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    TMA Social Media Resource Center

    Many consider the words “social media” to be nothing more than teen drama, minute-by-minute status updates, picture sharing, and, yes, funny cat videos. While this is sometimes the case, the truth is that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs are incredibly powerful and robust communication platforms with true potential to inject life into your practice and increase your reach.

    Check out TMA's Social Media Resource Center.

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Social Media - TMA Style

  • Advocacy
    Check Out TMA's Twitter AcademyTMA brings you four basic lessons to help you connect with your legislators. Find out how you can get their attention on Twitter. It's far more effective than email.
  • Blogs
    Me & My Doctor BlogBecome an avid reader and contributor to the health care blogosphere. Communicate with colleagues, your community, and thought leaders in your industry. A blog can help connect your voice to the conversation. If you're not ready to start a blog, contribute to TMA's Me & My Doctor blog. It's a place where you and your patients can have a candid discussion about today's health care system.
  • Get to Know DocbookMD
    Download the DocbookMD App TodayDid you know you already have a profile in DocbookMD? That's right. You don't have to waste time building it, but you do have to download the app to view it. The TMA physician directory is built into DocbookMD, making it a breeze to find contact information for your colleagues. You can even see those who have never downloaded the app. But for those who have downloaded the app, DocbookMD goes far beyond a mobile TMA directory.
  • Texas Medicine
    Social Media Connects Physicians and Patients "The traditional communication media clearly fail to reach a significant portion of the public, so we have to use what works," says Jason Terk, MD, chair of the TMA Council on Science and Public Health. "Properly managed communication such as the new TMA blog can not only reach patients in the virtual places we have not existed before, but can also serve to shape public opinion on important issues that affect public health policy."
  • Legal
    You Can Connect With Patients — Safely — Using Social Media As a physician, you can weigh in as a credible source with a professional Facebook page, YouTube presence, or Twitter account. This not only helps patients but also can solidify your position as trusted leader who is engaged with your patients and on the cutting edge of your profession. (TMA Practice E-Tips, Nov. 29, 2011)

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Put your practice on the social media map with TMA's latest publication. Learn about branding, online ratings, and how to use social media without violating HIPAA. Read More