Solutions has a new initiative to help you avoid the time and hassle of making corrections.

Become LCD-Savvy - 04/20/2018

Do you make a habit of keeping an eye on Novitas Solutions’ local coverage determinations (LCDs) for Medicare coverage? Sign up to receive email alerts of the latest updates. Register for a free webinar on LCDs on May 16.

News From Novitas: Draft LCDs, Forms, and Errors to Avoid - 04/20/2018

Don’t miss an opportunity to comment on draft local coverage determinations that might affect your practice. Also, electronic data interchange enrollment forms have an update. And — Is your practice making any of the most common claims submission mistakes?

Novitas: New Fee Schedule Look-Up Tool; New and Revised LCDs - 12/20/2016

Notivas has introduced a new and improved Medicare Physician’s Fee Schedule Code Search & Downloads tool. Novitas says it is a one-stop shop for all your fee schedule needs.