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    Texas Medicine is an award-winning monthly newsmagazine for Texas physicians. With more than 42,406 qualified subscribers, Texas Medicine reaches most licensed physicians practicing in the state. Research shows that Texas physicians want Texas-specific news about medical economics, law, public health and legislation in a lively readable format. That's what the magazine delivers.

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    Is Dell the medical school of the future?: That is certainly how it's being billed. But is it living up to that reputation? UT-Austin’s Dell Medical School has taken a unique approach to both medical education and medicine's role in the community.



    Life as a stand-in doctor: Locum tenens physicians play a key role in modern medicine. The Latin term translates as "one holding a place."


    With opioid abuse and doctor-shopping continuing to emerge as problems across the nation, one of the trendy ways for states to combat drug diversion is to impose mandates on physicians and other prescribers.


    Medicaid's stature as a large percentage of the state budget often marks it as a target for lawmakers, who say the program is bureaucratic and wasteful.


    An Austin attorney has targeted a number of Texas physicians with demand letters saying their practice websites aren't accessible to the visually impaired, and he'll sue unless they pay $2,000 plus attorney fees.

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