Stories from Texas Medicine, March 2015

Grappling With Small-Business Insurance - 04/20/2018

Some physicians offering health insurance to their employees are feeling the impact of the Affordable Care Act. The TMA Insurance Trust can help physicians navigate their insurance purchases. 

Professionalism in Action - 05/25/2016

Texas is Choosing Wisely, thanks to TMA's efforts to promote the national initiative. Although TMA's Choosing Wisely grant ends, physicians still strive to avoid the overuse of unnecessary and possibly harmful tests and procedures while promoting shared decisionmaking.

Making Over PAT - 05/25/2016

Lawmakers recommend improvements to Prescription Access in Texas (PAT), the state's prescription monitoring database, as part of a larger strategy to fight prescription drug abuse.

Good Form(1) - 05/25/2016

New standardized prior authorization forms for health care services and prescription drugs released by the Texas Department of Insurance promise to alleviate administrative busy work and its related costs.

Caring Across State Lines - 05/25/2016

The proposed Interstate Medical Licensure Compact would expedite the process to obtain a license to practice medicine in any state that participates in the compact, making it easier for physicians to move from state to state or to practice telemedicine.

The Next Generation of Cancer Research and Prevention - 05/25/2016

With restored funding from the 2013 Texas Legislature, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) is up and running again, with an emphasis on funding cancer prevention projects and recruiting top cancer researchers to Texas.