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      Serving in TMA's House of Delegates is the best way to get involved in your association and make a difference in medicine. TMA needs your voice and your experience to help us develop relevant, meaningful policy that benefits Texas physicians and patients.
      Next Meeting of the House of Delegates:
      TexMed, May 2-3, 2014
      Omni Fort Worth and Fort Worth Convention Center

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  • TexMed 2014 and TMA's House of Delegates

    If your county society has not done so already, it is time to report 2014 officers and delegates to TMA. Click here for reporting forms.

    If TMA does not receive this required information, your county medical society delegates risk not being credentialed at the House of Delegates meeting May 2-3, at TexMed 2014. 

    Information for NEW House of Delegates Members

    Welcome to the Texas Medical Association House of Delegates!
    The House of Delegates is the association’s top policy-making body and is made up of individual county medical society delegates, TMA officers, at-large trustees, councilors, AMA delegates and alternates, members of the Council on Legislation, council chairs, section and specialty society delegates, and past presidents of the association.

    If you are newly elected to serve in the House of Delegates, the following information will help familiarize you with house functions, business, procedures, and protocol. 

                 Welcome brochure and important Information about the house
                 Understanding action reports, resolutions, and how the house functions 

    Mark your calendars for the New Member Orientation scheduled at TexMed 2014
    Don't miss the Orientation Session that will be held for NEW physician and medical student members of the House of Delegates on Friday May 2, at TexMed 2014 in Fort Worth. 

    2014 Annual Session of the House of Delegates

    Speakers Memo 
         Feb. 20: Important changes for candidates running for election and changes at the Annual Session meeting at TexMed 2014.

    Know What to do and when at the House of Delegates meeting by Clicking here  

    The Handbook for Delegates is posted. Click the tab below for more details.

         General Information    revised
         Composition   revised
         Audit Trail    posted
         Agendas    revised
         Informational Reports    revised
         Financial and Organizational Affairs Reports and Resolutions     revised
         Medical Education Reports and Resolutions     revised
         Science and Public Health Reports and Resolutions    revised
         Socioeconomics Reports and Resolutions     revised

    SUPPLEMENT to the Handbook for Delegates    IS POSTED NOW!
    Late Items to be distributed at the meeting will be posted here.

    The deadline to submit Resolutions was Thursday, March 6. Click here for more information.
    Guidelines for how to write and submit resolutions.

    2014 House of Delegates Schedule
    CC = Convention Center; O = Omni
    6:30-7:30 am               New HOD Member Orientation - O, 2nd Floor, Texas AB
    6:30 am                        Small Districts Caucus meeting - O, 3rd Floor, Sundance 4
    7 am                              West Texas Caucus meeting - O, 3rd Floor, Sundance 6
    8-9:30 am                     House of Delegates Opening Session - CC, Expo Hall
    9:30 am-noon              Reference Committees meet
                                                - Financial and Organizational Affairs - CC, Expo Hall (HOD)
                                                - Medical Education - CC, 1st Level, Rm 101
                                                - Science and Public Health - CC, 1st Level, Rm 102
                                                - Socioeconomics - CC, 1st Level, Rm 103
    2-3:30pm                    Candidate Forum - CC, 1st Level, Rm 102 AB

    6:30-8 am                   Caucus meetings
                                                - Bexar - CC, 2nd Level, Rm 201 A
                                                - Dallas - CC, 2nd Level, Rm 202 AB
                                                - Harris - CC, 2nd Level, Rm 203 AB
                                                - Small Districts - CC, 2nd Level, Rm 201 BC
                                                - Tarrant - CC, 2nd Level, Rm 202 CD
                                                - Travis - CC, 1st Level, Rm 101
                                                - West Texas - CC, 1st Level, Rm 102
                                                - Medical Student Section - O, 2nd Floor, Texas CD
    8:30 am-noon            House of Delegates Business Meeting - CC, Expo Hall
                                          9:15 am      Distinguished Service Award - Alan C. Baum, MD, Houston
                                          9:30 am      Elections
                                         10:45 am     Presidents' Installation

    On Friday of TexMed, the house and its four reference committees will consider reports and resolutions dealing with TMA financial and organizational affairs, medical education, science and public health, and socioeconomics that are important to physicians, medical students, and patients. Plan to attend your scheduled caucus meeting, listed above.

    Reference committees meet immediately following recess of the opening session of the House of Delegates on Friday to hear testimony on each item of business referred to them. Any TMA member may testify on issues before reference committees. Reference committees will present their reports and recommendations to the full house when it reconvenes on Saturday morning. Caucuses can pick up reference committee reports in the Reports Room at the Omni early Saturday morning.

     Handbook for Delegates GOES GREEN
    A limited number of Handbook for Delegates will be printed in 2014. You can download the entire handbook from here on or about March 28. Or, you can print and fax the hardcopy request form.

    2013 Annual Session of the House of Delegates
    Summary of Actions

    For more information, contact CJ Bradford at (800) 880-1300, ext.1303, or (512) 370-1303; or Pam Hale at (800) 880-1300, ext.1304, or (512) 370-1304.