The Lowdown on High Fitness Levels in Middle Age - 07/17/2018

New research from the Cooper Institute and The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, both in Dallas, shows a strong relationship between fitness, depression, and death from heart disease.

Postpartum Depression Screening Now Covered by Texas Medicaid - 07/10/2018

As part of health officials’ continuing effort to improve women’s health, postpartum depression screening is now a Texas Medicaid benefit.

Pediatric Medical Homes Get Children Off to a Great Start - 06/28/2018

Primary care pediatricians report that a main driver of acute visits in the adolescent population is for behavioral health concerns. Seventy-five percent of all children and youth with mental health disorders are seen in pediatric care settings.  Furthermore, addressing mental health concerns in the primary care setting can help reduce stigma associated with accessing care. Child Psychiatry Access Programs (CPAPs) are one unique solution to our current mental health workforce challenge.

Stopping Suicide: Three Things Physicians Can Do - 06/22/2018

Recent celebrity deaths and new data on rising suicide rates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have drawn attention to the problem of undetected and untreated mental illness. How can the practicing physician — primary care or specialist — help address this growing problem?

Doctors Warn of Hurricane Harvey’s Hidden Aftermath - 11/07/2017

There is a hidden danger beyond the piles of debris and damage left behind by Hurricane Harvey, and it might come as a surprise. Besides mold-related respiratory illnesses, disease from exposure to floodwaters and even mosquito-borne sickness like West Nile and Zika viruses, Texas physicians warn of another, unexpected post-hurricane health concern: Mental and emotional health.