• Clinical Effectiveness

      • How to Evaluate Your Current Clinical Practices Against Best Available Guidelines

        TMA has prepared a resource to help practices evaluate their current workflows against most current guidelines.

        This flowchart of decisions and processes will help you examine your practice’s clinical effectiveness and ask the questions necessary to provide optimal care for your patients.

        See below for the latest literature and policy surrounding key clinical conditions.

    • You are in a unique position to improve medical care in our nation.

      TMA has developed tools to assist you. Please see the menu to the left for available resources on clinical effectiveness, patient experience, performance improvement programs, and related topics.

    • What is clinical effectiveness?

      • Clinical effectiveness is made up of a range of quality improvement activities and initiatives.


        These include:

        • Evidence, guidelines and standards to identify and implement best practice
        • Quality improvement tools, (such as clinical audit, evaluation, rapid cycle improvement)  to review and improve treatments and services based on:
          • The views of patients, service users and staff
        • Evidence from incidents, near-misses, clinical risks and risk analysis
        • Outcomes from treatments or services
        • Measurement of performance to assess whether the team/department/organization is achieving the desired goals
        • Identifying areas of care that need further research
        • Information systems to assess current practice and provide evidence of improvement
        • Assessment of evidence as to whether services/treatments are cost effective
        • Development and use of systems and structures that promote learning and learning across the organization
    • What are resources for clinical effectiveness?

      TMA is developing resources and working with other health care stakeholders to help drive this aspect of quality improvement in Texas. Here is a compilation of the most recent policy and guideline information for the following clinical conditions:


      We recommend physicians contact their specialty medical society for the most current guidelines and CPT/ICD coding best practices. Links to these can be found on the Quality Improvement page.

    • Whom do I contact if I have more questions?