Policy Index


    10.001D.Partial-Birth Abortion.doc
    10.003.Patient Autonomy and Accuracy of Information in Informed Consent for Abortion.doc

    Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    15.001.HIV Contact Tracing.doc
    15.002.HIV Education Programs.doc
    15.003D.HIV Release or Disclosure of Test Results.doc
    15.004D.HIV Counseling Physicians Who Test Positive.doc
    15.005.HIV Infected Travelers.doc
    15.006D.HIV Public Health Requirements.doc
    15.007D.HIV Reporting.doc
    15.008D.HIV Disability Coverage for Physicians Infected with HIV.doc
    15.009D.Physician Responsibility for Treatment of AIDS Patients.doc
    15.010D.HIV Testing on Pregnant Women.doc
    15.011.HIV and STI Screening.doc
    15.012D.HIV Home Testing Kits.doc
    15.013.HIV Positive Reporting on Name Basis.doc

    Aging & Long Term Care

    20.001.Preadmission Screening and Annual Resident Review.doc
    20.002.Medical Directors in Nursing Facilities.doc
    20.003D.Alzheimers Disease.doc
    20.004.Nursing Home Attending Physician.doc
    20.005.Long Term Care Insurance.doc
    20.006.Alzheimers Disease and other Dementia.doc
    20.007.Behavior Evaluation in Long Term Care Facilities.doc
    20.008.Minimum Disaster Preparedness Standards for Assisted Living.doc

    Alcohol Issues

    25.001D.Alcohol Related Vehicle Deaths and Injuries.doc
    25.002.Drunk Driving Stricter Penalties.doc
    25.003D.Driving While Intoxicated Penalties.doc
    25.004.Alcoholic Beverages.doc
    25.005.Drinking Age and Open Container Legislation.doc
    25.006.Driving While Intoxicate Driving and Under the Influence.doc
    25.007.Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.doc
    25.009.Drunk Driving Zero Tolerance Laws.doc
    25.010.Blood Alcohol Levels and Drug Screens.doc
    25.011.Underage Drinking and Substance Abuse.doc
    25.012.Effects of Alcohol on the Brains of Underage Drinkers.doc
    25.013.Nationwide Legal Drinking Age of 21 Years.doc
    25.014.Alcohol and Substance Abuse Education of Medical Students and Residents.doc
    25.015.Teenage Drinking and Driving.doc

    Allied Health Professions

    30.001.CRNA Direct Reimbursement.doc
    30.002D.Allied Health Manpower Shortage.doc
    30.003.Laser Surgery.doc
    30.004.Allied Health.doc
    30.007.Prescribing by Pharmacists.doc
    30.008D.Contact Lenses.doc
    30.009D.Lay Midwifery.doc
    30.010.Diagnosis Treatment of Eye Diseases by Nonmedical Practitioners.doc
    30.011D.Nursing Licensure.doc
    30.012.Nursing and Nurses with Advanced Training.doc
    30.013.Physician Standing Orders.doc
    30.015.Nurses in Advanced Practice.doc
    30.016.Physician Assistants and Allied Health Personnel.doc
    30.017D.Physician Assistants.doc
    30.018.Physical Therapists.doc
    30.019.Rehabilitation Nurses Performing Patient Education.doc
    30.020D.Radiology Technologists.doc
    30.021.Laser Therapy.doc
    30.022D.Optometrist Qualifications.doc
    30.023.Optometry Scope of Practice.doc
    30.024.Electrologists Regulation and Licensing.doc
    30.025.Allied Health Care Professionals.doc
    30.026.Use of Professional Titles by Nonphysicians.doc
    30.027.Physical Therapy Services.doc
    30.028D.Radiologic Technologist Course.doc
    30.029.Physician Extenders in Rural Health Clinics.doc
    30.030.Physician Prescribing Practices.doc
    30.031D.Nurse Staffing Regulations.doc
    30.032.Nursing Standards on Resuscitation.doc
    30.033D.Direct-Entry Midwives Scope of Practice.doc
    30.034.Diagnostic Needle Electromyography.doc
    30.035.Federal Prohibition of the Independent Practice of Medicine by Nurse Practitioners.docx
    30.036.New Licensing Category for Assistant Physicians.docx
    30.037.Opposition to Accelerated Training for IMGs and Ex-Military as Physician Assistants.docx

    Alternative Medicine

    35.001D.Immunoaugmentative Therapy.doc
    35.003D.Alternative and Complementary Practices.doc

    American Medical Association

    40.001D.AMA Availability of Policy and Information.doc
    40.002.AMA Membership.doc
    40.003D.AMA Membership Representative.doc
    40.004D.Study of Federation Report Revised.doc
    40.005.AMA Private Sector Advocacy.doc
    40.006.American Medical Association.doc


    45.001D.Blood Banks Negligence.doc
    45.002D.Blood Transfusions and Informing the Public Regarding Safety.doc
    45.003D.Infectious Diseases and Blood Banking.doc
    45.004.Blood Donations by Minors.doc
    45.005D.Bloodborne Pathogen Standard of OSHA.doc
    45.006.Blood Assurance Programs.doc
    45.007.Blood Donation Safety.doc
    45.008.Blood Donations and Transfusions.doc
    45.009D.Transfusion Medicine.doc
    45.010.National Blood Policy.doc
    45.011.County Contracts to Recover Tissue in Texas.doc
    45.012D.Donated Blood Nucleic Acid Testing.doc
    45.013D.Tissue Regulation by FDA.doc
    45.014.Blood Safety.doc
    45.015D.Texas Umbilical Cord Blood Bank.doc
    45.016.Blood Donor Recruitment and Homeland Security.doc
    45.017.Umbilical Cord Blood.doc


    50.001.Texas Cancer Pain Initiative.doc
    50.002.Statewide Cancer Registry.doc
    50.003.Cancer Unproven Methods.doc
    50.004.Skin Cancer Prevention.doc
    50.005.Cigar Smoking and Cancer.doc
    50.006.Colon Cancer Screening.doc
    50.007.Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment.doc
    50.008.HPV Vaccination.doc
    50.009.Cancer Screening.doc
    50.010.Lung Cancer Screening.docx

    Children & Youth

    55.001.Child Safety in Pickups.doc
    55.002.Comprehensive School Health Education in All School Districts.doc
    55.003.School Career Programs in Rural Areas.doc
    55.004.Adolescent Sexual Activity.doc
    55.005.Human Sexuality and Family Life as Mandated Health Education Curriculum.doc
    55.006.School Based Health Care Centers.doc
    55.007.Adolescent Health.doc
    55.008.Early Childhood Intervention Program.doc
    55.009D.Adolescent Health TDH Office of.doc
    55.010D.Comprehensive School Health Education.doc
    55.011D.Bicycle Safety.doc
    55.012D.Bicycle Safety Education and Bicycle Helmets.doc
    55.013D.Comprehensive School Health Education Goals.doc
    55.014.Counseling Health Career.doc
    55.015.Day Care and After School Care.doc
    55.016.Sexuality Education.doc
    55.017D.Corporal Punishment.doc
    55.018.Mass School Audiometric Screening.doc
    55.019.School Health Education.doc
    55.020.Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women and Infants and Children.doc
    55.021.Bicycle Helmets.doc
    55.022D.Child Abuse Reporting Suspected Cases.doc
    55.023.Scoliosis Screening.doc
    55.024.Single Information System for DSHS Tests and Lab Results of Texas Children.doc
    55.025.Child and Health Safety.doc
    55.026D.Childrens Health Insurance Program.doc
    55.027.Public School Education.doc
    55.028D.Texas Healthy Kids Corporation.doc
    55.029.Childrens Health Insurance Program Policy Principles.doc
    55.030D.Neurology Training.doc
    55.031D.Physical Activity in Children.doc
    55.032.Baby Moses Law.doc
    55.033.Childrens Mental and Behavioral Health.doc
    55.034.Texas Automobile Child Restraint Laws.doc
    55.035.Right to Confidential Care.doc
    55.036D.Child Nutrition and Reducing the Incidence of Obesity in Texasdoc.doc
    55.037D.Childhood Obesity.doc
    55.038.Acanthosis Nigricans Screening.doc
    55.039D.Living Skills Education.doc
    55.040.Child Abuse Reporting Laws.doc
    55.041.Health Textbooks.doc
    55.042.International Border Crossing by Minors.doc
    55.043D.Promotion of Childrens Fitness.doc
    55.044.Student Life Style.doc
    55.045.Screening Pediatric and Adolescent Injury Victims for Drugs and Alcohol.doc
    55.046.Recommendations for Ensuring the Health of the Adolescent Athlete.doc
    55.047.Removal of High Alcohol Content from Medications Targeted for Use by Children and Youth.doc
    55.048.Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education.doc
    55.049.Alcohol and Youth.doc
    55.050D.State of Concern Regarding Destructive Themes Contained in Entertainment Media Communications and Advertising.doc
    55.051.Corporal Punishment in Schools.doc
    55.052.Child Psychiatrists in State Agency Policymaking Positions.doc
    55.053.Childhood Anaphylactic Reactions.doc
    55.054.Electronic Health Care Information for Children.doc
    55.055.Increase Enrollment of Children in Health Insurance Plans.doc
    55.056.Physician Examinations for Young Athletes.doc
    55.057.Health Care of Undocumented Children.doc

    Civil & Human Rights

    60.001.Employee Sick Leave.doc
    60.002.Televised Executions.doc
    60.003.Responsibility for Health.doc
    60.004.Freedom of Choice.doc
    60.005.Equal Rights.doc
    60.006D.Patient Confidentiality and Government Investigations.doc
    60.007D.Patient Confidentiality.doc

    Coding & Nomenclature

    65.001D.Evaluation and Management Services.doc
    65.002D.CPT Coding as Sole System.doc
    65.003D.CPT Coding of Medical and Surgical Interventions.doc
    65.004.CPT Coding.doc
    65.005D.Uniform Claims Form.doc
    65.006.Documentation Guidelines for Followup Codes.doc
    65.007.Evaluation and Management Guidelines.doc
    65.008.Downcoding of Claims.doc
    65.009.HCFA Evaluation and Management Services Documentation Guidelines.doc
    65.010D.Current Procedural Terminology.doc
    65.011.Second Surgeon and Unbundling of Services by Medical Insurers.doc
    65.013.Permanent Delay of ICD-10 Implementation.docx
    65.014.Opposition to Implementation of ICD-10-CM.docx

    Continuing Medical Education

    70.001D.CME FDA Proposal to Fund by Drug Companies.doc
    70.002.CME Standards.doc
    70.003D.CME Learning Assessment Form.doc
    70.004.CME Commercial Support.doc
    70.005.CME in Texas.doc
    70.006D.CME Through Hospital Education.doc
    70.007.CME Statement.doc
    70.008.CME Mandated Subject Content.doc
    70.009.CME Conflict of Interest.doc

    County Medical Societies

    75.001.County Society Meetings.doc
    75.002.County Medical Society Assistance.doc
    75.003.County Medical Societies and Medical Alliances.doc


    80.001.Managed Care Plan Economic Credentialing.doc
    80.002D.Centralized Credentialing.doc
    80.003.Credentialing Form Universal.doc

    Death & Dying

    85.001D.Directive to Physicians Forms.doc
    85.002.Advance Directives Act Amendments.doc
    85.003.Education of Advance Directives.doc
    85.004.Out of Hospital Directive.doc
    85.005D.Death Certificates.doc
    85.006.Life Prolonging Measures.doc
    85.007.Treatment of Terminally Ill.doc
    85.008.Physician Assisted Suicide.doc
    85.009.Do Not Resuscitate Orders.doc
    85.010.Terminally Ill.doc
    85.011.Palliative Care.doc
    85.012.Advance Directives.doc
    85.013.Absence of Advance Directives.doc
    85.014.Physician Responsibility with End-of-Life Care.doc
    85.015.Advance Care Planning.doc
    85.016.Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment as Texas Law.doc


    90.001.Disabled Funding of Services.doc
    90.002.Americans With Disabilities.doc

    Drugs & Pharmacy

    95.001.Prescription Triplicate Forms.doc
    95.002.Drug Samples.doc
    95.003D.Drugs Price Escalation of High Quality Drugs.doc
    95.004.Drugs Labeling of Generic Substitutions.doc
    95.005D.Food and Drug Administration.doc
    95.006D.FDA Evaluation and Approval of Drugs and Technology.doc
    95.008.National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting System.doc
    95.009D.Prescription Drug Indigent Programs.doc
    95.011.Drug Prescriptions Patient Package Inserts.doc
    95.012.Drugs Antisubstitution Laws and Generic Prescriptions.doc
    95.013D.Pharmaceutical Mail Order Companies.doc
    95.014.Drug Screening of Physicians.doc
    95.015D.Therapeutic Pharmaceutical vs Drug.doc
    95.016.Computer Pharmacy Records Used for Marketing Purposes.doc
    95.017D.Generic Medications Price Increase.doc
    95.018.Physician Pharmacy Interactions.doc
    95.019.Needle Exchange Program.doc
    95.020.Breach of Privacy with Patient Prescription Drug Profiles.doc
    95.021.National Drug Policy.doc
    95.022.Prescription Form.doc
    95.024.Psychologist Prescribing.doc
    95.025.Hydrocodone Classification.doc
    95.026.Patient Access and Pharmacist Conscientious Objection.doc
    95.027.DEA Numbers.doc
    95.028.Multiple Schedule II Drug Prescriptions.doc
    95.030D.Prescription Electronic Reporting System.doc
    95.031.Controlled Substance Registrations.doc
    95.032.Minimum Pharmacy Disaster Standards.doc
    95.033.Drug Shortages and Physician Communications.doc
    95.034.Legislation to Allow Physicians to Dispense Pharmaceuticals.doc
    95.035.Distribution of Donated Medications.doc
    95.036.Tax-Deferred Health Benefits Mandate on Over-the-Counter Medication.doc
    95.037.Controlled Substances Registration Program.doc
    95.038.Ensuring Availability of Essential Medications and Addressing Constant Backorder Issues.doc
    95.039.United States Pharmacopeia and The National Formulary One-Hour-Rule.docx
    95.045.Addressing Prescription Drug Abuse and Overdose.docx

    Emergency Medical Services

    100.001.Patient Transfers of Women in Labor.doc
    100.002D.Trauma Regional Centers.doc
    100.003.Patient Transfers.doc
    100.004D.Emergency Medical Technicians.doc
    100.005D.Emergency Medical First Responder Organizations.doc
    100.006.Emergency Room Services to Survivors of Sexual Assault.doc
    100.007D.CPR Training.doc
    100.008.Statewide Emergency Telephone System.doc
    100.009.Transporting Injured Athletes.doc
    100.010.Ambulance Certification.doc
    100.011.Trauma Care Funding.doc
    100.012D.Emergency Medical Technicians Educational Requisites for Certification.doc
    100.013.Trauma Funding.doc
    100.014D.Independent Board for Practice of Emergency Medical Technology at DSHS.doc
    100.015D.Emergency Health Care Advisory Committee.doc
    100.016.DSHS EMS Local Projects Grant Program.doc
    100.017.Emergency Preparedness re Chemical and BioTerrorism.doc
    100.018.Emergency Medical Resources.doc
    100.019D.Regionalized Acute Care Services.doc
    100.020.Emergency Psychiatric Transfers.doc
    100.021.Free-standing Emergency Departments.doc
    100.022.Emergency Psychiatric Services.doc
    100.023.Holding Admitted Patients in Crowded Emergency Departments.doc
    100.024.Regulation of Free-Standing Emergency Departments.doc
    100.025.Access to Emergency Care in Texas.doc
    100.026.Emergency Department On-Call Physicians.doc
    100.027.Texas Prehospital Care and Emergency Medical Services Physicians.doc
    100.028.AED Availability and Access.doc
    100.029.Requirement for Epinephrine Auto-Injectors in Texas Schools.docx


    105.001.Consent for Medical and Surgical Treatment.doc
    105.002.Patient and Physician Relationship.doc
    105.003D.Self Referral.doc
    105.004.Execution by Chemical Injection.doc
    105.005.Physician Impairment as Medical Illness.doc
    105.006.Confidentiality of Patient Records.doc
    105.007D.Peer Assistance Program.doc
    105.008.Driver Licensing Medically Impaired.doc
    105.009.Informed Consent.doc
    105.010.Physician Health and Wellness.doc
    105.011D.Enhancement of Physician Health and Rehabilitation Program.doc
    105.012D.Physician Health and Rehabilitation Program.doc
    105.013D.Covenants Not To Compete.doc
    105.014.Texas Medical Disclosure Panel.doc
    105.015.Medical Record Privacy Act.doc
    105.016D.Conflict of Interest.doc
    105.017.Privacy of Medical Records.doc
    105.018.Fraud and Abuse Initiative.doc
    105.019.Principles for Protection of Medical Record Privacy.doc

    Health Care Costs

    110.001.Health Access Individual Retirement Accounts.doc
    110.002.Cost Effectiveness.doc
    110.003.Private Individualized Medical Care.doc
    110.004.Cost Containment and Product Liability.doc
    110.005.Global Budgets Limiting Health Services Expenditures.doc
    110.006.Health Plan.doc
    110.007.Cost Containment.doc
    110.008.Health Care Costs Tax Deductible.doc
    110.009.Health Care Coverage.doc

    Health Care Delivery

    115.001.Indigent Care.doc
    115.002.High Risk and Medically Fragile Patients.doc
    115.003.Indemnity for Charity Care.doc
    115.004.Indemnification of Physicians.doc
    115.005.Charity Care.doc
    115.006D.Health Care Delivery System Affordable and Available.doc
    115.007.Health Planning.doc
    115.008.Hospitalists and Intensivists.doc
    115.009.Physician Owned and Directed Health Care Delivery Systems.doc
    115.011.Disease Management.doc
    115.012.Retail Health Clinics.doc
    115.013.Second Surgeons.doc
    115.014.Out-of-Network Referral Requirements.doc
    115.015.Accountable Care Organizations.doc
    115.016.A Modest Proposal to Save our Health Care System.doc
    115.017.Protections of Non-employment Physicians Extended to 501 (a)s.doc
    115.018.Overwhelming Compliance Mandates and Payment Uncertainty.docx
    115.019.Abolish Compulsory Electronic Health Records.docx

    Health System Reform

    120.001.Health Care Reform.doc
    120.002.Health System Reform Cost Control.doc
    120.003.Health System Reform Managed Care.doc
    120.004D.Health System Reform TMA Special Committee.doc
    120.005D.Health System Reform Peer Review Organization.doc
    120.006D.Health System Reform Establishment of National Health Board.doc
    120.007D.Health System Reform and Fee For Service Options.doc
    120.008D.Health System Reform Public Health Funding.doc
    120.009D.Health System Reform.doc
    120.010.Principles for Evaluating Health System Reform.doc

    Home Health Services

    125.001D.Medical Management of Home Care Patients.doc
    125.002.Home Health Care.doc
    125.003.Home Health and Hospice.doc
    125.004.Palliative Care and Hospice Care and Training.doc
    125.005.Venipuncture as a Qualifying Home Health Benefit.doc
    125.006.Home Health Care as Part of Health Care Continuum.doc


    130.001.Hospital Contracts.doc
    130.002.Hospital Medical Staff Privileges and Professional Liability.doc
    130.003D.Solicitation of Patients in Hospitals.doc
    130.004.Organized Medical Staff.doc
    130.005.Arbitration Protocols in Smaller Institutions.doc
    130.006.Hospital Medical Staff Bylaws.doc
    130.007D.Hospitalization Regulations.doc
    130.008.Medical Staff Privileges.doc
    130.009.Hospital Admissions.doc
    130.010.Hospital Medical Staff Constitution and Bylaws.doc
    130.011.Medical Staffs.doc
    130.012.Subacute Care.doc
    130.013.Interhospital Transfer for Nonmedical Reasons.doc
    130.014.Length of Stay Discharge Criteria.doc
    130.015.Physician Participation in Medical Staff Affairs.doc
    130.016.Compensation for Emergency Department Care.doc
    130.017.Sham Peer Review.doc
    130.018D.Texas Ten Step Facility Program.doc
    130.019.Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act.doc
    130.020.Ensuring Physician Autonomy.doc
    130.021.Hospital-Based Emergency Department Referral Patterns.doc
    130.022.Avoiding Bias in Medical Executive Committees.doc
    130.023.Hospital Medical Staff Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest.doc
    130.024.Physician Coverage of Hospital Emergency Departments.doc


    135.001D.Immunizations Measles Mumps and Rubella.doc
    135.002.Vaccines Providing Free of Charge.doc
    135.003D.Immunizations Pneumococcal Patients 65 and Over.doc
    135.004.Immunizations Universal Entitlement.doc
    135.005.National Vaccine Plan.doc
    135.006.Immunization Schedule.doc
    135.007.Immunization Guidelines.doc
    135.008.Immunizations Administering.doc
    135.009.Immunizations Pneumococcal Pneumonia in Adults.doc
    135.010.Immunization Education Efforts for Texas.doc
    135.011.Immunization Registry for Texas.doc
    135.012.Immunization Rates in Texas.doc
    135.013.Universal Influenza Vaccination.doc
    135.014.Meningococcal and Pertussis Vaccines.doc
    135.015.Flu Vaccine Distribution.doc
    135.016.Influenza Vaccine Recommendations for Health Care Workers.doc
    135.018.Pertussis and Cocooning.doc
    135.019.Promotion of Antimicrobial Stewardship.doc
    135.020.Fairness in Timely Delivery of Vaccines.doc
    135.021.Immunization Records.doc
    135.022.Adolescent Parent Immunizations.doc
    135.023.Adult Immunizations.doc
    135.024.Human Papillomavirus Vaccine for Suspected Victims of Child Sexual Abuse.doc
    135.025.Improving the ImmTrac Registry by Reverting Back to an Opt-Out System.docx

    Infant Health

    140.001D.Infant Formula Commercial Advertisement.doc
    140.002.Prenatal and Perinatal Care.doc
    140.003.Birth Defects Registry.doc
    140.004D.Infant Formula.doc
    140.005D.Breastfeeding Training.doc
    140.006.Non-Medical Fetal Ultrasonography.doc
    140.007.Perinatal Health Care System.doc
    140.008.Breastfeeding and Human Milk.doc
    140.009.Perinatal Autopsies Following Stillbirth.doc
    140.010.Newborn Genetic Screening.doc
    140.011D.Newborn Screening for Cystic Fibrosis.doc
    140.012.Prevention of Iatrogenic Prematurity.doc


    145.001D.Health Insurance Availability.doc
    145.002.Health Insurance Employer Mandates.doc
    145.003.Mandated Coverage.doc
    145.004.Medical Insurance Savings Accounts.doc
    145.005.Single Payer Systems.doc
    145.006.Funding of High Risk Insurance Pool.doc
    145.007.Competitive Insurance Models.doc
    145.008D.Insurance Company Decisions in Disagreement with Treating Physician.doc
    145.009.Individual Responsibility for Health Care.doc
    145.010.Standard Information for Insurance ID Cards.doc
    145.011.Plan Responsibility for Patient Education.doc
    145.012.Health Insurance Individual Ownership.doc
    145.013.Private Healthcare System Impact of Uninsured.doc
    145.014.Texas Department of Insurance.doc
    145.015.Mandatory Referral and Precertification of Chronic Renal Failure Treatment.doc
    145.016.Small Employer Health Care Benefit Discrepancies.doc
    145.017.Proper Notification of Rate Changes by Insurance Companies.doc
    145.018.Mental Health Carve-Outs.doc
    145.019.Mental Health Equitable Treatment and Parity.doc
    145.020.Insurer Liability for Unpaid Claims.doc
    145.021.Insurance Recoupment.doc
    145.022D.Prompt Access to Benefits.doc
    145.023.Third Party Administrators.doc
    145.024.Medical Decision Makers Licensed in Texas.doc
    145.025.Out-of-Network Payments.doc
    145.026.Expanding Coverage to Children.doc
    145.027.Transparency of Preventive Care Services.doc
    145.028.Unequal Insurance Contract Reimbursement for Solo Practitioners.doc
    145.029.Physician Outpatient Visits for Obesity.doc
    145.030.Prevent Disclosure of Information about a Specific Patient Service in EMR Systems.docx
    145.031.Requirement for Medical Insurance Companies to Provide Online Real-Time Insurance Claim Adjudication.docx
    145.032.Improving Network Adequacy in Health Insurance Plans.docx
    145.033.Notification to Physicians Regarding COBRA Grace Period.docx

    International Medical Graduates

    150.001D.International Medical Graduates Assessment Mechanisms.doc
    150.002.International Medical Graduates Curriculum Requirements.doc
    150.003.Minimum Educational Requirement for Physician Licensure in Texas.doc
    150.004D.International Medical Graduate Requirements.doc
    150.005.J-1 Visa Waiver Program.doc


    155.001.Laboratory Director Requirements.doc
    155.002D.Private Office Laboratories.doc
    155.003D.Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988.doc
    155.004D.SI and Conventional Terminology.doc
    155.005.Laboratory Accreditation.doc
    155.006.Laboratory Personnel.doc
    155.007.Cytology Proficiency Testing.doc
    155.008.Direct Access Laboratory Testing.doc
    155.009.Laboratory and Radiology Reports Database.doc
    155.010.HIT Physician Access to Clinical Laboratory Reports.doc
    155.011.Opposition to Laboratory Reporting Provisions of HR 4302.docx


    160.001.Frivolous Suits.doc
    160.002.Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse.doc
    160.003.Tort Reform Program.doc
    160.004.Contingent Witness Fees.doc
    160.005D.Tort Reform.doc
    160.006.Corporate Practice of Medicine.doc
    160.007D.Litigation Guidelines.doc
    160.008.Nonprofit Health Corporations.doc
    160.009D.Physician Expert Witness.doc
    160.010.Employement by Nonprofit Corporations.doc
    160.011D.Court Appointed Guardian.doc
    160.012.Antitrust Laws.doc
    160.013.Medical Expert Witness Standards.doc
    160.014.Principles for TMB Discipline in Expert Medical Testimony.doc
    160.015.Court Sanctions for Improper Medical Testimony.doc
    160.016.General Antitrust Compliance Principles.doc
    160.017.Utilization Review.doc
    160.018.Statue of Limitations for Administrative Violations.doc
    160.019.Temporary Texas License for Medical Opinion or Testimony.doc

    Legislative & Regulatory

    165.001.Health Care Policy Development.doc
    165.002.Antitrust Relief.doc
    165.003D.Grassroots Political Action.doc
    165.004.Government Competency Checks.doc
    165.005.Public School Finance and Taxes.doc
    165.006.Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Reform.doc
    165.007.Whistle-Blower Protections for Physicians.doc
    165.008.Prompt Pay Legislation to Include Medicaid Programs.doc
    165.009.Excessive Federal Paperwork Requirements.docx


    170.001.Good Samaritan Law.doc
    170.002.Charitable Immunity.doc
    170.003D.Medical Liability Claims Adjudication System.doc
    170.004D.Medical Liability Reforms.doc
    170.005.Professional Liability Statute of Limitation.doc
    170.006.Physician Liability for Acts of Assistants.doc
    170.007.Professional Liability.doc
    170.008.Physician Relief from Product Class Actions.doc
    170.009.Product Liability Lawsuit Impact on Premiums.doc
    170.010.Professional Liability Coverage for Physicians Providing Long-Term Care.doc
    170.011.Liability for Acts or Omissions.doc
    170.012.Physician Protection from Product Liability.doc
    170.013.Health Plan Liability Requirements.doc

    Licensure & Discipline

    175.001.TMB Additional Funding for Legal Purposes.doc
    175.002.TMB Consolidation with Other State Agencies.doc
    175.003.TSBME Physician Licensure Fees Allocated to Operation of Board.doc
    175.004D.Physician Initial Licensure.doc
    175.005D.Physician National Standard Licensure.doc
    175.006.Physician Licensure by Individual State Medical Boards.doc
    175.007.Texas Medical Board Funding.doc
    175.008.Medical Licensure Linked to Practice Location or Specialty Shortages.doc
    175.009.Statewide Medical Examiner System.doc
    175.010.Data Collection.doc
    175.011.TMB Funding.doc
    175.012.Principles for Sunset of TMB.doc
    175.013.Major Depression and Physician Licensure.doc
    175.014.Allowing Border Areas to Qualify for Expedited Medical Licensure.doc
    175.015.Contested Cases of the Texas Medical Board.doc
    175.016.Public Recognition of Board Certification by Texas Medical Board.doc
    175.017.Opposition to Maintenance of Licensure.doc
    175.018.Maintenance of Certification.doc
    175.019.Medical Licensing Exam Passage Attempts and Timeframe Limits.docx

    Managed Care

    180.001.Managed Care Truth in Advertising Standards.doc
    180.002.Managed Care Incentive Withholds.doc
    180.003.Managed Care Referral Practices.doc
    180.004.Managed Care Antitrust.doc
    180.005D.Managed Care.doc
    180.006.Managed Health Alliances and Health Care Purchasing Cooperatives.doc
    180.007.Managed Care Business Principles.doc
    180.008.Managed Care Capitation.doc
    180.009D.Managed Care Compromising Quality.doc
    180.010.Health Maintenance Organizations.doc
    180.011D.Managed Care and Fee For Service.doc
    180.012.Patient Protection Act.doc
    180.013.Preferred Provider Plan Rules.doc
    180.014.HMO Financial Reporting.doc
    180.015.Managed Care Patient Protection.doc
    180.016.Managed Care Physician Profiling Criteria.doc
    180.017D.Managed Care Practice Guidelines.doc
    180.018D.Managed Care Education Rural and Nonurban.doc
    180.019D.Managed Care Appropriateness.doc
    180.020.Managed Care Education.doc
    180.021.TMAIT Managed Care Plans.doc
    180.022D.Managed Care Benefit Provisions and Limitations.doc
    180.023D.Managed Care Clinical Guidelines.doc
    180.024.Managed Care Companies Ethical and Moral Standards.doc
    180.025D.Managed Care Liability.doc
    180.026.Managed Care Plans.doc
    180.027.Managed Care Prompt Payment.doc
    180.028.Full Explanation of Noncontracted Payment Limits.doc
    180.029.Economic Profiling.doc
    180.030.Managed Care Disclosure.doc
    180.031.Pharmacy Benefit Managers.doc
    180.032.Advocacy Efforts Regarding Health Care Payment Plans.doc
    180.033.Payment for After-Hours Non-Emergent Care.doc


    190.001D.Medicaid Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Program.doc
    190.002.Medicaid Medications.doc
    190.003.Medicaid Payments to Increase Participation.doc
    190.004.Medicaid Allowance for Preterm Labor.doc
    190.005D.Medicaid RBRVS Fee Schedule.doc
    190.006D.Medicaid Peer Review.doc
    190.007.Medicaid Funding.doc
    190.008D.Medicaid Physician Payment System.doc
    190.009.Medicaid Payment for Diagnostic Tests.doc
    190.010.Medicaid Fiscal Integrity.doc
    190.011.Medicaid Benefits.doc
    190.012.Medicaid Managed Care.doc
    190.013D.Medicaid Prescription Drug Requirement for GI Drugs.doc
    190.014.Medicaid Managed Care Guiding Principles.doc
    190.015.Medicaid and Rural Physicians.doc
    190.016D.Single Application Form for Eligibility of Services.doc
    190.017.Medicaid Fee Schedule.doc
    190.018.Medicaid Reimbursement for Rehabilitation.doc
    190.019.Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care.doc
    190.020.Sterilization Services.doc
    190.021.Funding for Pregnancy.doc
    190.022.Medicaid and CHIP Funding and Access to Care for Children.doc
    190.023. Policy Principles for Medicaid and CHIP Legislative Initiatives.docx
    190.024.National Provider Identifier.doc
    190.025.Office of Inspector General Responsibility.doc
    190.026.Medicaid Preferred Drug List.doc
    190.027.180-Day Minimum for Billing.doc
    190.028.Medicaid and CHIP Applications.doc
    190.029.Health Care Coverage Legislative Initiatives.doc
    190.030.Physician Enrollment in Medicaid HMOs.doc
    190.031.Texas Medicaid Reform Initiatives.doc
    190.032.Medicaid Coverage and Reform.doc
    190.033.Enhancing Childrens Health Insurance Program Coverage.docx
    190.034.Barriers to Psychoactive Pharmacotherapy for Medicaid Pediatric Patients.docx
    190.035.Floor for Medicaid Payments.docx
    190 023 Policy Principles for Medicaid and CHIP Legislative Initiatives.docx

    Medical Education

    200.001D.Medical Schools Cheating.doc
    200.002D.Medical School Curriculum Required Family Practice Rotation.doc
    200.003D.Medical Education K-Type Examination.doc
    200.004D.Universal Precautions.doc
    200.005.Parental Leave for Students and Residents.doc
    200.006.Health Care Workers.doc
    200.007.Medical Student and Resident Abuse.doc
    200.008.Medical Student Local County Involvement.doc
    200.009.Residency Training in Risk Management.doc
    200.010D.Student Health Insurance.doc
    200.011D.Medical Education Performance Based Funding.doc
    200.012D.Resident Physicians Faculty Evaluations.doc
    200.013.Residency Training in Emergency Medicine.doc
    200.014D.Family Leave in Residency Program Contracts.doc
    200.015D.Medical Education Data.doc
    200.016.Graduate Medical Education.doc
    200.017.Regulation of Private Health Professional Schools.doc
    200.018D.Medical Education Undergraduate.doc
    200.019.Medical School Curriculum Rural Health Programs.doc
    200.020.Medical Education Curriculum.doc
    200.021.Allied Health Professions Credentialing.doc
    200.022.Medical Education Admissions.doc
    200.023.Medical Education for Primary Care.doc
    200.024D.Residency Training in Community Settings.doc
    200.025D.UT Public Health Satellites.doc
    200.026.Residency Training Programs.doc
    200.027.Graduate Medical Education Training Positions.doc
    200.028.Medical School Expansion.doc
    200.029.Personalized Education Program.doc
    200.030.Preventive Medicine Education.doc
    200.031.Medical School Admissions.doc
    200.032.Teaching Physicians Audit Process.doc
    200.033D.Public Health School North Texas.doc
    200.034D.US Medical Licensing Examination Step III Scores for Medical Licensure.doc
    200.035D.Coastal Bend Health Education Center.doc
    200.036.Community Based Medical Education.doc
    200.037.Prairie View AAndM University.doc
    200.038.Clinical Skills Assessment.doc
    200.039.State Formula Funding of Texas GME Programs.doc
    200.040.Joint Admission Medical Program.doc
    200.041D.State Formula Funding.doc
    200.042.Informing Legislators about Medical Education Process.doc
    200.043.Criminal Background Checks on Medical Students.doc
    200.044.Community-Based Physicians as Educators and Mentors.doc
    200.045.Growth in Medical School Enrollments and Graduate Medical Education Programs and Expansion of State Physician Education Loan Repayment Program.doc
    200.046.Educating and Training Physicians in Texas.doc
    200.047.Clinical Training Resources for Texas Medical Students.doc
    200.048.Residency Slots.doc
    200.049.Advocacy Education in Medical School Curricula.doc
    200.050.Moonlighting by Residents.doc
    200.051.Need for Greater State Support of Graduate Medical Education.doc

    Medical Education Finance & Support

    205.001.Student Loan Deferment.doc
    205.002.Student Loan Funds Repayment.doc
    205.003.Nursing Schools Funding.doc
    205.004.Educational Financial Assistance.doc
    205.005.Funding Levels for Research and Medical Education.doc
    205.006D.Funding of Texas Medical Schools.doc
    205.007D.Student Loan Funds Disbursement.doc
    205.008.Graduate Medical Education Funding Cuts.doc
    205.009D.Block Grants.doc
    205.010.Medical Education Funding by the State.doc
    205.011.Student and Resident Economic Hardship.doc
    205.012D.Medical School Funding.doc
    205.013D.Residency Programs Funding.doc
    205.014.Medical Education Funding Through All Payor Approach.doc
    205.015.Medical Education Tuition.doc
    205.016.Medical School Scholarships for Minorities.doc
    205.017.Formula Funding for Health Science Centers.doc
    205.018.Hopwood v Texas.doc
    205.019.Instructional Costs for GME.doc
    205.020D.Physician Loan Repayment.doc
    205.021.State Loan Repayment Program.doc
    205.022.Federal Title VII Graduate Medical Education Grant Program.doc
    205.023 Physician Education Loan Repayment Program.doc
    205.024.Medicare and Medicaid Graduate Medical Education Funding.doc
    205.025.Graduate Medical Education Funding.doc
    205.026.Expansion of Medical Student Loan Forgiveness Program.doc
    205.027.Physician Education Loan Repayment.doc
    205.028.Mental Hospital Psychiatry Residency Training.doc
    205.029.Hurricane Ike and The University of Texas Medical Branch.doc
    205.030.Commercial Support Regarding Unrestricted CME Funding.doc
    205.031.Restore Funding of Statewide Preceptorship Program.doc
    205.032.Loan Deferment During Residency.doc
    205.033.Restoring Parity and Interest Subsidies to Federal Graduate Student Loans.doc
    205.034.Reinstate and Enhance Texas Physician Education Loan Repayment Program.doc
    205.035.Restore Funding of Statewide Preceptorship Program.doc
    205.036.Support for Resident Salaries.doc

    Medical Review

    210.001D.Private Sector Utilization Review.doc
    210.002.Second Surgical Opinion Program.doc


    195.001D.Medicare Regulatory Relief.doc
    195.002.Medicare HMO Disclosure of Limitations on Choice of Physicians.doc
    195.003D.Medicare Supplemental Insurance.doc
    195.004.Disproportionate Share Fund.doc
    195.005.Medicare Reform.doc
    195.006.Medicare Program Cutbacks.doc
    195.007D.Medicare Elective Surgery.doc
    195.008D.Medicare Explanation of Medical Benefits.doc
    195.009.Medicare Hospital Incentive Payments.doc
    195.010D.Medicare Cataract Surgery Demonstration Project.doc
    195.011.Medicare Fee Schedule.doc
    195.012.Medicare Intent of Law.doc
    195.013.Medicare Limiting Charge.doc
    195.014.Medicare Participation and Nonparticipation.doc
    195.015.Medicare Nonpayment for Emergency Office Care.doc
    195.016.Medicare Secondary Payer.doc
    195.017D.Medicare Serviced Provided by Optometrists.doc
    195.018.Medicare Limiting Charge for Injected Drugs.doc
    195.019.Medicare Rehabilitation Services Under Managed Care.doc
    195.020D.Medicare Automated Laboratory Testing.doc
    195.021.Medicare Managed Care.doc
    195.022.Medicare Initial Survey and ReCertification Program.doc
    195.023D.Medicare Legislation Guidelines.doc
    195.024.Medicare HMOs.doc
    195.025D.Medicare Chemistry Panels.doc
    195.026D.Medicare Reform Healthcare Equity.doc
    195.027.Medicare Balanced Billing.doc
    195.028.Medicare as a Defined Contribution Plan.doc
    195.029.Registry for Advance Directives.doc
    195.030.Medicare Payment Localities.doc
    195.031.Health Savings Accounts for Medicare Beneficiaries.doc
    195.032.Federal Physician Compare Website.doc
    195.033.Medicare Value-Based Payment Modifier.doc
    195.034.Risk Adjustment under PPACA.doc
    195.035.Medicare Opt Out.doc

    Mental Health

    215.002.Family Planning and Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention for Institutionalized Individuals.doc
    215.003.Mental Hospitals and Clinics.doc
    215.004.Psychiatric Care and Treatment.doc
    215.005D.Psychiatric Hospitals Licensing.doc
    215.006D.Mental Health Code.doc
    215.007D.Inequitable Funding for County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authorities.doc
    215.008D.Mental Health Institutions Physician Superintendents of State Hospitals.doc
    215.009.Mental Health Institutions Community Mental Health Care Centers.doc
    215.010.Mental Health Institutions Guidelines for Psychiatric Practice.doc
    215.011D.ICF MR Interpretive Guideline Drug Regulation.doc
    215.012.Quality Care for Mentally Ill.doc
    215.013.Mental Health Crisis Center in Harris County.doc
    215.014.Texas State Advisory Councils for Mental Health.doc
    215.015D.Psychiatric Inpatient Admissions.doc
    215.016D.TDMHMR and Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.doc
    215.017D.Safety Net Rider for Core Mental Health Services.doc
    215.018.Patients Awaiting Orders of Protective Custody.doc
    215.019.Mental Health Care Funding.doc
    215.020.Funding for Mental Illness and Substance Abuse No Psych hospital Closure.doc
    215.021.Alternative to Incarceration for Individuals With Nonviolent Behavioral Issues.docx
    215.022.Physician-Initiated Mental Health Holds.doc

    Military Medicine

    220.001.Active Duty Physicians.doc
    220.002.Military Medical Reserve Personnel Strengthening of.doc
    220.003D.Military Service.doc
    220.004D.Military Reserve Duty Physicians Repository of Federal Laws and Regulations.doc
    220.005D.Military Medical Reserve Program.doc
    220.006.Recognition of Medical Service in Times of Armed Conflict.doc

    Peer Review

    225.001.Peer Review Notices of Final Determination.doc
    225.002D.Peer Review Photocopying Costs.doc
    225.003D.Preprocedure Certification Review.doc
    225.004D.PRO Preprocedure Certification.doc
    225.005D.Texas Medical Foundation Independent Review Panel.doc
    225.006D.Texas Medical Foundation Due Process.doc
    225.007.Peer Review Regulation of Private Review Organizations.doc
    225.008D.PRO Post Admission Preprocedure Review.doc
    225.009D.PRO Quality Intervention Plan.doc
    225.010.Texas Medical Foundation as Statewide PRO.doc
    225.011D.Deficiency Reports without Peer Review.doc
    225.012D.Uniform Clinical Data Set.doc
    225.013.Due Process for Physicians in Arranged Health Care Plans.doc
    225.014.Peer Review for Federally Owned Facilities.doc
    225.015D.Texas Medical Foundation as Medical PRO.doc
    225.016D.Texas Medical Foundation Peer Review.doc
    225.017 TRICARE and PRO Uniformity.doc
    225.018D.Texas Medical Foundation.doc
    225.019.Peer Review.doc


    245.001D.Cognitive Examinations.doc
    245.002.Health Care Provider.doc
    245.003.Professional Freedom Erosion.doc
    245.004D.Advertising Regulation of Health Care Professionals.doc
    245.005.Age Discrimination.doc
    245.006D.Physician Services Organization.doc
    245.007.Retired Physician Restrictions.doc
    245.008D.Patient Physician Terminology.doc
    245.009.Disciplinary Investigation Reporting.doc
    245.010.Physician Discrimination.doc
    245.011.Clinical Privileges.doc
    245.012.Retired Physician Licensure.doc
    245.013.Appropriate Title Nomenclature in Medical Settings.doc
    245.014.Physicians and Substance Use Disorder.doc
    245.015.Physician Joint Negotiation with Health Care Payment Plans.doc
    245.016.Physician Reentry Into Practice.doc
    245.017.Clear Identification.doc
    245.018.Specialty Board Recertification-Enrollment in a State Physician Health Program.doc
    245.019.Physician Immunizations Against Communicable Diseases.doc
    245.020.Physicians Retaining Autonomous Clinical Decision-Making Authority.doc
    245.021.Patient-Doctor Privileged Communication.doc

    Physician Fees

    230.001D.Fees According to Ability to Pay.doc
    230.002.Fees Direct Billing and Fee For Service.doc
    230.003.Fees General and Separate Billing.doc
    230.004D.Medical Records Transfer Fees.doc
    230.005.Fee Schedules Mandated by Federal Government.doc
    230.006.Physician Charge Transparency.doc
    230.007.Posting of Charges by All Entities Providing Services in Texas.doc

    Physician Payment & Reimbursement

    235.001.Fee for Service.doc
    235.002.Individual Responsibility for Health Care and Funding.doc
    235.003.Reimbursement Based on Years in Practice.doc
    235.004.Third Party Payor Physician Payment Reductions.doc
    235.005D.Behavioral Offset.doc
    235.006.Bundled Payment Proposals.doc
    235.007.Reimbursement of Preventive Health Care.doc
    235.008.Surgical Assistants.doc
    235.009D.After Hours Services.doc
    235.010D.Board Certification as a Requirement for Reimbursment or Licensure.doc
    235.011.Reimbursement for Emergency and Initial Care Services.doc
    235.012.Bundled Payments.doc
    235.013.DRG Payment System.doc
    235.014D.Reimbursement for Cognitive Services.doc
    235.015D.Reimbursement of Physician Training in NonTraditional Sites.doc
    235.016.Reimbursement for Risk Deliveries.doc
    235.017.Reimbursement Restrictions for Physician Services Provided in Teaching Situation.doc
    235.018D.Reimbursement for Percutaneous Blood Gas Determinations.doc
    235.019.Universal Identifier System.doc
    235.020.Billing by Fellows.doc
    235.021D.Reimbursement for Physician Performed Microscopy.doc
    235.022.Clinical Pathology Services Payment.doc
    235.023.Reimbursement for Uncompensated Services to the Uninsured or Underinsured.doc
    235.024.Payment for Laboratory Tests.doc
    235.025.Payer Computer Upgrades.doc
    235.026.Medical Care and Fair Compensation.doc
    235.027.Payment for Physician Work Product.doc
    235.028.Texas Revised Franchise Tax.doc
    235.029.Franchise Tax Issues.doc
    235.030.Increase in Statewide Reimbursement for After-Hour Care.doc
    235.031.Equal Payment for Rural Health Clinics Regardless of Type of Ownership.doc
    235.032.Payment for Services Provided to County Indigent Patients.doc
    235.033.Coordination of Benefits.doc
    235.034.Authorizations Initiated by Third-Party Payers.doc

    Physician Payment & Reimbursement - Medicare

    240.001.Geographic Practice Cost Indices.doc
    240.002D.Medicare Claims Mandatory Submission.doc
    240.003D.Medicare Single Check Reimbursement for Multiple Patient Services.doc
    240.004.Medicare Reimbursement for Emergencies.doc
    240.005D.RBRVS Implementation of Fee Schedule for Primary Care EAndM Services in Rural Areas.doc
    240.006D.GPCI Delay of Implementation.doc
    240.007D.Medicare Billing for Substitute Physician Services.doc
    240.009D.RBRVS Extension to Private Payers.doc
    240.010.Medicare Payment for Psychiatric Services.doc
    240.011.Medicare Reimbursement Funding of Teaching Hospitals.doc
    240.012.Medicare Payment for Injected Drugs.doc
    240.013.RBRVS AMA Development.doc
    240.014.Geographic Practice Cost Indices.doc
    240.015D.Medicare RBRVS Conversion Factor.doc
    240.016.Medicare Reimbursement Rates.doc
    240.017.Prostate Cancer Screening Compensation.doc
    240.018.Sustainable Growth Rate.doc
    240.019.Medicares Elimination of Payments for Consultation Codes.doc
    240.020.Deactivation of Medicare Billing Privileges–Appeal RightsHarsh Adverse Effects.doc
    240.021.Equity in Government Payment for Physician Services.doc

    Practice Parameters

    250.001.Practice Parameters.doc
    250.002.Ethical Practice of Medicine for Physicians Participating in the Women’s Health Program.doc
    250.003.Limiting Physician and Patient Conversations.doc

    Primary Care

    255.001.Primary Care Physician Definition.doc
    255.002.Primary Care.doc
    255.003.Undergraduate Medical Education.doc
    255.004.Patient-Centered Medical Home.doc
    255.005.Monitoring Development of the Patient-Centered Surgical Coordination Concept.doc

    Public Health & Safety

    260.001.Infectious Waste Management.doc
    260.002D.Glue and Paint Sniffing.doc
    260.003.Poison Control Centers Enhancements.doc
    260.004.Scalding Hot Water.doc
    260.005.Community and Migrant Health Centers.doc
    260.006D.Genprobe Test.doc
    260.008D.Air Bags-Shoulder Belts.doc
    260.009.Passenger Safety in Pickups.doc
    260.010.Handicapped Parking.doc
    260.011D.Hepatitis B Immunization Recommendations of the AAP.doc
    260.012D.Minority Health.doc
    260.013D.Underride Safety Guards.doc
    260.014D.Poison Centers Six Center System.doc
    260.017D.Hepatitis B Vaccination For Adolescents.doc
    260.018.Motorcycle Helmets and Seatbelts.doc
    260.019.Protective Headgear for Equestrian Sports.doc
    260.020D.Radioactive Wastes.doc
    260.021.Sexually Transmitted Diseases.doc
    260.022.Swimming Pool Safety.doc
    260.023D.Gun Ownership.doc
    260.024D.Hepatitis B Vaccination.doc
    260.025D.Sterilization of Instruments.doc
    260.026.Football Helmet Use.doc
    260.027.Mobile Scanning Services.doc
    260.029.Preventive Medicine.doc
    260.030.Seat Belts; Motor Vehicle Restraints.doc
    260.031D.Explosion Preventing Technology.doc
    260.032D.Healthy Communities.doc
    260.033D.Sexually Transmitted Disease Education.doc
    260.034.Lead Poisoning.doc
    260.035D.Toxicological Laboratory.doc
    260.036D.US and Mexico Border Health Commission.doc
    260.037.Essential Public Health Services.doc
    260.038.Television Educational Programming.doc
    260.039D.Walk Texas.doc
    260.040.Binational Tuberculosis Elimination Campaign.doc
    260.042.Core Public Health Services.doc
    260.043.Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment.doc
    260.044D.Gun Safe Campaign.doc
    260.045D.Clean Air.doc
    260.046.Healthy Families Program.doc
    260.047.Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal.doc
    260.048.Manganese in Gasoline.doc
    260.049.Public Health Services and Training.doc
    260.050.Hepatitis B Vaccine.doc
    260.051.Motorcycle Riders without Helmets.doc
    260.052.Preventive Screening Tests.doc
    260.053D.Public Health Funding Through Medicaid Managed Care Savings.doc
    260.054.Family Planning Funding.doc
    260.055D.Local Public Health Service.doc
    260.056D.Opposition to the Lethal Drug Abuse Prevention Act.doc
    260.057.Regulation of Ephedrine Products.doc
    260.058.Labeling of Ephedrine Products.doc
    260.059.Texas Poison Center Network.doc
    260.060.Hepatitis C.doc
    260.061D.Safety Regulation Enforcement.doc
    260.062.Indoor Tanning Salong Regulation.doc
    260.063.Herbal Remedies.doc
    260.064.Family Comes First.doc
    260.066D.Safe Driving.doc
    260.067.Disaster Preparedness.doc
    260.068.Bioterrorism Education.doc
    260.069.Dangerous Herbal Preparations.doc
    260.070D.Sale of Herbal Preparations.doc
    260.072.Conscientious Objection to Immunizations.doc
    260.073D.Texas Certificate of Birth.doc
    260.074.All-Terrain Vehicles.doc
    260.075.Family Planning Services for Uninsured Women.doc
    260.076.All Hazards Disaster Planning.doc
    260.077.Clean Air in Texas.doc
    260.078.Mandated Patient Information.doc
    260.079.Coal Power Plant and Diesel Emissions in Texas.doc
    260.080.Vaccine Delivery.doc
    260.081.Bar Coding on Vaccines.doc
    260.082.Reducing the Health Burden of Air Pollution in Texas.doc
    260.083.Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles I Reducing the Population Burden of Cardiovascular Disease by Reducing Sodium Intake.doc
    260.084.Fireworks Education.doc
    260.085.Driving While Using Hand-Held Comm Devices.doc
    260.086.Retire Coal-Fired Power Plants and Replace With Cleaner Energy Sources.doc
    260.087.Natural Gas Fracking in Texas.doc
    260.088.United States-Mexico Border Health Commission.doc
    260.089.Border Violence Awareness Support.doc
    260.090.Distracted Driving.doc
    260.091.Sale of Raw Milk.doc
    260.092.Responsible Opioid Prescribing for Pain Management.doc
    260.093.Clinical Approaches to Obesity Prevention and Treatment.doc
    260.094.Cheerleading Head Injuries and Concussion.doc
    260.095.Eligibility of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages for SNAP.doc
    260.096.EPA-Compliant Pollution Controls on Old Coal Plants.doc
    260.097.Post Exposure Prophylaxis for Management of Communicable Diseases.docx
    260.098.Reduce Ozone Causing Emissions From Three Antiquated Coal-Fired Power Plants.docx
    260.099.Promoting Safe Exit From Prostitution.docx
    260.100.TCEQ 2015 State Implementation Plan.docx


    265.001.Exclusive Contracts.doc
    265.002.National Practitioner Data Bank.doc
    265.003.Medicine and Business Coalitions.doc
    265.004D.Physician Office Inspections.doc
    265.005.Clinical Competence.doc
    265.006D.Outcomes Research.doc
    265.007D.Office Inspections.doc
    265.008D.Health Quality Institute.doc
    265.009D.Outcomes Measurement.doc
    265.010.Medical Care Guidelines.doc
    265.011.Medical Record Review.doc
    265.012.Health Information Technology and Health Information Exchange.doc
    265.013.Timely Release of Medical Records to Treating Physicians.doc
    265.014.Pay-for-Performance Measures.doc
    265.015D.Key Principles for Health Information Exchange.doc
    265.016.Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank.doc
    265.017.Pay-for-Performance Principles and Guidelines.doc
    265.018.Evidence-Based Medicine.doc
    265.019.Disruptive Behavior Standard.doc
    265.020.Comprehensive Analysis of Potential Errors Facilitated by the Implementation of Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems.doc
    265.021.Electronic Medical Records.doc
    265.022.Improving Pt Care Quality by Decreasing Comm Errors From Language Barriers.doc
    265.023.Choosing Wisely Campaign.doc
    265.024.Bridges to Excellence as Best Practice Model.doc
    265.025.Long-Term Care Funding and Quality Improvement.doc


    270.001.Rehabilitation Services Access and Funding.doc
    270.002.Rehabilitation Services.doc
    270.003.Rehabilitation Services in Managed Care Programs.doc
    270.005D.Texas Rehabilitation Commission.doc
    270.006D.Glossary of Rehabilitation Terms.doc

    Rural Health

    275.001.Physician Relief Program.doc
    275.002D.Rural Preceptorships.doc
    275.003.Rural Health Clinic Regulations.doc
    275.004D.Rural Physician Shortage Pilot Project.doc
    275.005D.Rural Health Clinic Reimbursement.doc

    Science & Technology

    280.001D.Biomedical and Veterinary Research.doc
    280.002.Insurance Coverage for New Medical Procedures.doc
    280.003.Science Education in Public Schools.doc
    280.005.Science Teacher Scholarships.doc
    280.007D.Vapor Recovery Technology.doc
    280.008D.Fetal Tissue Research.doc
    280.009D.Cytomegalo Virus and Related Viruses.doc
    280.010.Organ Transplants.doc
    280.011.Scientific Evaluation Guidelines.doc
    280.012.Human Tissue.doc
    280.013.Animal Research.doc
    280.014.Chelation Therapy.doc
    280.015D.Nuclear Medicine Fluoroscopy.doc
    280.016.Human Subject Research – A Patients Bill of Rights.doc
    280.017D.Lignite and Nuclear Power Sources.doc
    280.018.Patenting of Surgical Techniques.doc
    280.019D.Stroke Prevention Project.doc
    280.020.Science Coalition.doc
    280.021.Stroke Prevention Awareness.doc
    280.022D.Organ Donation.doc
    280.023D.Scientific Section Programming and Content.doc
    280.024.Interagency Council for Genetic Services.doc
    280.025.Genetically Modified Foods.doc
    280.026.Increasing the Number of Donor Organs.doc
    280.027D.Black Mold and Human Illness.doc
    280.028.Imaging Screening in Asymptomatic Populations.doc
    280.029.Stem Cell Research.doc
    280.030.Licensure of Genetic Counselors.doc
    280.031.Methylmercury and Public Health.doc
    280.032.Definition of Surgery.doc
    280.033.Hypothermia for Successful Out-of-Hospital Resuscitation.doc
    280.034.Pain Management.doc
    280.035.ST-Elevation Acute Myocardial Infarction.doc
    280.036.Fair Access to Sci and Tech Research Act for Improved Access to Medical Research.doc

    Sports Medicine

    285.001.Special Olympics.doc
    285.002.Weight Requirements.doc
    285.003D.Sport Preseason Physicals and Examination Forms.doc
    285.004D.Physical Examinations for Athletes.doc
    285.005.Salt Use in Athletics.doc
    285.006D.Preparticipation Form and Physical Exam for Sport Activities.doc
    285.007D.Physical Exams.doc
    285.008D.Football Games on Artificial Turf.doc
    285.009.Optimal Rehydration of Student Athletes.doc


    290.001.Academic Libraries.doc
    290.002.Telemedicine Use to Improve Health Care.doc
    290.003.Telemedicine Use As Supportive Mechanism.doc
    290.004.Telemedicine Consultation Allocation of Association Resources.doc
    290.006.Telemedicine Reimbursement.doc
    290.007.Telemedicine and Confidentiality.doc
    290.008.Telemedicine Use in Protecting the Health and Welfare of Citizens.doc
    290.009.Guidelines for Electronic Communications with Patients.doc

    Texas Medical Association

    295.001D.Legacy of Caring Program.doc
    295.002.Health Insurance Offered to Association Employees.doc
    295.003.Interspecialty Society Providing News of Interest.doc
    295.004D.Relevance to Texas Physicians TMA.doc
    295.005.Member Access to Council and Committee Information.doc
    295.006.E-Mail Addresses for TMA Leaders.doc
    295.007.Conflicts of Interest.doc
    295.008.Reduction in Size of Texas Delegation.doc
    295.009D.Medical Student Members as Special Appointees to Board of Trustees.doc
    295.010.Officer and Trustee Full Disclosure.doc
    295.011.Potential Conflicts of Interest Disclosure of Affiliations and Relationships with Business Entities.doc
    295.012.Medical School Support of Student Involvement in TMA and AMA.doc
    295.013.Election Process.doc
    295.014.Adherence to HIPAA Policies by TMA Workforce.doc
    295.015.Pilot Programs.doc

    TMA Meetings

    300.001.Council and Committee Members and Chairs Recognition.doc
    300.003D.Annual Session Meeting Dates.doc
    300.004D.Annual Session Meeting Schedules.doc

    TMA Membership

    305.001.Membership Failure to Uphold Service Obligations.doc
    305.002D.Inactive Membership Category.doc
    305.003.Leave of Absence Subcategory of Membership.doc
    305.004D.Resident Physician Section Representation in TMA House of Delegates.doc
    305.005D.Resident Representation on American Medical Political Action Committees.doc
    305.006.Resident Physician Membership Participation and Retention.doc
    305.007.Orientation of New Physicians.doc

    TMA Related Organizations

    310.001D.TMA TMAA TMAF Committee on Annual Statewide Joint Community Service Projects.doc
    310.002D.TMA TMAA Joint Programs at Annual Meetings.doc


    315.001D.Smoking in Hospitals.doc
    315.002D.Tobacco Advertising.doc
    315.003D.Smoke Free Hospitals.doc
    315.004D.Smoke Free Environment.doc
    315.005D.Tobacco Sales at Pharmacies.doc
    315.006D.Tobacco Labeling and Packaging.doc
    315.007D.Tobacco Funding.doc
    315.008D.Tobacco Investments Divestiture.doc
    315.009D.Tobacco Regulation.doc
    315.010D.Tobacco Sale and Distribution.doc
    315.011D.Tobacco Tax Deductions for Advertising.doc
    315.012D.Smoke Free Entities.doc
    315.013D.Smoking Cessation.doc
    315.014D.Tobacco Education.doc
    315.015D.Product Liability Exemption of Tobacco Products.doc
    315.017D.Smoking Bans.doc
    315.018D.Tobacco Funding for Research.doc
    315.019D.Smoke Free Ordinances.doc
    315.020D.Smoke Free Texas Prisons.doc
    315.021D.Smokeless Tobacco.doc
    315.022D.Smoking in Educational Facilities.doc
    315.023D.Smoke Free Tobacco Free Hospitals.doc
    315.024D.Tobacco Distribution of Free and Discounted.doc
    315.025D.Comprehensive Plan to Reduce Tobacco Use.doc
    315.026D.Tobacco Settlement Monies.doc
    315.027D.Strategy Regarding Texas Tobacco Settlement.doc
    315.028D.Tobacco Taxation for Funding Programs.doc
    315.029.Smoke-free Dining and Drinking.doc
    315.030.Physicians and Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes.docx
    315.031.Restricting the Sale of Electronic Cigarettes to Minors.docx

    Town Gown

    320.001D.Town Gown Purchase of Medical Practices.doc
    320.002.Town Gown.doc
    320.003D.Town Gown Issues Working Group.doc
    320.004D.Medical School Clinics.doc
    320.005D.Use of State Funds for Direct Competition.doc
    320.006.Managed Care Academic Health Centers Medicaid Patient Base.doc
    320.007.Town Gown Medical School Funding.doc
    320.008D.Town Gown Relationship.doc
    320.009D.Solicitation of Private Patients.doc

    Violence & Abuse

    325.001D.Financial Responsibility for Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse Exams.doc
    325.002.Family Violence.doc
    325.003.Violence Reduction of in the Media.doc
    325.004.Child Abuse and Neglect and Family Violence.doc
    325.005D.Violence Prevention and Intervention.doc
    325.006D.Domestic Violence.doc
    325.007D.Family Violence Abuse and Intervention.doc
    325.008.Insurance Discrimination Against Victims of Family Violence.doc
    325.009.Child Abuse Prevention and Education.doc
    325.010. Physicians’ Role in Identifying Violence and Abuse.doc

    Womens Health Issues

    330.001.Folic Acid Supplementation.doc
    330.004.Silicone Gel Breast Implants.doc
    330.005D.Breast Self Examinations.doc
    330.006.Early Discharge of Mothers and Babies.doc
    330.007.Folic Acid.doc
    330.008.Cervical Cancer Screening.doc
    330.009.Preconception and Inter-gestational Health and Care.doc
    330.010.Women’s Health.doc
    330.011.Home Deliveries.doc
    330.012.Obstetrical Delivery in the Home or Outpatient Facility.doc
    330.013.Maternal Mortality Review.doc
    330.014.Maternal Obesity.doc

    Workers Compensation

    335.001.Workers Compensation Utilization Review.doc
    335.002.Workers Compensation Lack of Benefits Due to Cultural and Language Differenc.doc
    335.003D.Workers Compensation Physician Medical Director.doc
    335.004D.Workers Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation.doc
    335.005.Workers Compensation Impairment Ratings.doc
    335.006D.Workers Compensation Filing Deadlines.doc
    335.007.Workers Compensation System Audits.doc
    335.008D.TWCC Spine Treatment Guideline Workgroup.doc
    335.009D.Workers Compensation and HB 2600.doc
    335.010.Preauthorization and Retrospective Review of Workers Compensation.doc
    335.011.TWCC Fines and Investigations.doc
    335.012.Guiding Principles for Improvement of Texas Workers Compensation System.doc
    335.013.Workers Compensation Prompt Pay.doc
    335.014.Workers Compensation Delivery System.doc


    185.001.Physician Workforce Texas 2001.doc
    185.002.Physician Workforce-Primary Care and Specialty Training.doc
    185.003D.Physician Manpower Enrollment of Underrepresented Minorities.doc
    185.004D.Physician Manpower Minority Representation.doc
    185.005.Physician Shortage.doc
    185.006.Physician Workforce and Distribution.doc
    185.007D.Underserved Areas.doc
    185.008D.Physician Workforce.doc
    185.009.Promotion of Medicine and Health Careers to Underrepresented Minorities.doc
    185.010.Workforce Shortage Areas Defining Boundaries.doc
    185.011.Physician Workforce Long Term Approach.doc
    185.012.Physician Recruitment.doc
    185.013D.Health Professional Shortage and Medically Underserved Areas.doc
    185.014.Physician Workforce.doc
    185.015.Addressing Workforce Issues.doc
    185.016D.Workforce Analysis Capabilities.doc
    185.017.Addressing the Threat to Primary Care in Texas.doc
    185.018.Mitigating the Texas Physician Shortage.doc
    185.019.Rural Physician Workforce Policy.doc
    185.020.Principles for Employment Contracts.doc