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    • TMA Offers Members Free Research Summaries from AHRQ

      TMA is actively collaborating with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to provide timely research summaries for physicians and patients at no cost to TMA members.

      TMA is part of AHRQ’s Effective Health Care (EHC) Program National Partnership Network. The EHC Program conducts comparative effectiveness research and translates findings into evidence-based tools and resources for physicians, and patients to support informed decisionmaking. AHRQ’s Treatment Options initiative provides summaries on the benefits and risks of treatments for a variety of chronic health conditions. Access summaries online or order your TMA Treatment Options practice packet today.

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  • Where Can I Order My Free Copies?

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      For free printed copies of research and treatment summaries for you and your patients, go to our TMA online order form to place your order for a TMA Treatment Options practice packet.

  • Where Can I Find More Research Summaries?

    • AHRQ’s Effective Health Care Program

      Additional free summaries and evidence-based tools and resources are available from AHRQ’s Effective Health Care Program.

      Review the effectiveness and risks of different treatments for the following health conditions:

      Brain and nerve conditions     Heart and blood vessel conditions                            
      Breathing conditions     Infectious diseases and HIV/AIDS
      Cancer     Mental health
      Developmental delays, ADHD, autism                                            Muscle, bone, and joint conditions
      Diabetes     Nonclinical topics
      Digestive system conditions     Obesity
      Genitourinary conditions     Ophthalmologic conditions
      Gynecology     Pregnancy and childbirth
            Renal disease


      Get the clinical bottom line. Evidence-based tools can help support your treatment decisions.

      For additional summaries, place your order via email at AHRQPubs@ahrq.hhs.gov or call the AHRQ clearinghouse at (800) 358-9295. Provide the publication number and reference code C-06 to order up to 500 copies.

  • Effective Health Care Program: Tools and Resources

    • Additional Tools and Resources

      The Effective Health Care Program develops a wide array of products from its patient-centered outcomes research. These products include tools and resources to help patients, physicians, policymakers, and others make more informed health care decisions. The program also produces products for researchers and others interested in the systematic study of evidence and research methods. Go to the EHC Program website to find:

      - Patient decision aids,
      - Continuing medical education activities,
      - Slide library,
      - Research resources,
      - Webcasts,
      - Eisenberg Center Conference Series proceedings, and
      - Resources for getting involved and involving others.

  • The SHARE Approach

    • Five-Step Process for Shared Decisionmaking

      AHRQ has developed the SHARE Approach, a five-step process for shared decisionmaking to help physicians work with patients to make the best possible health care decisions.

      • Step 1: Seek your patient's participation.
      • Step 2: Help your patient explore and compare treatment options.
      • Step 3: Assess your patient's values and preferences.
      • Step 4: Reach a decision with your patient.
      • Step 5: Evaluate your patient's decision.

      Free resources and trainings are now available to help physicians understand and use patient-centered outcomes research in shared decisionmaking.  

      To learn more and register for a train-the-trainer workshop, visit the AHRQ website.

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