Are You Eligible for “Expedited Credentialing?” - 09/23/2020

If you’re completing health plan credentialing, “expedited credentialing” might apply to you. And if it applies, that could be good for you and your practice. But how do you know if it does?

Medicaid HMO Credentialing – and Recredentialing – Just Got Easier - 04/03/2018

Starting this week, Texas physicians can save time getting credentialed and recredentialed for Texas' 19 Medicaid managed care plans.

Medicaid Credentialing Made Simple - 01/10/2018

A new partnership by the Texas Medical Association and the Texas Association of Health Plans will soon streamline the process of getting credentialed ― and recredentialed ― for Medicaid health plans.

Embittered Backlog - 11/01/2016

The Texas Medical Association Payment Advocacy Department has received complaints from several physicians that three of the state's biggest health plans are taking up to eight months to credential them. Without successful credentialing, physician payment for medical services can be delayed and even denied.

Nationwide Credentialing - 10/20/2016

Credentialing with the government and health insurance companies continues to be a complex and time-consuming for practices of all sizes. At Nationwide Credentialing, we work with you from start to finish on the credentialing process, which allows physicians and their staff to focus on patients and other important aspects of their practice.

Coming Soon: Credentialing Help From TMA - 06/23/2016

Concerns among physician members about the burden of credentialing and enrollment with hospitals and health plans have prompted TMA to take action. TMA is evaluating credentialing verification organizations that will assist physicians with the credentialing, verification, and enrollment process. TMA wants to affiliate with a company that streamlines the flow of information to all plans operating in Texas, including Medicaid HMOs and hospitals. Stay tuned for the launch of this service, which aligns with TMA's work on network adequacy and the need for health plans to maintain accurate provider directories.

Fill Out Every Section of Medicare CMS-855 Forms - 05/13/2016

Fill Out Every Section of Medicare CMS-855 Forms