Stories from Texas Medicine, December 2015

Bigger Isn't Always Better - 05/20/2016

As Aetna seeks to acquire Humana Inc. in a $37 billion deal, TMA and physicians across Texas worry the merger would weaken their contract negotiating power with health plans while shrinking already narrow provider networks.

Paying to Get Paid - 05/13/2016

Some health plans and third-party vendors that process plan payments are moving to virtual credit cards, without warning and without much explanation of fees or opt-out procedures. Physician practices don't have to accept the financial and administrative costs associated with virtual cards. TMA officials say doctors have a choice and the right to demand that their payers issue payments via direct deposit.

Navigating Value Based Care - 05/13/2016

TMA is collaborating with TMF Health Quality Institute to connect Texas physicians to free TMF resources that will better position doctors for the rapid transition to value-based payment.

Holding Firm - 05/13/2016

Medicine has tried to convince state lawmakers of the need to update antiquated Texas law to give physicians the power to hold dangerous patients for a finite length of time.