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    Wellness. It Does a Doctor Good.

    Learn how creating your own positive environment can improve your performance and patient outcomes. At this retreat, you'll discover how coaching psychology can enrich the patient-physician relationship; find out how yoga can improve health; learn why coping mechanisms and self-care help you become a better physician; and be inspired to recapture passion for medicine. 10.25 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 5.5 ETHICS

    Attend the 25th Annual Health and Wellness Retreat
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  • Texas Medical Board Investigations

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    Most physicians strive to maintain the highest of standards by practicing good medicine and behaving professionally. But if you find yourself the subject of a Texas Medical Board (TMB) investigation, you need to understand how your responses and actions throughout the process will affect you now and in the future. 3 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 3 ETHICS

    A Physician’s Guide Through the Disciplinary Process  
  • Physician Impairment is More Than You Realize

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    It is estimated that approximately 15 percent of physicians will be impaired at some point in their career. But substance and alcohol abuse is not the cause of all impairments, and how you respond to an allegation of impairment or show evidence of recovery is crucial. This presentation defines impairment so you can recognize it in yourself and others. 1.5 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1.5 ETHICS

    Impairment Can Mean Many Things  
  • Addiction and Recovery in Families

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    This activity educates participants about the common challenges associated with families in addiction and recovery. It also discusses the impact of addiction on physicians’ families. 1 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHICS

    Recognize the Signs  
  • Nonphysician Practitioners: Hiring, Billing, and Delegation of Duties for an NPP, Second Edition

    This publication provides information about the qualifications; supervision requirements; and practical aspects of contracting, credentialing, and billing for nonphysician practitioners. 4.5 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 4.5 ETHICS

    Hire and Delegate to Your Own NPP
  • Patient Safety and Medical Errors (4th Edition)

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    This course was designed to assist physicians, residents, and medical students who are seeking a course to enhance their patient safety skills. Seven learning modules address critical issues in patient safety along with suggested practices to reduce the incidence of errors. 2 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 2 ETHICS

    An Online Course for Physicians, Residents, and Medical Students  
  • Physician Collaboration and Communication

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    The changing medical culture towards collaborative care requires physicians to engage in new models of communication. Physician leadership can shape and guide efforts by their staff and colleagues to improve communication and provide safe and ethical care. This module discusses physician interaction domains as they apply to implementing collaborative care. 1 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHICS

    Good Communication Prevents Medical Errors  
  • Medical Records: Most Wanted Answers

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    Mismanaged medical records jeopardize patient health and put you in legal hot water. Find out everything you need to know about medical records but were afraid to ask — live instruction and Q&A with the Texas Medical Board’s past staff counsel, Franklin Hopkins. 3.75 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 3.75 ETHICS

    Make Sure You Know What Makes Up a Complete Medical Record