DocbookMD — a revolutionary communication tool for physicians - 05/30/2019

DocbookMD is a physicians-only iPhone, iPad, and Android app that allows TMA-member physicians to send HIPAA-compliant text messages and photos, assign an urgency setting to outgoing text messages, search a local pharmacy directory, and search a local county medical society directory (including email addresses and photos).

True Savings of Mobile HIPAA-Secure Communication - 06/21/2018

In many situations, texting is the fastest and most efficient way to send information, but physicians who use traditional methods to text clinical information to each other risk exposing themselves to HIPAA privacy and security violations. However, physicians who adopt a secure platform for sending such messages, such as DocbookMD, can benefit by saving time, money, and even lives.

So Appy Together - 06/21/2018

DocbookMD is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, Texas Medical Association-endorsed communication app that allows physicians and their care teams to share real-time messages and images such as electrocardiograms and x-rays, resulting in more efficient care coordination. Physicians can send text messages and images to one another while meeting HIPAA encryption and security requirements. The app is available free to TMA and county medical society members. A paid version of the app is also available for hospitals and large groups.

DocbookMD Adds MedPage Today News for Physician Users - 04/20/2018

All TMA member physicians will soon be able to receive breaking medical news from MedPage Today from the DocbookMD app. DocbookMD has partnered with MedPage Today to provide physicians with an instant, trusted news service.

Secure Mobile Lab Communications Possible Through DocbookMD - 04/06/2018

Safely and securely receive patients’ critical and stat results directly to a mobile device through DocbookMD, a free benefit for Texas Medical Association members.

Is Your Patients’ HIPAA-Protected Information Secure? - 03/09/2018

A guide from TMA-endorsed DocbookMD helps smaller practices understand the risks of using mobile devices and how to stay HIPAA-secure.

Make Sure Your Referring Colleagues Can Find You - 01/09/2018

Take a few moments to check the data in your online membership profile and make any corrections needed. Be sure to confirm your contact information under the Address tab.

18 Privacy Pitfalls. One Easy (and Free) Mobile Solution - 12/16/2017

If you want to make sure all of your practice’s mobile communications stay complaint with HIPAA regulations, you should check out DocbookMD.

Three Reasons to Step Away From the Fax Machine - 11/15/2017

Here are a few reasons to move you and your staff away from the fax machine and onto the DocBookMD app for mobile devices

Get Practice-Wide HIPAA-Compliant Messaging Today - 10/02/2017

TMA members recently have wanted more out of the DocbookMD app than just a way to communicate with each other. They want a custom-designed service for the entire practice – a way for all physicians, practice managers, physician assistants, and other staff to communicate and collaborate. Well, DocbookMD not only listened but also got to work creating upgraded plans.

DocbookMD HIPAA-Secure Messaging Now on PC, Mac - 07/06/2017

Visit today, and you will notice a new addition to the menu bar at the top of the webpage: A red button inviting you to log in announces the addition of PC and Mac access for the previously mobile-only HIPAA-secure messaging platform. Now, using the same email and password for the app on your phone and tablet, you can access DocbookMD on any computer via the new web version without having to install new software.

Your Profile Is Already in the DocbookMD App - 05/13/2016

Did you know you already have a profile in DocbookMD? That's right. You don't have to waste time building it, but you do have to download the app to view it. The TMA physician directory is built into DocbookMD, making it a breeze to find contact information for your colleagues. You can even see those who have never downloaded the app. But for those who have downloaded the app, DocbookMD goes far beyond a mobile TMA directory.

Timely Communication for ACOs With DocbookMD - 05/13/2016

Participation in accountable care organizations (ACOs) is a growing movement, due in part to their potential to overcome some of the rising costs (and hurdles) of current health care delivery. To achieve optimal patient outcomes and lower costs for patients and physicians, ACO networks must be able to communicate in a timely manner to coordinate care between independent physicians and large groups. The solution at the center of this communication network is DocbookMD.

Print and Save DocbookMD Messages - 05/13/2016

Do you want to get important patient information from DocbookMD into that patient's medical record? It's now easier than ever with the new "Print & Save" functions from DocbookMD.

Get Critical Lab Values on Your Mobile Device via DocbookMD - 05/13/2016

You no longer have to wait by the fax machine, computer, or electronic health record for lab results. DocbookMD's latest clinical integration with Clinical Pathology Laboratories allows users to report critical lab values directly to the ordering physician's mobile device or laptop at the moment the labs are completed. Critical values will be sent directly to the ordering physicians, wherever they are, to any device the DocbookMD app is running on.

Free DocbookMD Update Now Available - 05/13/2016

Version 5.3 of TMA's endorsed secure communication app DocbookMD is now available for free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. This latest update sees some major improvements to the user interface, most noticeably in the organization and navigation of messages and upgrades for your "favorites" list.

DocbookMD Now Includes Your Staff - 05/13/2016

TMA's HIPAA-secure, mobile communication app DocbookMD historically has been accessible only to physicians. However, this free TMA member benefit keeps getting better.

DocbookMD Is the Physician's Choice Nationwide - 05/13/2016

DocbookMD is being used by nearly 9,000 Texas physicians and more than 25,000 physicians nationwide to communicate important clinical information with colleagues and staff in a fast, HIPAA-secure way. In fact, it's working so well that many of those physicians are leading the charge to have their hospital, group, or accountable care organization adopt the Enterprise version of DocbookMD.

DocbookMD Goes 4.0 - 05/13/2016

The first major update has been released for the physician-only mobile app DocbookMD. Version 4.0 brings a whole new look and feel to the app that is meant to make the user interface much simpler to navigate and to enhance the speed and ease in which you can communicate with your colleagues and care for your patients.

DocbookMD Enhances Care - 05/13/2016

A new mobile app, DocbookMD, addresses the many issues surrounding the convenience, speed, and legality of physician-to-physician communication. It's your latest membership benefit from TMA.

Custom Ringtones Added to DocbookMD - 05/13/2016

Physicians can now customize their iOS ringtones to differentiate new DocbookMD messages from other messages they receive. The new feature resides in the Settings menu within the app. Choose from 40 different sound notification options, and assign a different tone to each of the three message priority times. From an iPhone or iPad, tap on Settings from the main menu, and decide which ringtone you want for messages sent with the following priorities: 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or none.

Bring HIPAA-Secure Mobile Communication to Your Community - 05/13/2016

With over 9,000 Texas physicians already using the free DocbookMD app to securely text medical information to their colleagues, chances are you or a colleague are one of them. But what if you want to coordinate care via DocbookMD with a physician who’s not yet registered? If you’ve been waiting for enough physicians in your area to come on board, wait no more. Take action to secure your community.

Memorial Hermann, DocbookMD Deal Connects Houston Physicians - 05/13/2016

DocbookMD, the HIPAA-secure mobile communication app, has signed an agreement to deploy Docbook Enterprise to MHMD Memorial Hermann Physician Network of Houston. This is a big win not only for physicians at MHMD, who will gain significant communication and workflow advantages, but also for the whole Houston community. DocbookMD provides the ability to securely connect physicians at MHMD to one another as well as to other TMA-member physicians across Houston.

The Birth of DocbookMD - 05/13/2016

DocbookMD founders Tracey Haas, DO, and Tim Gueramy, MD, share how a disastrous first wedding anniversary led to the creation of their company.

DocbookMD Connects Texas Physicians in More Ways Than Ever - 05/13/2016

With the Care Team feature and new partnerships, DocbookMD has branched out to support physicians like never before.