Endowment for Innovation

Throughout 2016, more than 100 TMA, TMA Alliance, and TMA Foundation leaders joined in believing that they could do something extraordinary for the health of all Texans. 

Their gifts to the TMA Foundation Endowment for Innovation Campaign (EIC), combined with those from corporate friends of medicine, raised $1 million!

Together, their generous gifts are now part of the TMA Foundation General Endowment, where it will ensure TMA and TMA Alliance members can impact the health of all Texans in ways not yet imagined!

But the work they’ve started is not yet finished…

You are invited to join these leaders with your own gift to the Endowment for Innovation Campaign in 2017. In joining together to raise $250,000 in 2017, we will complete the campaign and enable the TMAF General Endowment to start working for the Family of Medicine and all Texans.

The EIC is philanthropy in action. Your support of this fundraising effort ensures fellow TMA and TMAA member volunteers have the resources needed to engage Texans in a more active lifestyle focused on preventing disease and injury.

As the health needs of Texans grow, bolder initiatives, and more widespread impacts are needed. With a more robust General Endowment, TMA Foundation can approach grant making in a dynamic and strategic way and elevate proven efforts by making grants aimed to replicate, scale, and leverage and expand.

Your gift to the EIC could help bring the TMA History of Medicine’s educational and historical exhibits to a wider population including other galleries, museums and schools. Your support could help establish a “Challenge Grant” initiative to stimulate giving (more funds and donors) to a designated program operated by a county medical society, or alliance or medical student chapter. Your donation could help fund the continuation and expansion of the Texas Public Health Coalition’s University Health Forums or future Quality Summit meetings. These are just a few of the possibilities!

Thank you for considering this invitation to join your colleagues who have already donated to be part an historic effort to bring “improving the health of all Texans” to a new level—one of which we can all be proud!

Endowment for Innovation Campaign Donors

As of December 31, 2016

Pon Satitpunwaycha, MD

Dr. Roberto J. & Agniela (Annie) Bayardo

Austin I. King, MD & Mrs. Susan King

Lee Ann Pearse, MD & Mr. Einar Vagnes
Susan M. Strate, MD
Nalin Harilal Tolia, MD & Kamal N. Tolia, MD

The Abell Family
Joseph P. Annis, MD
Dr. David & Jamie Fleeger
Diane Finch Grant
Dr. Robert & Maya Gross
Drs. Isabel V. & J. Russell Hoverman
Robert & Marsha Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Clifford Moy
Pfizer, Inc.
Drs. Susan Pike & Harry Papaconstantinou
Dr. & Mrs. Jim & Charli Rohack
Albert E. Sanders, MD
TMC Medical Management dba Texas MedClinic
Arlo F. Weltge, MPH, MD & Janet E. Macheledt, MD
Donald Stewart White* & Dr. Linda Villarreal

Dr. Charles & Terri Andrews
Dr. Jim Bob & Ms. Holly Brame
Christopher & Sara Chenault
Dr. David & Angela Donahue
Robert H. Emmick Jr., MD
Deborah Anne Fuller, MD
A. Tomas Garcia III, MD
Gregory Johnson, MD, SFHM
Dr. & Mrs. Russell WH Kridel
Mark J. Kubala, MD
Dr. Paul & D'Anna Wick

Michael Battista, MD
Michelle A. Berger, MD
Jedidiah J. Grisel, MD
Mary Love (Bitsy) Henderson & Sid Mallory
Lisa & Dr. John Queralt
Linda & Les Secrest, MD
Daniel & Martha Vijjeswarapu

Ching-Yen J. Chang, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Fred F. Ciarochi
Salil V. Deshpande, MD
Brian Jeffrey Eades, MD
Steven Hays, MD
Patrick & Dr. Yvonne Hearn
John P. Howe III, MD
David Landry
James A. Prentice, MD & Linda Gilbert Prentice, MD
Southeast Texas Gastroenterology Associates
Michael & Mary Speer
Charlotte Stelly-Seitz, MD & William W. Seitz
Tarrant County Medical Society
Craig A. Troop, MD
Libby White

Vickie & Guy Blumhagen
Christina & Dr. Arnold Fenrich
Beverlee & James F. Herd, MD
James William Huston, MD
Cheryl Jones
Michael O. Lagrone, MD
Kimberly E. Monday, MD

Linda Swan Adkins
Richard A. Anderson, MD
Martha Bruner
Barry J. Fenton, MD
Thomas D. Greider, MD
Robert E. Jackson, MD
Rajam S. Ramamurthy, MD
Carl O. Trusler, MD


Mani Akhtari, MD
Lori & Dr. Brian Boies
Mark Allan Fredrickson, MD
Randall P. Martin, DO
William H. Quayle, MD
Linda A. Schmalstieg, MD
Dr. Joe & Mrs. Susan Todd

Gifts Up to $99

Matthew L. Edwards
Lisa Stark Walsh

Last Updated On

April 19, 2017