Closing a Loophole: Medicine Works to Clarify MOC Law - 04/17/2019

It was an important law that gave physicians new life, greatly restricting the discrimination they can face based on their maintenance of certification (MOC) status. And yet, opponents may have found a way to circumvent the 2017 legislature’s Senate Bill 1148.

Section 1: Let Doctors Be Doctors - 02/01/2019

Stretched to the Limit: There came a moment when all the clicking on boxes, filling out forms, and waiting on hold was just too much for Houston internist Lisa Ehrlich, MD. The time and energy spent on all of these seemingly endless tasks meant she could not give nearly enough to her patients.

NEW! ABIM MOC Credit Offered at Fall Conference - 09/20/2018

If you’re looking for even more of an incentive to attend the Texas Medical Association’s Fall Conference at the end of the month, try this: You’ll be eligible to claim Maintenance of Certification credit in the American Board of Internal Medicine’s MOC program.

Can 34,616 Physicians Be Wrong About MOC? - 08/09/2018

The recently released findings of a national survey show that only 12 percent of the 34,616 physicians who answered the survey value the MOC program. Forty-six percent said they have mixed feelings, and 41 percent said they do not value it.

Blue Cross Says MOC Not Needed for BlueCompare - 05/30/2018

Physicians across the state reacted strongly to a March 5 letter from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCSTX) that implied the state’s largest insurance company is now using maintenance of certification (MOC) to rate physicians. That was not the intent, the company’s president says.

What Do You Really Think About MOC? - 04/24/2018

As Texas Medicine Today reported recently, leaders of the boards that run the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) programs have created a commission – the “Vision Initiative” – to develop “a set of recommendations about the future of continuing board certification.” They want to hear from you. And you have until April 30 to share your deepest thoughts.

How Is TMB Implementing Texas’ New MOC Law? - 03/02/2018

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) is making rules related to one of the Texas Medical Association’s biggest legislative wins from 2017: The ban on discrimination based on maintenance of certification (MOC).

What You Need to Know About the Texas MOC Law - 02/15/2018

TMA's new white paper answers many questions on a tough new law that protects physicians from being forced to undergo maintenance of certification (MOC).

Under Attack, MOC Boards Pledge Changes - 02/12/2018

Facing a revolt among their diplomates, the boards that run maintenance of certification programs have run up a white flag.

145 Days: It’s About Time, JAMA - 02/04/2018

It looks like the 145 days it took the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) to publish a 279-word, five-paragraph response to a commentary that ran in August 2017 is exactly the slow and methodical pace the JAMA editors intend.

Texas Strikes Back at JAMA MOC Law Slap - 08/15/2017

Just because Texas has a new law to protect physicians against mandatory maintenance of certification (MOC) tyranny doesn't mean the battle is over. This is a nationwide contest now between the specialty certifying boards and the physicians they certify. In the newly enacted Texas law, the boards see a trend they don’t like — and that they want to stop.

Victory for Cardiologists in 2017 - 08/10/2017

As a cardiologist, you won some key victories in the 2017 Texas Legislature. That’s because Texas Medical Association — now more than 50,000 members strong — did its part by representing all specialties across Texas, and working closely with physicians like you to protect your time, income, patients, and the community you serve.

Lessening the Grip - 07/20/2017

The Texas Legislature took a giant step toward lifting the burden of maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements on most Texas physicians by approving Senate Bill 1148. The new law will prevent the Texas Medical Board from using MOC as a requirement for doctors to obtain or renew a medical license. SB 1148 also bars hospitals and health plans from requiring physicians to obtain MOC for credentialing or contracts, though there will be some exceptions.

Houston Hospital Denies Physicians Voted to Remove MOC - 07/10/2017

Physicians at Houston’s Memorial Hermann Hospital Southeast have sent a clear and unified message on Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements: Not at our hospital. During a General Medical staff meeting June 27, attending physicians voted unanimously to recommend that MOC requirements be removed systemwide. Memorial Hermann Health System bylaws require that any changes be approved by the active medical staff at all 16 of its hospitals.

Support Bill to Reduce Maintenance of Certification Requirements - 06/22/2017

Many physicians feel initial board certification is necessary. However, we find the continuous maintenance of certification process to be burdensome, expensive, and filled with irrelevant curriculum. Most importantly, this process steals valuable time from our patients and our practice. The cost of MOC can be as high as $10,000 per physician for fees, materials, travel, and time away from practice. MOC has become more of a money-making scheme for the specialties and ABMS versus a relevant tool to help physicians stay current on best practices. In fact, many physicians say the information studied and tested has little applicability to our day-to-day practice.

You Want to Stop MOC Tyranny? Call Now - 05/16/2017

Urgent: Please call or email the members of the House Public Health Committee now. Ask them to vote “YES” on SB 1148.  

Delegates Vote to Preserve Billing Rights, Fight MOC Coercion - 06/22/2016

The Texas Medical Association "has the green light to fight for state legislation that will address two crucial issues for Texas physicians," thanks to the TMA House of Delegates, Council on Legislation Chair Ray Callas, MD, wrote in a letter to all TMA member physicians.