Stories written by Sidney Roberts, MD

Vaccine Passports Are Coming - 06/22/2021

"A vaccine passport is really nothing more than proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Many businesses, organizations, and even countries are starting to require proof of vaccination as a form of pay to play," writes Sidney Roberts, MD, in this blog post.

The Financial Burden of Cancer Care - 01/30/2019

As a board-certified radiation oncologist, I’m trained to know all about cancer and its physical effects on people. Similarly, as a board-certified hospice and palliative care physician, I am well-versed about the psychosocial and spiritual trials patients go through, especially at the end of life. But a recent study I read stopped me in my tracks with a disturbing finding: Cancer is bankrupting an astounding number of patients.

Why You Should Take a Sabbatical (And How to Make the Most of It) - 11/20/2018

There are different ways to get away, and how we go about it may depend on where we are in life. During the routine work year, breaks can come in all shapes and sizes, from the afternoon off to a three-day weekend, or a more substantial week or more off for a vacation. These standard breaks rejuvenate us and help us stay focused when we are back at work. A sabbatical is something altogether different