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      Serving in TMA’s House of Delegates is the best way to get involved in your association and make a difference in medicine. TMA needs your voice and your experience to help develop relevant, meaningful policy that benefits Texas physicians and patients.

      Next Meeting of the House of Delegates:
      TexMed 2015 • May 1-2 • Hilton Austin and Austin Convention Center

      The deadline to submit resolutions was March 6, 2015. Any resolutions submitted after that must be made with a plea of urgency and require a two-thirds majority vote of the House of Delegates to be considered. (See How to Write a Resolution.) 

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  • 2015 Annual Session of the TMA House of Delegates

    Speakers’ Letter (Updated March 19, 2015)

    What to Do When at the TMA House of Delegates meeting

    Download the Handbook for Delegates, or click on the individual tabs below to download a section. (Coming in April)

    Handbook for Delegates Tabs
    General Information
    Audit Trail
    Informational Reports
    Financial and Organizational Affairs Reports and Resolutions
    Medical Education Reports and Resolutions
    Science and Public Health Reports and Resolutions
    Socioeconomics Reports and Resolutions   

    Supplement to the Handbook for Delegates 
    Late items to be distributed at the meeting 

    Read the 2014 Summary of the House of Delegates

    Read the 2014 Transactions.

    Information for NEW House of Delegates Members

    Welcome to the Texas Medical Association House of Delegates! The House of Delegates is the legislative and policymaking body of the association and is made up of about 500 voting members. The following information will help you become familiar with your new role and will help you understand house functions, business, procedures, and protocol.

    Welcome brochure and important Information about the house 
    Understanding action reports, resolutions, and how the house functions 
    Visual graphic of voting positions in the House of Delegates 
    The Speakers' New Member Orientation Presentation 
    How to Write a Resolution

    What to Expect at the House of Delegates
    On Friday of TexMed, the house and its four reference committees consider reports and resolutions dealing with TMA financial and organizational affairs, medical education, science and public health, and socioeconomics that are important to physicians, medical students, and patients. Plan to attend your scheduled caucus meeting.

    Reference committees meet immediately following recess of the opening session of the House of Delegates on Friday to hear testimony on each item of business referred to them. Any TMA member may testify on issues before reference committees. Reference committees present their reports and recommendations to the full house when it reconvenes on Saturday morning. Caucuses can pick up reference committee reports in the Reports Room at the Hilton Austin early Saturday morning.

    Four reference committees consider the following issues:
             Financial and Organizational Affairs: Association finances, membership, representation, legal issues, and federation relationships.
             Medical Education: Undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education; physician workforce.
             Science and Public Health: Core public health functions; environmental health; child and adolescent health; injury prevention; 
                  addictive and infectious diseases; regulatory issues; biomedical research; and prevention and medicine.
             Socioeconomics: Health care payment plans; Medicare/Medicaid; reimbursement; and legislative and regulatory issues.

    Please plan to attend the 2015 New Member Orientation Session for new physician and medical student members of the House of Delegates from 6:30 to 7:30 am Friday, May 1, in Room 412 of the Hilton Austin.

    2015 CMS Officer and Delegate Reporting Forms 
    Attention county medical societies: Report officers and delegates to TMA annually.

    Reference Committee Reports (Available at TexMed)
    Financial and Organizational Affair
    Medical Education
    Science and Public Health

    For more information, contact Pam Hale at TMA at (800) 880-1300, ext. 1304, or (512) 370-1304.