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      • Local Medicare Coverage Guidance on Drugs and Biologicals

        Novitas Solutions has published a local coverage article regarding drugs and biologicals, effective Dec. 17, 2012.
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        Review the latest information identified as Medicare hot topics, including the top 10 requested pages and other popular links.
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    • Articles on Novitas Transition

      • Become LCD-Savvy
        Do you make a habit of keeping an eye on Novitas Solutions’ local coverage determinations (LCDs) for Medicare coverage? Sign up to receive email alerts of the latest updates. Register for a free webinar on LCDs on May 16.
      • Medicare Enrollment Accepts Electronic Documents, Signatures
        Medicare enrollment can be completely paperless when you use PECOS, the online enrollment system.
      • Make Sure Novitas Can Open Your CDs
        If you need to send medical records to Novitas Solutions, the Medicare payer for Texas, make sure Novitas can access the encrypted information.
      • Novitas Webinars Help With Puzzling Coding Topics
        Did you know Novitas offers free webinars about coding for Medicare Part B and other topics? The March 2014 schedule includes three topics that TMA often receives questions about.
      • Problem Pile-Up
        Novitas Solutions Inc. took over from TrailBlazer Enterprises as Texas' Medicare carrier more than a year ago. But ongoing frustrations with customer service shortfalls, enrollment delays, and heavy auditing practices, among other complaints, have Texas physicians giving the contractor a shabby report card. They say the bad grades still add up to too many hassles and payment problems and not enough answers.
      • How's Novitas Doing?
        Medicare wants to know what you think of the job Novitas Solutions is doing administering the Medicare program in Texas.
      • How to Report Medicare Split Post-Operative Care
        What is the correct way to report split post-operative care on a Medicare claim? (Tips from Novitas)