What Does Be Wise — Immunize Offer for Physicians?

Be Wise can help you:

  1. Implement or enhance vaccination practices in your office with our vaccination toolkits and continuing medical education courses;
  2. Educate about vaccines in your office, in the media, or at public gatherings such as parent-teacher associations and civic organizations;
  3. Host a low-cost/free vaccination clinic after hours or on the weekend;
  4. Understand health care worker vaccination requirements and promote vaccinations among your employees; and
  5. Keep up with the latest vaccine news.

Physician Toolkits
The Be Wise — Immunize Physician Toolkit for Children and the Be Wise — Immunize Physician Toolkit for Adolescents are easy-to-use guides, complete with a physician manual and materials you can use in your practice. The toolkits were produced under the guidance of an advisory panel of prominent pediatricians and other physician specialists convened for this purpose.

The toolkits contain best practice guidelines, vaccine safety information, complete details about ImmTrac (Texas’ immunization registry), information about the Texas Vaccines for Children program, and more.

Be Wise — Immunize Physician Toolkit for Children (PDF): Updated in 2011, a comprehensive reference guide on childhood vaccinations for physicians and their staff. Plus, it offers educational materials for your office and patients.

Be Wise—Immunize Physician Toolkit for Adolescents (PDF): Updated in 2011, a comprehensive reference guide on adolescent vaccinations for physicians and their staff. Plus, it offers educational materials for your office and patients.

 Patient Education Materials
Check out the Be Wise patient education materials for placement in your waiting and exam rooms. All materials are in English and Spanish (PDF):

Letters to the Editor: Respond to articles in the news about vaccinations or use them to educate the public during key vaccination times (National Immunization Awareness Month in August or National Infant Immunization Week in April).

Health Care Worker Vaccination
TMA worked closely with the Texas Pediatric Society, and the Texas Nurses Association, and the Texas Hospital Association to support state legislation that requires health care facilities licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services to have a vaccination policy. The policy must outline vaccination requirements for each employee or anyone who comes into contact with patients in their facility, including physicians, volunteers, or others who are not directly employed by a facility. TMA has tools to help you comply.

TMA Encourages Flu Shots for Health Care Workers
Your vaccination policy will require health care workers to get immunized for the flu to protect their patients, themselves, and their families. Help spread the message by displaying this poster in hospital employee break rooms, physicians’ offices, and other places where health care workers and staff gather. To order, contact TMA’s outreach coordinator or call (512) 370-1470.

Be Wise — Immunize Physician Advisory Panel
These TMA physicians provide expert advice on Be Wise — Immunize programming and review materials created for physicians and patients.  

Ari Brown, MD, Austin, pediatrician
Wendy Chung, MD, MSPH, Dallas, pediatric infectious disease
Steven Cole, DO, Dallas, allergy/immunology
Edward Dominguez, MD, Dallas, infectious disease
Martin Garza, MD, Edinburg, pediatrician
Katharina Hathaway, MD, Austin, family physician
Lois Ramandetta, MD, Houston, gynecological oncology
Erica Swegler, MD, Austin, family physician
Jason Terk, MD, Keller, pediatrician
Daniel Vijjeswarapu, MD, Corpus Christi, pediatrician 

Want to get involved with Be Wise — Immunize or need more information? Email TMA’s outreach coordinator or call (512) 370-1470. Or contact her to sign up for TMA Giving Back, a monthly e-newsletter that keeps you up to date on TMA’s outreach programs.

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