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  • “Turn It Off” to Help Mental Health, Physicians Suggest

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    Physicians are concerned about more people suffering mental and behavioral health problems, especially as the pandemic lags on. Doctors see connections between people’s suffering and overuse of electronic devices, especially among young people who seem addicted to their phones and other screens. To combat these issues, the Texas Medical Association is launching a new initiative, Turn It Off Today, to encourage families to pledge to take a break from electronic devices.

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  • Keep Holidays Merry: Get a Flu Shot Now

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    Seasonal flu, a frequent fall and winter visitor, didn’t make much of an appearance last year with people isolating and defending themselves from germs by wearing masks and maintaining social distance. Texas physicians say we may not be so lucky this year and, with upcoming holiday gatherings, urge everyone to get their annual influenza, or flu, shot.

    Defend Against Influenza, Physicians Urge  
  • Updated Booster FAQs for You and Your Patients

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    With booster-related developments subject to constant fluidity as the pandemic continues, TMA has you covered with up-to-date COVID-19 Vaccine Booster FAQ sheets for both physicians and patients.

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