2013 Individual Donors Thank You

TMA Foundation 2013 Donors

Thank you to our individual donors in 2013 for creating a "Healthy Now" and a "Healthy Future" for all Texans. 

Diamond Star

Platinum Star Benefactor
C. Enrique Batres, MD
Dr. Mark J. and Betty* Kubala
Lee Ann Pearse, MD and Mr. Einar Vagnes
Dr. Susan M. Pike and Dr. Harry T. Papaconstantinou

Platinum Star Patron
Roberto Bayardo, MD
Dr. David and Betty Bookout
Dr. David and Angela Donahue
William W. Gordon, MD
Dr. G. Sealy and Debbie Massingill
Gabriel Ortiz, MD
Don R. Read, MD
Regina Rogers
Dr. Leslie and Mrs. Linda Secrest
Dr. Bernard T. and Mrs. Kathy Swift
D'Anna and Dr. Paul Wick

Platinum Star
Darrell E. Alley, MD
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Terri Andrews
Alan C. Baum, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Phil Berry
Kimberly Carter, MD
Ching-Yen J. Chang, MD
Dr. Andre and Sukie Desire
Dugan Eye Foundation
Brian J. Eades, MD
Kathy and John Ehrle
Diana Fite, MD
David C. Fleeger, MD
Dr. Deborah A. Fuller and Kevin Broadway
Dr. T. David Greer and Mrs. Lea Ann Greer
Patrick and Yvonne Hearn
Drs. Isabel V. and Russell Hoverman
James William Huston, MD
Paul E. Jennings, MD
Gregory Royce Johnson, MD
Cynthia A. Jumper, MD
Austin King, MD and the Honorable Susan King
Paul Kitchens
Dr. and Mrs. Art Klawitter
Drs. Malathi and Vijay Koli
Dr. and Mrs. Russell W. H. Kridel
The Khushalani Foundation
Sarah and Alan Losinger
Robert A. Luedecke, MD
Janet E. Macheledt, MD
Robert A. MacLean, MD
Dr. Bruce and Libby Malone
Dr. Bruce and Mary Meyers
Ronnie J. Miksch
Bufford D. Moore, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Moy
Dr. Bradford and Mrs. Susan Patt
Drs. Rajam and Somayaji Ramamurthy
Irvin Robinson, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Jim and Charli Rohack
Dr. Jaime and Mrs. Dana Ronderos
Joseph H. Schneider, MD, MBA, FAAP
Mark and Mary Ann Shelton
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Speer
Charlotte Stelly-Seitz, MD
Susan M. Strate, MD
Carl O. Trusler, MD and Jaynne Middleton, DMA
Gerard and Carrie Ventura
Drs. Arlo Weltge and Janet Macheledt
Libby White
Courtney George Williams, MD

Gold Star
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Adkins
Louis M. Alphern, MD
Joseph P. Annis, MD
Natarajan Bala, MD
Michelle Berger, MD
Robert Barry Berndt, MD
Ernest Dale Buck, MD
Drs. Dawn C. and Edward D. Buckingham
Roberta M. Case, MD
A. Clay Cessna, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Cherewaty
Dr. and Mrs. Fred F. Ciarochi
Drs. Phil and Joyce Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Factor
William S. Gilmer, MD
Donald J. Gordon, MD, PhD
Robert D. Gross, MBA, MD
Steven E. Haber, MD
Drs. Leslie M. and Steven E. Haber
R. Moss Hampton, MD
Christine Harrison, MD
Mary Love Henderson
Pamela D. Holder, MD
Glen E. Holley, MD
Jerry Dean Hunsaker, MD and Keely A. Hunsaker, DDS
Robert E. Jackson, MD
Benjamin Lee, MD
Damien M. Luviano, MD
Richard F. McKay, MD
Vansantha C. Orocofsky, MD
Mary Dale Peterson and Rafael Coutin
Drs. Linda G. and James A. Prentice
Brian R. Raimondo, MD
Dr. and Mrs. U. Prabhakar Rao
Angela Rechichi Apollo, MD
Kim Rice, MD
Dr. E. Steve and Mrs. Sharon Robinson
Jaime David Sandoval, MD
William Schleuse, MD and Virginia McDermott
Mrs. Judy Simmons
Lorraine Idell Stengl, MD
Jason V. Terk, MD
Albert G. Tesoriero, MD
Dr. Lyle and Mrs. Pam Thorstenson
Dr. Joe and Mrs. Susan Todd
Tich Ngoc Truong, MD
Paul Tullar, MD, FACOG and Margaret L. Morey, JD
E. Linda Villarreal, MD
May Yung-Fun W. Wang, MD

Silver Star
H. Wayne Agnew, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Anderson
Travis G. Bias, DO
Ravi Botla, MD
Keith A. Bourgeois, MD
Louis J. Bujnoch, MD
Richard L. Byrd, MD
Roberto Canales, MD
Robert B. Caraway, Jr., MD
Hugo Castaneda, MD
Joseph A. Castillo, MD
Caryl and Brett Cochrum, MD
Steven Cole, DO
Daniel G. Corredor, MD
James Albert Corwin, MD
Baldemar Covarrubias, MD
Frederick J. Cremona, MD
Sandy and Hugh Bob Currie
Sandra Dee Dickerson, MD
Darrel W. Dodson, MD
John H. Doran, MD, FACP
Junior De Freitas, MD
Beth Garrett Fullerton
Gregory M. Fuller, MD
Rajesh. R. Gandhi, MD
Komaranahalli P. Ganeshappa, MD
Jai Narain Goel, MD
Sudhir Reddy Gogu, DO, PhD
Anupama Gotimukula, MD
Thomas Greider, MD
Albert T. Gros, MD
Sheldon G. Gross, MD
Nandkishore Reddy Gurram, MD
Tom B. Hancher, MD
Michelle Arko Harden, MD
Brock Harper, MD
Justin Hensley, MD
Dr. Bill and Joann Hinchey
John P. Howe III, MD
William C. Howland, MD
Dr. Rex and Patricia Hyer
Dr. Nora A. Janjan and Mr. Jack Calvin
Josie Jennings
Cheryl Jones
Milla Perry Jones
Thomas D. Kimbrough, MD
O. E. Kitchings, MD
Alan and Susan Leshnower
Dr. and Mrs. Francis R. Lonergan
Shazli Noorali Malik, MD
William G. Manax, MD
Dan McCoy, MD
Rai Mehta, MD
John A. Menchaca, MD
Jacob and Sunshine Moore
Jesse Moss, Jr., MD
Dennis Elbert Newton, III, MD
Parachur Nivedita, MD
Kolawole Ademuyiwa Odulaja, MD
Sidney Ontai, MD
Dr. Carla Ortique and Mr. Morris Overstreet
Vijayveer S. Pamar, MD
J. Timothy Parker, MD
Kumara Swamy Peddamatham, MD
Cheryl Perry, PhD
Gregory Phillips, MD
Jairo Antonio Puentes, MD
Lisa P. Queralt
Robert Henry Quinn, Jr., MD
Larry E. Reaves, MD
Elizabeth M. Rebello, MD
Murray C. Rice, MD
Sidney H. Richardson, MD
Robert and Ellen Rogers
Hormazd B. Sanjana, MD
Neil Satyu, MD
Raul Sepulveda, MD
Kiran H. Shah, MD
Jayesh B. Shah, MD
George Franklin Smith, MD
J. Marvin Smith III, MD
Judson Somerville
C. Ritchie Spence, MD
Drs. Jane and Wesley Stafford
Gary Bennett Strong, MD
J. Peter and Jean A. Sullivan
Shanker S. Sundrani, MD
Laurie J. Sutor, MD
Lisa Louise Swanson, MD
Chandana Tripathy, MD
Gerard Troutman, MD
Aruna Venkatesh, MD
Bala S. Viswanathan, MD
Dr. J.J. and Rebecca Waller
Ellen and Mark Weinstein, MD
John and Valerie Williams
James R. Winn, MD
Barry Winston, MD
Dr. Sherif Zaafran

Bronze Star
Joyce J. Abraham, MD
Kenneth P. Adams, MD
Jane Farrar Admire, MD
Saroja and Alagappan Alagappan
Bachar Al-Alami, MD
Philip F. Anthony, MD
Robert L. Arkus, MD
David E. Auer, MD
Edwin Augustat, MD
Sergio A. Avalos, MD
Charles W. Bailey, Jr., MD
Susan R. Bailey, MD
Bradley Field Bale, MD
Janette K. Bateman, MD
Dara Batki, MD
Karen Batory
Dennis A. Beck, MD
Enrique F. Benavides, Jr., MD
Luis Manuel Benavides, MD
Enrique F. Benavides, III, MD
Karl C. Bentley, MD
Liz and Greg Bernica
Christopher Edward Berry, MD
Linda and Spencer Berthelsen
Louise H. Bethea, MD
Drs. Carolyn Biebas and Donald Patrick
Gretchen S. Blackburn
Joseph Tracy Bleier, MD
John K. Blevins, MD
Susan K. Blue, MD
Mary Alice Bone, MD
Lindsay K. Botsford, MD
John and Tina Briscoe
James G. Brooks Jr., MD
Dwane G. Broussard, MD
Craig Brown, MD
Brian Bruel, MD
Martha Bruner
Paul Bunnell, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Butler
Barbara Cernan Butler, MD
Karl M. Buttermann, MD
Gerald R. Callas, MD
John Anthony Caras, MD
P. Kay Champion, MD
Bob Chaplin
Daniel A. Chester, MD
Tilden L. Childs III, MD
Laurence Chu, MD
G. Edward Clark, MD
Chelsea I. Clinton. MD
Samuel Coleridge, DO
Terry M. Collier, MD
John G. Compton, Jr., MD
Jack A. Conoley, MD
Joehassin Cordero, MD
John Costanzi, MD
Charles E. Cowles, Jr., MD
Susan G. Curling, MD
A. Ron Daniell, MD
James P. Davis and Martha E. Pugh, MD
William J. Deaton, MD
Eileen M. Dee
Salil Desponde, MD
Lauren Dobbs PA-C
John E. Dorman, CPA
Sharda J. Doshi, MD
John D. Doty, MD
Michael Duan
Joel S. Dunnington, MD
Gus Fuess Eckhardt, MD
Elwood J. Eichler, MD
Robert H. Emmick, Jr., MD
Dr. Chris and Rebecca English
Susan M. Escudier
Nelson and Myrna Fernandez
Juan Francisco Fitz, MD
Justin Fleishman
Barbara and Lewis Foxhall
John J. Fraser, Jr., MD, JD, MPH
Fred M. Fry, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Furber
Dr. and Mrs. A. Tomas Garcia III
Bernard M. Gerber, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Carl F. Giesler
David L. Gifford, MD
Robert M. Gilliam, MD
Sunny J. Glenn, MD
Dr. and Mrs. David Goldstein
Luis Granier, MD
Gordon Green, MD, MPH
John E. Green III, MD
Gerald and Marlen Greenfield
Fernando A. Guerra, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Martin G. Guerrero
Charleta Guillory, MD, FAAP
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Gunby
James Guo, MD
Shelley Anne Hall, MD
Barbara and Dr. Harris M. Hauser
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Heaven
Michelle M. Hebert, MD
H. A. Tillman Hein, MD
Richard E. Helmer III, MD
Walter E. Herbst, MD
Carlos E. Hernandez, MD
Michael and Katrina Hernandez
Edna B. Hibbitts
David Anthony Hnatow, MD
James C. Hoyle Jr., MD
Mary Grace Hume
Robert W. Hunnicutt, MD
Katie D. Irani, MD
Ray Jacobson, MD
Jeffrey M. Jekot, MD
Mark Lynn Johnson, MD
Allen and Leah Jones
Dudley D. Jones, MD
Willis T. Jones, MD
Zach Jones
Aaron K. Joseph, MD, PA
Woody V. Kageler, MD
C. G. Kevorkian, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Key
Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Koehl
Ingrid Kristen Kohlmorgen, MD
Karanjit Singh Kooner, MD
Dhanalakashmi Koyyalagunta, MD
Michael Krebs, MD
Vijay Krishnan, MD
Ignazio G. La China, MD, PA
Kay R. Lewis, MD
Dan L. Locker, MD
Richard Francis Lorenz, DO
Joseph J. Martinez O'Hara
Israel G. Mata, MD
Roger S. Mathis, DDS
M. Dwain McDonald, MD
John E. McDonald, MD
Jaideep H. Mehta, MD, MBA
Durga Prasad Mekala, MD
Dana Mirkin, MD
Charles Dale Mitchell, MD
Dana F. Mitchell, MD
David and Debra Moeller
Shirley A. Molenich, MD
Carrie De Moor, MD
Andres R. Morales, MD
Philip R. Morrow, MD
Amy A. Mrazek, MD
Thomas Edwin Mueller, MD
Charles B. Mullins, MD
Bonnie Muncy, MD
Thomas P. Murphy Jr., MD
Trarek H. Naguib, MD
Timothy D. Nichols, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Laurence N. Nickey
John L. Nugent, MD
John C. O'Leary, MD
Dorothy N. Overman, MD
Jaime Pankowsky, MD
Donald E. Pentecost, MD
Margie H. Phillips
William R. Phillips, MD
Stuart C. Pickell, MD
Leslie K. Pidgeon, DO
William H. Quayle, Jr., MD
Lee R. Radford, MD
Puthalath K. Raghuprasad, MD
Edward Nicholas Raleigh, MD
Awilda I. Ramos, MD
Vangala J. Reddy, MD
William E. Reeves, Jr., MD
Dr. James Repasky and Dr. Karen Roberts
Jeffrey S. Richards, MD
Ragene R. Rivera, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Rufus Roberts
Gay Rogers
Dr. Peter and Julie Rojas
Walter W. Root, MD
Elizabeth Ann Roseberry, MD
Susan N. Rossmann, MD
G. Alphonso Saade, MD
Edward M. Sankary, MD
George D. Santos, MD
Jason H. Sapp, DO
Linda A. Schmalstieg, MD
Herman J. Schultz, MD
Michael J. Sebesta, MD
Randall V. Sellers, MD
Russell C. Sexton, Jr., DO
Florence Shafiq, MD
Anthony W. Shallin, MD
William James Shea, Jr., MD
Joseph H. Shelton, MD
Heather P. Shelton, MD
Harbans Singh, MD
Richard Wesley Snyder, II, MD
Henry Wayne Soechting, MD
Susan L. Sponenberg, MD
Venkatasubramanian Srinivasan, MD
Janice Ann Stachowiak, MD
Donal W. Steph, MD
Richard Strax, MD
John R. Stroehlein, MD
Kristina B. Stroehlein, MD
Yu-Tang Su, MD
Sarah L. Svoboda, MD
Brian T. Swift
Arthur Jack Szczerba, MD
Maria E. Tebbetts, MD
B. L. Temple, MD
George Thannisch, MD
Michael L. Tilly, MD
Hugo and Mary Ellen Tolentino
Drs. Nalin H. and Kamal N. Tolia
Elizabeth Torres, MD
Joe Edward Trevino, MD
Kathy and Zoltan Trizna
Craig A. Troop, MD
Thao Minh Truong, MD
Sandra P. Urrego, MD
Alex B. Valadka, MD
Yvonne D. Vargas, MD, MPH, FACP
Arturo Vargas, MD
Martha Vijjeswarapu, MD
Carlos J. Vital, MD
Will Wagner, MD
Gary David Walker, MD
Marcus L. Weatherall, MD
Chad Lewis White, MD
Daniel A. White, MD
Dr. James H. and Sydney D. Wild
Josie R. Williams, MD, MMM, CPE
Margaret A. Wilson, MD
Ira B. Wood, III, MD
Marion M. Worthington, MD
Drs. Randall and Crystal Wright
Dr. Rodney Young

Contributing Star
Manuel L. Acosta, MD
Mary Z. Adams, MD
Kenneth Roy Adams, MD
Phillip Lee Admire, III, MD
Kelly R. Aguilar, MD
Waqar Ahmad, MD
Md Jewel Ahmed, MD
Obidike Richard Akahara, MD
Charles W. Akins, MD
Artun Aksade, MD
Lori Renee Allembaugh, DO
Gwendolyn Joyce Allen, MD
Walter Murray Allison, III, MD
Paul M. Allison, MD
Kalil Ibrahim Al-Nassir, MD
Ms. Melanie Alo
Sugumar Ambrose, MD
Marilyn G. Anderson
Richard C. Andrews, DO
Mario Rudy Anzaldua, MD
Branch T. Archer, MD
Julian E. Armstrong, MD
David Thomas Arnold, Jr., MD
Ronald Joseph Aronoff, MD
James M. Atkins, MD
Anissa G. August, MD
Kristin L. Ault, DO
Francisco Aviles-Roig, MD
Amjad Naeem Awan, MD
Mustafa H. Awili, MD
Wesam Sabri Aziz, MD
Eric Yang Baden, MD
Thomas Bagwell
Eva Jo Bailey, MD
Karen Bailey
Subramaniam Balachandran, MD
Viren J. Balsara, MD
Craig Wayne Barker, MD
Robert H. Barr, MD
J. Martin Barrash, MD
Gregory W. Bartha
Justin V. Bartos, MD
Donald A. Behr, MD
Ned Elmer Beiser, DO
Robert Steven Beissner, MD
Kendra J. Belfi, MD
Ira Bell, III, MD
Arthur E. Benzick, MD
Paul Richard Bercher, MD
Howard Lysle Berg, MD
Michael Harry Bertino, MD
Paul Wesley Best, MD
Claude William Betty, MD
Neerav Jay Bhatla, MD
Samuel Michael Bierner, MD
Philip S. Blum, MD
Vickie Blumhagen
Ruben D. Bocanegra, MD
Thomas Michael Bockman, MD
Lori Boies, PhD
Jean L. Bombach, MD
William W. Bondurant, III, MD
Ronald Preston Boren, MD
John Michael Borkowski, MD
Robert Franklin Bossard, MD
Brent Wayne Bost, MD
Maged Ramzy Botros, MD
Mitchell D. Bowman, MD
Fred B. Brackett, MD
Richard N. Bradley, MD
Cindy Bragg
James R. Brand, MD
Charles William Breckenridge, MD
David R. Breed, MD
Jorge Roberto Brothers, MD
Jetta Marie Brown, MD
Oscar Wharton Brown, III, MD
Humberto Rafael Bruschetta, MD
Bernard A. Burton, MD
Naga S. Bushan, MD
Brad G. Butler, MD
J Frank Cabell, III, MD
Jackson E. Cagle, Jr., MD
Dolores Camacho-Phillips
Elva A. Camero, MD
William T. Campbell, Jr., MD
Samuel Victor Canchola, MD
Michael T. Cane, MD
L. Steven Carpenter, MD
Bernardo Carpio, MD
James M. Caskey, MD
James Walter Castillo, II, MD
Augusto Adolfo Castrillon, MD
Alberto Cepeda, MD
Sheldon Clark Chaffer, II, MD
John E. Champion, MD
Jon E. Chancellor, MD
Ricardo J. Chapa, MD
Barbara Chapman
C. Mark Chassay, MD
Deepak V. Chavda, MD
Wendy M. Chung, MD MSPH
Kristi G. Clark, MD
Crandon F. Clark, MD
Caitlin Clark
V. Mika Cline-Burkhardt, MD
Ernest W. Cochran, MD
Clay Jefferies Cockerell, MD
Vaydor Frank Cody, MD
David W. Coghe, MD
Marvin S. Cohen, MD
Joe L. Cole, MD
Kevin P. Comfort, MD
Jeffrey Donald Cone, MD
Stuart M. Connell, MD
H. David Cook, MD
David Hume Cooke, Jr., MD
Stephanie M. Copeland, MD
Oscar Cortes, MD
Jack Locardi Cortese, MD
Robert K. Cowan, MD
James S. Cox, MD
Virgil M. Cox, MD
Charles W. Cramer, MD
Kevin Crawford, MD
Kimberly Ann Crawford, MD
Adam C. Crawford, MD
Karrie Lynn Crosby, PA-C
Alan Paul Crowther, MD
Robert Burnell Curtis, MD
Blair Cushing
Shanup Dalal
John H. Dalton, MD
Siva Dantu
Urfan A. Dar, MD
John Lewis David, Jr., MD
James Michael Davidson, MD
Joseph De Gasperi, MD
Alberto E. De La Guardia, MD
Craig T. De Waal, MD
Adair Frierson DeBerry-Carlisle, DO
Jason Gregory Defrancis, MD
Roupen H. Dekmezian, MD
Douglas S. Denham, DO
Heather Marie Derington, DO
Tamra K. Deuser, MD
Thomas N. Dewar, MD
Thiendella Diagne, MD
Nancy W. Dickey, MD
Mark Edward Dickson, MD
Donald F. Dillahunty, DO
Rakhi C. Dimino, MD
Steven C. Diven, MD
Dao Van Doan, MD
Janie T. Doan, MD
Christina Ann Dooley, MD
Laurie Boquet Dory, MD
Lucy McCauley Dossett, MD
Clifton Edwin DuBose, MD
Thomas Everett Duncan, MD
R. Sean Dunham
Jose M. Duran, MD
Pat Durham
Maynard C. Dyson, MD
John Stockton Early, MD
Jason Eric Edling, MD
Matthew L. Edwards Jr.
Christopher James Ellis, MD
Jose Ambrosio Escandon, MD
James David Evans, MD
Stephen T. Faehnle, MD
Peter Gail Fagan, MD
Jerry D. Fain, MD
Robert H. Fain, Jr., MD
Thomas S. Falvey, III, MD
Suat Cheng Fang, MD
Harry L. Faust, Jr., DO
Michael L. Fawcett, MD
Barry J. Fenton, MD
Laura S. Fernandes, MD
Edwin L. Ferren, MD
Dean and Janice Fikar
Mark J. Filley, MD
Christopher W. Finnell, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Stanton Fischer
Kenneth L. Ford, Jr., MD
Bennie F. Fore, III, MD
Estrella De Maria C. Forster
Tandy Rice Freeman, III, MD
Ryan W. Frieben, MD
Hunter Fuentes
James F. Gallant, MD
Sheryl Dubois Galt, MD
Antonio Gamboa, MD
Surekha R. Gangasani, MD
Alfredo Garcia, MD
Tomas Garcia, MD
Felipe A. Garcia-Ghinis, MD, FACOG
Gayla Beth Garner, MD
Carmen T. Garza, MD
Jenifer Gehlsen
Robert Evans Gerald, MD
Loren Gigliotti
Michael Paul Gilliland, MD
Myron L. Glickfeld, DO
Geoffrey G. Glidden, MD
Alan Charles Glowczwski, MD
Brian J. Goerig, MD
Alice Gong, MD
Jennifer Lynn Gonzales, MD
Harlan Goode
Edward L. Goodman, MD
Ty Lee Gore, MD
Ronald Ernest Gotanco, MD
Andrew R. Gottesman, MD
Dr. Joe and Eva Goulding
Peter E. Grays, MD
Wayne D. Green, MD
Curtis Eric Grey, MD
Dawn M. Grosser, MD
Joseph B. Guerrini, MD
James Allen Guess, MD
Michael Bruce Guillory, MD
Michael Joseph Guirl, MD
Miguel Antonio Gutierrez, MD
Charles John Gutierrez, MD
Jose A. Gutierrez, MD
Michael David Guttenplan, MD
Glenford Peter Guy, MD
John F. Gwin, MD
Elaine Marie Gwosdz-Gilman, MD
David C. Haefeli, MD
Corey Jay Haggard, MD
Robert Ware Haley, MD
Walter H. Halpenny, MD
Houston G. Hamby, MD
Toby R. Hamilton, MD
John Bryan Hamilton, MD
Gilberto Handal, MD
Paul B. Handel, MD
Lawrence M. Hanrahan, MD
Robert James Harden, MD
Lawrence G. Hardwicke, MD
Kristin Harrington
James Mansel Harris, MD
Arlynn H. Hartfiel, MD
Ahammed Hashim, MD
Katharina Hathaway, MD
Jeannine Hatt, MD
David T. Hayes, MD
Daniel A. Heimbecker, MD
Tod C. Heldridge, MD
G. David Hendricks, Jr., MD
Dr. James and Mrs. Beverlee Herd
Brandon Hernandez, MD
Gene Arthur Herzog, DO
Douglas B. Hibbs, MD
William Loren Hilbert, MD
Ralu Hinojos, MD
Michelle May Ho, MD
Robert A. Hodgson, MD
Gerry M. Hoffman, MD
Holly Hoffman
Joseph William Holland, Jr., MD
Chelsie N. Hollas
Chian Huey Hong, MD
Beverly B. Hornsby
Karen Rae Houpt, MD
Doyle W. Huey, MD
James Loyd Humphreys, MD
Cathy A. Hurley, MD
Gary M. Idelchik, MD
Naqi Idris, MD
Adel D. Irani, MD
Peter J. Irwin, MD
Femi D. Iwaloye, MD
Barry R. Jacobs, MD
Paul J. James, MD
Harwin B. Jamison, MD
Bryan L. Janssen, MD
Grant Phillip Janzen, MD
Julio C. Jayes, MD
Samuel C. Jernigan, MD
Thomas Spradley Jeter, MD
Sudha R. Jogimahanti, MD
Richard B. Johnson, Jr., MD, PA
Doris Johnson
Thomas G. Johnson, MD
Glen T. Johnston, MD
Ayanna N. Jones, MD
Roy Maliakkal Joseph, MD
David Oommen Joseph, MD
Barry Lynn Justice, MD
Bryan Kalil, MD
Benjamin Karfunkle
Randy Ray Kastner, MD
Courtney Kauffman
Konya K. Keeling-Johnson, MD
Richard Joseph Kelly, MD
J. Michael Kerley, MD
Muhammad B. Khan, MD
Ahmad A. Khan, MD
Craig Kent King, MD
Robert Randolph King, MD
Carey G. King, Jr.
Dana S. Kirby, MD
Alan Michael Klein, MD
Paul E. Klotman, MD
Ramachandra Rao Kolluru, MD
Laura K. Kosub, MD
Scott Paul Krall, MD
John R. Krause, MD
Marc A. Krouse, MD
Ronald R. Kuffel, Jr., MD
Peter Van Doren Kuhl, MD
Vijay S. Kusnoor, MD
Dr. Roger and Mary Kylberg
Eugene C. Lai, MD
Dr. Terry and Karen Lairmore
Louise and Hugh Lamensdorf
Martin Lewis Lazar, MD
Shelley S. Lazaro, MD
David Leak, M.D.
Jason S. Ledbetter, MD
Gabriel H. Lee, MD
Robert Quarles Lewis, MD
Samuel Edgar Lewis, MD
Barbara Lewis
Carlton T. Lewis, MD
Karen Liedtke
Ralph B. Lilly, MD
Ted T. Lin, MD
Richard A. Liptak, MD
Christopher T. Litchfield, MD
Keith S. Livingstone, MD
Steven W. Lo, MD
Christopher R. Lockhart, MD
Abel Rene Longoria, MD
Warren Hunter Looney, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Ike Loose
Madeline Aponte Lopez, MD
Jose F. Lopez, MD
Erica H. Lowery, MD
Jose M. Lozano, MD
Glynda Williams Lucas, MD
Kevin Carl Lunde, MD
Nguyen T. Luu, MD
Linda L. Ly, MD
Yugal Kishore Maheshwari, MD
David Malave, MD
George G. Manlongat, MD
Amit Mann, MD
Michelle C. Marcincuk, MD
Javier D. Margo, Jr., MD
Michael Dale Marsh, MD
Randall P. Martin, DO
Sreekar Maruvada, MD
John Philip Masciale, MD
Jennifer Massengale, MD
Paul M. Mauk, MD
Terrance A. McBurney, MD
William G. B. McCallum, MD
Terence Joseph McCarthy, MD
James J. McCarthy, MD
James R. McCarty, MD
Charles S. McCash, MD
Ross Keith McClellan, MD
Kevin Wayne McCrary, MD
James Allen McCullough, MD
Stuart D. McDonald, MD
Timothy Christian McGuire, MD
Dr. John and Bridgett McKeever
Calvin E. Mein, MD
George J. Merriman Jr., MD
Joseph Leslie Milburn, Jr., MD
Jennifer Nicole Milner, MD
Joaquin Gomez Mira, MD
Imran T. Mohiuddin, MD
Binusha Moitheennazima, MD
Gerald Clinton Moore, MD
Warren E. Morgan, MD
Kathi J. Morgan, MD
William E. Morris, Jr., MD, FACP
Dorris A. Morrissette, MD
Charles Robert Moses, MD
Steven A. Mudrovich, MD
James Dale Mullins, MD
Maria De Jesus Munoz, MD
James A. Murphy, Jr., MD
Rucker S. Murry, MD
Hugo Elmo Muzza, MD, PA
Adel G. Nafrawi, MD
Elizabeth A. Nelson, MD
Todd E. Nelson, MD
Ginna Nelson, MD
Aaron R. New, MD
Vinh Nguyen, MD
Jessica Nguyen-Trong, DO
Srinivas Rao G. Nikam, MD
Jo North
Mark Raymond Norwid, MD
Paul C. Nowak, MD
Beverly B. Nuckols, MD
John Albert O'Connor, MD
William Charles O'Donnell, MD
Blake Bernard O'Lavin, MD
Jacob Oppenheimer
Antonio Morales Ortega, MD
Nicholas Ortiz
F. Javier Otero, MD
Charles Callis Owen, Jr., MD
Nicole Marie Owens, MD
Catherine Suvarnabai Padakandla, MD
Nathan Allen Pailes, MD
Raul G. Palacios, III, MD
Sue Palmer, MD
Douglas S. Park, MD
Sunilkumar Somabhai Patel, MD
Karen Mann Patterson, MD
Patrice Annette Patterson, MD
Eddie L. Patton Jr., MD
David Earl Pearce, MD
David Norman Pederson, MD
Ziad Peerwani, MD
Solomon A. Pendleton, MD
Abimael Perez, MD
Carmen Perez, MD
Rafael Jose Perez, MD
Thomas L. Pester, MD
Daniel L. Peterson, MD
Matthew Abraham Phares, DO
Michael F. Phillips, MD
Jurswin Coffy Pieternelle, MD
Deborah Pitts
Evan G. Pivalizza, MD
Thomas E. Piwonka, MD
Carlos Andres Plata, MD
Anne Chandler Pluenneke, MD
Ricardo L. Pocurull, MD
Vijaya R. Pokala, MD
Todd Alan Pollock, MD
Roberto Ponce, MD
Stephen Pont, MD
Barry Barton Prestridge, MD
William T. Price, MD
Mia Price
Maureen Priestner*
Basil A. Pruitt Jr., MD
Raghuveer Puttagunta
Lawrence Quan, MD
Andres Rahal, MD
Delbert Earl Rainosek, MD
L. W. Ralston, MD
Horacio Rafael Ramirez, MD
Mark B. Randolph, MD
Zoe Rascoe
Daima F. Ratcliff, MD
Joan Ratner
Guruswami K. Ravichandran, MD
Janet P. Realini, MD, MPH
James A. Record, MD
Steven F. Reeder, MD
Stephanie L. Reeves, DO
Rhonda Reuter
Nelson Ivan Reyes, MD
Barna A. Richards, MD
H. Miller Richert, MD
Harvey Mac Richey, III, DO
Richard Randolph Riggins, MD
Noel Keith Robinson, Jr., MD
Estella Robinson, MD
Mary Ann Rodriguez, MD
Abraham Rodriguez
Boris Rubashkin, MD
William M. Rutledge, Jr., MD
Stephen Don Ruyle, MD
Michael G. Ryan, MD
Conner Ryan
Carlos E. Salazar, MD
Venkata Chalapathirao Sami, MD
Tobias C. Samo, MD
Barbara Samples
Cheryl L. Sanborn, MD
Homero R. Sanchez, MD
Monica G. Sanchez-Ross, MD
Barry Sanders, MD
Albert E. Sanders, MD
Josefa Sur Santiago, MD
David B. Santiago, MD
Ivelisse Santiago-Barouhas, MD
Arindam Sarkar
Heather L. Sauer, MD
David J. Savage, MD
Suzanne Marie Schafer, DO
J. Todd Scharnberg, MD
Kurt A. Schoppe, MD
Craig Stephen See, MD
Michael P. Seeley, MD
Bernard Manuel Seger, MD
Steven Meredith Seidenfeld, MD
Bryan Adam Selkin, MD
Steven J. Senevey, MD
Rebekah Sessoms
Parin P. Shah, MD
Maryam Shambayati, DO
Lida Shaygan
Lauren K. Shepard, DO
Stephanie Shepard
Jane K. Shepherd, MD
Gary W. Shimotsu, MD
Krishnamurthy Shivshanker, MD
Mohammad S. Siddiqui, MD
Jaime Luis Silva, MD
Ranjit Rajendra Singh, MD
Irene Skor
Charles T. Slack, MD
Melissa S. Slovak, MD
Charlotte Hoehne Smith, MD
Stephen T. Smith, MD
Toussaint Smith, MD
Sharon A. Smith, MD
Evans S. Smith, MD
Jacob Smith
Lydia Soldano
Rachel Solnick
Colin T. Son, MD
George Butcher Sonnier, MD
Kent K. Sorajja, MD
Maria A. Sosa, MD
David Robert Sprouse, MD
Pamela Ann St Amand, MD
Stephen P. Stamatis, MD
Joel Dow Starnes, III, MD
Karen Joyce Stewart, MD
Gregory W. Stocks, MD
Ernest L. Stone, MD
Jimmy Lee Strong, MD
Kyle D. Stuart, MD
John Hamlin Stuckey, MD
Elizabeth Suarez, MD
Vidhya Subramanian, MD
Kristi K. Sumpter, DO
Salim Ramzan Ali Surani, MD
Jay Anthony Takata, MD
Sheri J. Talley, MD
Oscar A. Tamez, MD
Francesca Funk and Yoshiyuki Tanaka
Rajendra K. Tanna, MD
Sergio Tavares, MD
James R. Terry, MD
Stephen A. Tew, MD
Katrina H. Theis
John Perry Thomas, III, MD
Ryan Blaine Thomas, MD
Gregory W. Thompson, MD
Jeffrey B. Thompson, MD
Christopher J. Thompson, MD
Patricia E. Thompson
Frederick Allen Thurmond, MD
Dwight Mark Toups, MD
Maclong T. Tran, MD
Julie Ann Traynham, DO
Normand F. Tremblay, MD
Roberto Trevino, Jr., MD
Robert L. True, MD
Jane Cigarroa Unzeitig, MD
Sing D. Uy, MD
Carlos Vallbona, MD
Ryan D. Van Ramshorst, MD
Melody R. Vander Straten, MD
David Loyd Vanderheiden, DO
William Richard Vandiver, MD
Hemant H. Vankawala, MD
David B. Vaughan, MD
Lisa Edelmon Veggeberg, MD
Gretchen M. Velasco, MD
Rebecca M. Verellen, MD
Maria C. Visus, MD
Gaile Vitug
Mylinh Vu, MD
Manisha V. Wagle, MD
Rubina Wahid, MD
Larry Leon Walker, MD
James Stefan Walker, MD
Martha Ann Walton, MD
Todd James Waltrip, MD
Serena Xiaohong Wang, MD
Agnes Ward
Keith C. Watson, MD
John Michael Weed, III, MD
Donald L. Wehmeyer, MD
Jetta Koch Westerholm
Robert McKinney Wheeler, MD
Edward Wheeler, MD
Stephen B. Whiteside, MD
Douglas Eugene Whitley, MD
Julia Whitlow
Jeanne Lynn Wiegand, MD
Moses Edward Wilcox, Sr., MD
David Michael Wilhelm, MD
Eric K. Wilke, MD
David C. Wilkinson, II, MD
Benjamin Joel Williams, MD
Lucia L. Williams, MD, MPH
Patrick D. Williams, MD
George W. Williams, II, MD
Arthur W. Willis, Jr., MD
Hubert N. Williston, MD
Cornelius A. Wilson, MD
Joanna D. Wilson, DO
Marc Warner Wimpee, MD
Joan Windmiller, MD
Owen E. Winsett, MD
Weerachai Wiri, MD
Johnny J. Wirth, MD
Ms. Dee Dee Oxford Wolf
Lucas Wong, MD
Helen Marie Wood, MD
Philip M. Woodall, DO
John B. Wright, MD
William Chien Lin Wu, MD
Kris H. Wusterhausen, DO
Rodney Dycoco Yap, MD
Mitchell A. Young, MD
Sue Jin Yu, MD
Feras Zabad, MD
Lawrence Peter Zarian, MD
Carmen Zatorski
Fuad Zayed, MD
Vasilios A. Zerris, MD
Christopher M. Ziebell, MD
Vinko Zlomislic, MD

* Deceased

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