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    Fraud and Abuse Prevention Simplified

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    Laws governing Medicare and Medicaid participation are complicated and confusing … while state and federal governments are doubling down on enforcement. This publication explains the laws and regulations related to Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse and how the government is enforcing them. AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 4 ETHICS

    Implement the Right Compliance Plan  
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  • Hardwiring Happiness

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    What is happiness and why does it matter? Happiness is difficult to define but most people know it when they see or feel it. Regardless of the influences, individuals can take charge and learn strategies to cultivate happiness in their lives. Obtain the strategies and tools to help you hardwire happiness into your life.
     1 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHICS

    Choose Happiness Today  
  • Updated - Managing Your Medical Records

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    The majority of medical records are now maintained in an electronic format. While there is much debate about the efficiency of the electronic record, it is a must for a modern medical practice. This guide will help you organize your medical records in a way that is legible, practical, and efficient — no matter if they're paper or electronic. 
    4 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 4 ETHICS

    New Year, New Medical Records
  • Physician Collaboration and Communication

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    The changing medical culture towards collaborative care requires physicians to engage in new models of communication. Physician leadership can shape and guide efforts by their staff and colleagues to improve communication and provide safe and ethical care. This module discusses physician interaction domains as they apply to implementing collaborative care. 1 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHICS

    Good Communication Prevents Medical Errors  
  • Updated - EMTALA: Legal and Ethical Duties of Physicians in Emergency Departments

    This publication uses a combination of legal sources and ethics opinions to provide an overview of state and federal patient transfer laws and EMTALA. Additionally, physician readers will gain insight into the most common on-call questions and myths.  
    AMA PRA Cat. 1 • ETHICS

    Debunk Emergency Myths
  • HIV Screening: It’s Every Physician's Job

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    With HIV transmission on the rise, routine testing is so important. The good news? Many insurance plans cover one preventive screening each year.
    AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHICS

    Get Paid to Screen for HIV  
  • Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders: Updates and Changes

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    A new law, Senate Bill 11 passed by the 85th Texas Legislature, provides a framework that regulates in-facility DNR orders. But the bill’s language leaves some issues murky; physicians who treat end-of-life patients in a hospital must take note of the law’s host of criteria for what else can constitute a valid DNR. 
    1 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHICS

    Access the Summary of Requirements Under the New Law  
  • Patient Safety and Medical Errors (4th Edition)

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    This course was designed to assist physicians, residents, and medical students who are seeking a course to enhance their patient safety skills. Seven learning modules address critical issues in patient safety along with suggested practices to reduce the incidence of errors.AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 2 ETHICS

    An Online Course for Physicians, Residents, and Medical Students  
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