2019 Exhibit and Sponsor TexMed

  • TexMed 2019 is TMA's Biggest Event and Expo

    Join us for TexMed — TMA's annual meeting, premiere educational showcase, and Expo. The conference offers 80-plus hours of continuing medical education as well as a number of Expo Hall-based networking events — all free for TMA members and their practice staff.

    • 1,500+physicians, medical students, and medical staff attend TexMed
    • 98% of attendees spend time in the Expo Hall
    • 95% of physicians at TexMed serve as decision makers or influencers in their practice
    • 73% of TexMed attendees plan to make a medical purchase in the next month

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  • Exhibit at TexMed 2019

    Exhibitor size and rates
    TexMed 2019 Exhibit Booths

    • **Available in TexMed Marketplace for apparel, art, and home goods. Subject to Approval.

    *Early-bird rates apply to applications received by Dec. 31, 2018. Endcaps are not allowed. Space is assigned on a first come, first served basis.


    Exhibitor Add-Ons

    • Table package: one (1) 6'x30" skirted table, two (2) side chairs, one (1) wastebasket,  $150
    • Additional exhibitor registrations (beyond the complimentary four) at $25 per badge
    • Marketing Bundle discounts to maximize on-site experience and foot traffic
    • All exhibit furnishings, electricity, and hard-wired internet connections available by order through the Exhibitor Service Manual (available Jan. 2019)

    2019 Expo Hall Map

    Become an Exhibitor

  • Á La Carte Marketing at TexMed 2019

    Low-Cost, High-Impact Marketing Opportunities

    • On-Site Program Ad  
      $1,500 (full page, full color)
      $1,250 (full page, B&W)
      $550 (half page, B&W)
      All conference attendees are offered a print copy of the TexMed on-site program for easy access to event maps, conference schedules, CME programming information, TexMed exhibitors and sponsors, and details on special events. Place your ad in this resource that is a must-have both at TexMed and after the show.
    • Expo Hall Bingo*
      $1,000 (both days, with designated booth space)
      $750 (one day, with designated booth space)
      TMA physicians love to play Expo Hall Bingo! These popular cards are distributed at registration in the conference tote bag. Physicians are instructed to visit a minimum number of bingo booths to receive an exhibitor stamp. Once complete, bingo cards are turned in to the TexMed Town Square for ongoing drawings.

      *TMA provides a separate bingo card each day. To participate in Expo Hall Bingo, you must (1) provide a prize such as a $100 gift card or electronics, and (2) select from designated booth spaces outlined on the Expo Hall map. Booth placements are tailored to provide optimum foot traffic and exposure and are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Tote Bag Inserts
      Market your business to TexMed attendees when they first pick up their conference tote bag, which holds the on-site program and event materials. You may include either a specialty item (logo pen, notepad, magnet, or other small item), or a standard flyer, postcard, or brochure. Include your booth number on your item and invite attendees to stop by to learn about your company.
    • Website Banner Ad
      Market your business to TexMed 2019 attendees on TMA’s No. 1 source for TexMed information and registrations — www.texmed.org/TexMed. Ads will run from the time they are placed through the end of the conference. Banner ads (216 W x 180 H) will link to your website, offering maximum synergy and exposure.
    • Detailed Company Description
      Stand out from the exhibit-booth crowd with a detailed description of your company’s products, services, or mission. Reach TexMed attendees directly via the on-site program, as well as the TexMed app. Copy is limited to 250 characters.
    • Enhanced TexMed App Link
      Draw TexMed attendees to your booth by providing your company description, company logo, and unlimited PDF documents on/to the TexMed App. The TexMed App is a go-to resource for conference attendees and offers everything from program scheduling and handouts to physician networking and real-time alerts.


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  • TexMed Marketing Packages

    Select a package, which includes á la care items, and save.

    TexMed Packages

    TexMed Marketing Packages are available on a limited basis and are subject to change.

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  • Save with TexMed Advertising Bundles

    Combo Your Advertising for More Value

    TexMed Bundles

    TMA bundles are available on a limited basis and are subject to change.

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  • Sponsorship Lineup — TexMed 2019

    Become a TexMed Sponsor

    All TexMed sponsors receive a complimentary exhibit space. Booth size and placement as well as additional sponsor benefits are determined by sponsor level, listed at the end of the sponsorship line-up.

    Sponsors who reserve on or before Dec. 31, 2018, will receive a Premium exhibit booth placement. Reservations made in 2019 will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

    TexMed Sponsorship Line-Up

    • Physician Lounge [SOLD]
      $40,000 (exclusive + Titanium benefits)
      Located in the center of the Expo Hall, the Physician Lounge is the primary gathering spot for physicians at TexMed. It’s the perfect a place for attendees to check email, connect with work, grab some coffee, and network with colleagues — and for the right company, a chance to target physicians through signage, material distribution, and networking. Sponsorship includes direct access to physicians and strategic booth placement on the lounge perimeter as well as your company logo on prominent signage.

    • TMA/TMAA Presidents’ Reception [SOLD]
      $40,000 (exclusive + Titanium benefits)
      This highly attended event honors the incoming Texas Medical Association and Texas Medical Association Alliance presidents. A time-honored tradition at TexMed, the Presidents’ Reception brings physician leaders, members, and medical students together for a formal party to mark the start of TexMed. As the exclusive sponsor, you will be recognized during the reception, in all promotional marketing materials leading up to the event, on table-top signage during the reception, and on TexMed-wide signage.

    • Friday General Session [SOLD]
      $30,000 (exclusive + Titanium benefits)
      The Friday General Session is the premier event at TexMed, headlined by a keynote speaker generally regarded as a superstar in the medical community. Seating for the program regularly reaches capacity — with a full house of nearly 700 attendees in 2018. This sponsorship includes printed, verbal, and on-screen slide recognition at the Friday General Session as well as extensive signage throughout the hotel and event space.

    • Friday Networking Lunch
      $30,000 (exclusive + Titanium benefits)
      $15,000 (co-sponsor, two max + Platinum benefits) (Sold)
      The Friday lunch is a premier opportunity for more face-to-face time with your customers. TexMed attendees gather in the Expo Hall for a complimentary lunch designed to build new relationships and foster existing ones. This exclusive sponsorship includes table-top signage at the lunch, recognition in marketing materials promoting the lunch before and during TexMed, and the opportunity to have two company representatives greet attendees as they enter the lunch. The co-sponsorship includes table-top signage and recognition in marketing materials.

    • Saturday General Session and Send-Off Lunch
      $30,000 (exclusive + Titanium benefits) (SOLD)
      The Saturday General Session is a motivational talk that aims to send physicians and office staff back to their practice reinvigorated. Be the brand associated with this uplifting keynote and the delicious send-off lunch provided to all program attendees at the close of the session. This sponsorship includes printed, verbal, and on-screen slide recognition at the event as well as extensive branding throughout the conference.

    • TexMed Hub
      $10,000 (exclusive + Gold benefits)
      TexMed doesn’t have to be all about business. To lighten things up, attendees will travel through the Expo Hall to visit the Hub, where they can stop thinking about work for a few minutes and enjoy some rejuvenating and relaxing activities. As sponsor of the Hub, your company will have its logo displayed on a large overhead sign and can opt to host a fun activity with a prize that you provide. This is the “hub” of activity at TexMed, where attendees gather to check the Expo Bingo Winners’ Board and play fun games like ping-pong and basketball. The sponsor booth will be reserved directly next to The Hub.

    • Continuing Medical Education
      $10,000 (exclusive + Gold benefits)
      $2,500 (co-sponsor, four max + Bronze benefits)
      TMA offers more than 26 CME tracks at TexMed ranging from orthopedics to ethics. Sponsor conference CME with your logo on the TexMed website home page, and receive on-screen slide recognition at the CME session. Co-sponsors may select a CME cluster (one of four clusters — on a first-come, first-served basis) and will receive signage acknowledging support outside the CME classroom. Sponsors also will have their logo displayed in the on-site program both alongside the CME course description and on the conference schedule. This hot sponsorship provides a great amount of real estate to promote your company message.

    • Conference Tote Bags
      $5,000 (co-sponsor, five max + Silver benefits)
      Put your message in the hands of 1,500-plus attendees and guarantee that it’s seen everywhere, even after the show closes. These high-quality bags are made of recycled material and will be printed with your logo (alongside the TexMed show logo), and distributed to all conference attendees at registration check-in. Sponsorship also includes the opportunity to provide one bag insert promoting your company.

    • Badge Lanyards [SOLD]
      $5,000 (exclusive + Silver benefits)
      TMA will print lanyards exclusively with your logo on it. These lanyards will hang not only around the necks of TexMed attendees, but also around those who attend any of TMA’s leadership conferences including Winter Conference and Fall Conference. Badges are required for admission into CME programming at all TMA conferences, and lanyards are distributed at registration.

    • Snack Time! in the Foyer
      $10,000 (exclusive + Gold benefits)
      $5,000 (co-sponsor, two max + Silver benefits)
      After early mornings and long days of visiting the Expo Hall, attending CME sessions, and engaging in TMA business meetings, attendees love a good snack break to keep them going. Host an ice cream social or popcorn party with an afternoon refreshment. Your company logo will be provided on Snack Time! signage.

    • Therapy Dogs
      $5,000 (exclusive + Silver benefits)
      TMA brings therapy dogs to every TexMed. These cute pups have one job — to share their love with institutionalized individuals who are deprived of the very special and unconditional love that animals can give. These dogs attract so many attendees that exhibitors around them can't help but experience a high level of traffic. The exclusive sponsor will be placed in a booth directly next to the therapy dogs booth.

    • TMA Knowledge Center [SOLD]
      $2,500 (exclusive + Bronze benefits)
      The Knowledge Center is a cherished TMA benefit that is offered at TexMed in “booth” form. This informational kiosk enjoys a focal placement, just outside the Expo Hall and usually adjacent to CME classrooms. Physicians and attendees bring questions to Knowledge Center staff ranging from practice operations advice to membership benefits and booth locations in the Expo Hall. Provide your collateral at — and include your logo on — this high-traffic kiosk.

      Additional TexMed Sponsor Benefits:


    Become a TexMed Sponsor