• DocbookMD

    • Coordinating Care Has Never Been This Simple

      Designed by physicians and for physicians, DocbookMD is an exclusive HIPAA-secure application for both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets that allows physicians to send HIPAA-compliant messages bundled with photos of x-rays, EKGs, wounds, and more just as if they were sending a text.  

      DocbookMD is breaking down the communication barriers between physicians, transforming medical collaboration and improving patient care. DocbookMD is a free member benefit, available in Texas only to TMA members. Join the growing community today by downloading DocbookMD from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • “HIPAA-Secure” Doesn’t Have to Mean Complicated

    In many situations, texting is the fastest and most efficient way of sending information. Reports show that texting among physicians is widespread and that they are texting clinical information — whether or not it is legal to do so. Physicians who text each other clinical information risk exposing themselves to the privacy and security violations of HIPAA.

    But DocbookMD is changing all that. Combining the ease and mobility of texting within a HIPAA-secure app now gives physicians the best of both worlds.


    DocbookMD HIPAA-Secure image 

    DocbookMD offers physicians: 

    • Physician-centered patient care: Reach out to colleagues and coordinate your entire care team from nurses to front office staff.
    • A convenient way to share vital patient information from the point-of-care.
    • HIPAA-secure ability to attach high-resolution images of x-rays, EKGs, or wounds to any message.
    • A universal communication solution: Use DocbookMD to coordinate care across any type of practice setting ― even without an EHR.                     
    • Details on all your local pharmacies
    • Accurate, up-to-date physician contact information (including email addresses and photos).  

    “DocbookMD allows you to look up another doctor at the point of care. You can then either call the physician or send a text message with room numbers, medical record numbers, even pictures of wounds and x-rays. And all of this is sent securely and in a way that meets HIPAA requirements,” 
                                                                                -Tim Gueramy, MD, orthopedic surgeon and cofounder of DocbookMD

    Think the feds aren't serious about enforcing HIPAA privacy violations? Think again.

  • Cofounder Tracey Haas, DO, explains how she uses DocbookMD at Point of Care

  • Get Everyone Involved With DocbookMD Care Team

    This free TMA member benefit just keeps getting better! With the latest update, physicians can now invite their nurses, PAs, and other office staff to join them on DocbookMD via the new Care Team feature.

    “We understand doctors and nurses want to share information about their patients via text or email, but that is not secure in standard formats. Messaging through DocbookMD allows them to comply with privacy laws, while still having the ease of sending a quick message.” 
                                                                                -Tracey Haas, DO, family physician and chief medical officer of DocbookMD 

    With Care Team:

    • The entire care team can send and receive HIPAA-secure messages, including images like x-rays, EKGs, and images of wounds or rashes.
    • Physicians remain at the center of patient care and can use DocbookMD to coordinate care across any type of practice setting ― even without an EMR.
    • Control stays with physicians, as they decide who to invite and who can send them messages. 
  • I want DocbookMD. How do I get it?

    DocbookMD is a free member benefit, available in Texas only to TMA members. So you must be a member of TMA and your county society. Across the country, DocbookMD is offered as a free benefit exclusively through county/state medical societies and is now used by more than 23,000 physicians in 40 states.

    It’s easy and free to get DocbookMD:

    1. Search docbookmd in your mobile device’s app store and download DocbookMD.
    2. Open the app and tap I’m New to DocbookMD.
    3. Enter your email address and create your DocbookMD password. 
    4. If you use an email address other than the one TMA has on file, you will be asked to enter your TMA member ID to complete registration.

    Support and Training

    Contact TMA Knowledge Center with any questions or if you need your TMA member ID to complete DocbookMD registration.


    Become a DocbookMD pro by learning to use the app with these video tutorials.