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    Texas Medicine is an award-winning monthly newsmagazine for Texas physicians. With more than 39,000 qualified subscribers, Texas Medicine reaches most licensed physicians practicing in the state. Research shows that Texas physicians want Texas-specific news about medical economics, law, public health and legislation in a lively readable format. That's what the magazine delivers.

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    Here's what we're working on for the June issue of Texas Medicine - your next opportunity for advertising!

    Thanks to a law the New Mexico legislature passed during this year's session, physicians treating New Mexico residents in Texas now can protect themselves from tort actions in New Mexico courts.

    In February, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed designating 12 areas across the country, including three in East Texas, as having unsafe levels of sulfur dioxide and not being in compliance with clean-air standards. TMA's Council on Legislation has worked over the past two years to try to raise awareness about coal-fired power plants in Texas. This story will examine the issue of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions in a public health context.

    More practices, fed up with dealing with insurance companies and limited time to see individual patients, are looking at moving their practices to direct-pay and concierge models.

    A new study shows that restricting residents' duty hours may not have had the intended effect of improving patient safety, after all. The long-term surgical study -- commissioned to test Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) reforms that limited resident training shifts to reduce fatigue-related errors -- showed that residents under a more flexible schedule were better able to see patients through their care, compared to a test group under the restricted hours.

    TMA has received reports that private physicians who signed on to take care of Veterans Administration (VA) patients left on long waiting lists are not getting paid.

    The Medicaid vendor drug program is up for overhaul this legislative session, and TMA wants to make sure the program is streamlined and transparent so physicians can get patients the drugs they need.

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