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  • Governor Extends Non-Emergent Surgery Suspension in Texas

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    Gov. Greg Abbott today reauthorized non-emergent elective surgeries at hospitals and allowed nursing homes to reopen for visitations under certain conditions across the majority of Texas.

    Non-Elective Surgery
    Restrictions Loosened
  • Rio Grande Valley Responds to COVID-19 Surge

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    As the case numbers and fatalities shoot upward, as refrigerator trucks crank up their coolers in makeshift morgues, as ambulances wait for hours to unload patients, and as coronavirus-stricken physicians and nurses slip out of the workforce, elected officials in the poorest region of Texas are getting desperate.

    "Our Backs are to the Wall."  
  • “How Many More Are Coming?” What It’s Like Inside Hospitals as Coronavirus Grips Texas’ Rio Grande Valley

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    At midnight in South Texas, nearly every bed is full in a low-slung building housing some of the sickest COVID-19 patients near the U.S.-Mexico border.

    COVID-19 Cases
    Are Rapidly Rising
  • Help Parents Understand COVID-19 as Classes Resume

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    To help your patients or their parents answer questions about COVID-19 as school classes resume, TMA has created several documents for you to share.

    TMA Has Created Several Documents for You to Share  
  • Texas Physicians Encourage Plasma Donations to Fight COVID-19

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    Texas physicians are calling on COVID-19 coronavirus survivors to make a donation that can help others fight the infectious disease. Some former patients already have answered the call, and doctors and patients are seeing results of convalescent plasma treatments to fight COVID.

    Convalescent Plasma Emerges as Promising, Safe Treatment  
  • What’s More Risky for COVID-19, Going to a Bar or Opening the Mail?

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    Remember the board game Risk, where the goal was basically to take over the world?

    Well, let’s play Risk COVID-19, in which you try to guess which activities put people more at risk for contracting the coronavirus that causes the disease.

    Find the Answers Here  
  • Talk to Patients About: Vaccine vs. Natural Immunity

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    Vaccines are all about reducing the risk of getting a disease; anti-vaccine arguments are designed to downplay how risky those diseases can be.

    Vaccinate Your Child to Help Protect Them From Serious Illness and More  

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