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  • Quicker Physician Exams of Foster Children Could Save Young Lives

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    Texas children suddenly thrust into the state’s foster care system will receive a necessary health check by a physician sooner, potentially addressing life-threatening issues.

    Foster Children Exams Are a Matter of Life or Death  
  • HPV Causes Cancer — A Vaccine Can Prevent It

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    More than 30,000 Americans develop one of several kinds of cancer each year caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) — some of which will kill them. Fortunately, physicians say a too-seldom-used vaccine can protect people from HPV-caused cancers of the cervix, vulva, vagina, penis, anus, and oropharynx (head and neck).

    The Threat Is Real  
  • What You Need to Know About the Texas MOC Law

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    TMA's new white paper answers many questions on a tough new law that protects physicians from being forced to undergo maintenance of certification (MOC).

    Maintenance of Certification FAQs  
  • Measles Found at Three U.S. Airports

    Texas physicians should be on the lookout for measles cases in people who might’ve been exposed to the virus at three U.S. airports recently.

    TMA Suggests Broader Protections For Opioid-Antagonist Prescriptions

    The Texas Medical Association continues to track key regulatory changes that could affect your practice, and recently submitted comments on the Texas Medical Board’s proposed rule for the use of opioid antagonists.

    Use EHR to Improve Patients’ Vaccination Rates

    If you are working to improve the vaccination rates among your patients, don’t underrate your electronic health record (EHR) as a tool.

    Never, Ever Text Patient Hospital Orders

    No matter how comfortable you are with texting, remember, texting patients’ hospital orders is not an acceptable practice.

    The Edge of Success

    Make it through the challenges of forming an accountable care organization (ACO) for just a couple of years, and the money your groups save can be spectacular — into the millions under the right circumstances.

    For End-of-Life Care, Fresh Challenges Begin

    The logistics of entering a valid in-hospital DNR order are about to become considerably more complex. A law taking effect in April lays out new requirements affecting physicians in hospitals or health care facilities.

    UT Southwestern Med School Dean Steps Down

    Dr. Fitz, a gastroenterologist had been the school’s executive vice president for academic affairs, provost, and dean since 2009.

    Keep Your EHR SAFER With These Guides
    Electronic health records give you and your practice access to patients’ information quickly, easily, and – perhaps most importantly – safely. But that only works if your EHR is implemented and optimized for patient safety.
    Found: The Key to Getting to “Yes” on HPV Shots

    Surprise! The path to increasing human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination rates lies in the patient-physician relationship ¾  in this case, it’s the parent-physician relationship ¾  new research found.

    Medicine Defends Friends in Party Primaries and Wins Big

    Across the state yesterday, TEXPAC-backed candidates beat back well-funded attacks from outside their districts to win their parties’ nomination for re-election. The results of Tuesday’s party primary elections once again prove that all politics is local.

    Something to Chew On: Oral Health in Texas

    Oral health is a key indicator of overall health. Given that, physicians and lawmakers should not brush aside a recent report by the Texas Health Institute.

    A Conversation With Travis County Chief Medical Examiner J. Keith Pinckard, MD

    Texas Medicine recently caught up with Dr. Pinckard, who has been the chief medical examiner at the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office since 2015.

    Does HIPAA Limit What You Can Charge for Electronic Medical Records?

    If patients ask for copies of their electronic protected health information (PHI), the fees you charge must be reasonable and cost-based, according to federal and state regulations.

    TMA Pushes to Pass Preventing Maternal Deaths Act

    Texas Medical Association has thrown its support behind a bill before the U.S. House of Representatives that would help states combat maternal deaths.

    Houston Man Convicted in $50 Million Drug Scheme

    A former president of a Houston-based pharmaceutical company has been convicted on charges stemming from a drug diversion scheme.

    Recognize a Physician Who Inspires You

    If you’ve been inspired by the work and dedication of one of your colleagues, celebrate that physician by making a charitable donation to the TMA Foundation in his or her honor by March 30 – National Doctor’s Day.

    The Battle for the (Pro)Life of the Texas GOP

    The ever-widening and ever-nastier split within the state’s antiabortion movement is a proxy for the fight for control of the Texas Republican Party. This election cycle, the nasty action is coming in several House races.


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