Stories from Texas Medicine, January 2016

A Chance to Help - 04/26/2018

Victims of human trafficking are walking into physicians' offices in Texas and elsewhere, entangling medicine in one of the most appalling and shadowy criminal realms. Their visits put doctors in a unique position to help them escape sexual and labor slavery. The TMA Council on Science and Public Health is studying a proposed resolution to raise awareness of human trafficking and inform physicians about helpful resources to identify and aid victims.

Pain Rules Are a Pain for Doctors - 08/02/2016

While the Texas Medical Board's revised rules governing chronic pain treatment, which took effect Aug. 4, 2015, aim to thwart the proliferation of pill mills, some doctors say adhering to the rules is frustrating, onerous, and time-consuming.

Going by the Book - 05/25/2016

The New Year is the perfect time to conduct an office policies and procedures manual makeover as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services plans a new round of audits to measure medical practices' compliance with HIPAA security standards in early 2016.

Message Received - 05/25/2016

Thanks to advocacy by TMA's Medicaid Congress and cooperation from new Medicaid leadership, relief from Medicaid's administrative roadblocks may finally be in sight. In October, Texas Medicaid officials asked for input when they met at TMA with physicians from diverse specialties and geographic regions across Texas. They got it in the form of more than a dozen recommendations for reforms researched and developed by the Medicaid Congress. And they are paying attention to them.