Get Medicare Transition Help From Novitas and TMA

Have questions about submitting your new Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement (version 05/10) to Novitas Solutions, the new Medicare claims contractor for Texas? You can call a Novitas Provider Enrollment representative for help.

Call Novitas toll-free at (855) 252-8782 and follow the prompts to reach a representative:

  • From the main menu, say “Part B” or press 4.
  • Say “Other” when prompted to select your state.
  • Say “Provider Enrollment” or press 4.

Novitas will take over from TrailBlazer Health Enterprises on Nov. 19, 2012. Make the transition smooth for your practice with help for TMA members:

  • Free webinar: Oct. 10, Noon-1 pm. Ready, Set, Switch From TrailBlazer to Novitas” is a must-attend for office managers. TMA staff will walk you through how and where to complete preparations prior to the Nov. 19 transition, what practice impacts to expect, and what will happen with claims in process on the switch date. An interactive Q&A with Novitas representatives will wrap up the hour. Register now.
  • Free Tele-Town Hall meeting: Oct. 25 at 8 pm CT. Physicians, save the date and be on hand just prior to start time to have TMA staff and Novitas representatives answer your questions. TMA will call your home phone. (Contact TMA Knowledge Center at [800] 880-7955 or to change your preferred number.)
  • Go to and the Novitas transition webpage for updates.

Published Sept. 13, 2012 

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