Give Employees Insurance Exchange Notice by Oct. 1

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Topic Give Employees Insurance Exchange Notice by Oct. 1
Background Open enrollment for coverage through health insurance exchanges (also called the health insurance marketplace) begins Oct. 1, 2013. You must give notice of such, in writing, to your employees by that date.
Regulating Body United States Department of Labor
Compliance Date 10/1/2013
Consequences The notice reminds employees of their health insurance coverage options. If your practice is subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (i.e., if your annual dollar volume of business is $500,000 or more), you are subject to this notice regulation. All active employees must get this notice before Oct. 1, and all new hires after Oct. 1 must receive it within 14 days of their hire date.
Next Steps To satisfy the content requirements for FLSA section 18B, model language is available on the department’s website at There is one model for employers who do not offer a health plan and another model for employers who offer a health plan to some or all employees. Employers may use one of these models, as applicable, or a modified version, provided the notice meets the content requirements described above.
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