AMNews articles

  •  AMNews. March 16, 2009. Stimulus bill puts burden on physicians to tell patients of data breach.  Caffarini, K.  View full-text online
  • AMNews. May 4, 2009. Stimulus package alters HIPAA rules for business associates. Harris, SM. View full-text online.
  • AMNews. June 29, 2009.  Law means rethinking how you protect patient data.  Harris, SM. View full-text online.
  • AMNew. Sept 14, 2009. Practices must have plans for handling health data breaches. Dolan, PM. View full-text online.
  • AMNews. Nov 11, 2009. New laws on patient security breaches mean your associate contracts probably need updating. Harris, SM. View full-text online.
  • AMNews. Nov 16, 2009. Privacy breach rules require practices to report only harm done. Dolan, PM.  View full-text online.
  • AMNews. April 7, 2010. Online encryption guide launched by AMA. Dolan, PM.  View full-text online

Additional articles

  • J Health Care Compliance. May-June 2009; pp: 35-36. President Obama’s Stimulus Bill and Its Effect on HIPAA Privacy and Security – Highlights from Part 1 and Part 2 that Compliance Professionals Need to Consider.  Boerner, CM. Request from the Knowledge Center.  
  • J Health Care Compliance. July-August 2009; pp: 5-10. HHS and FTC Release Guidance on HITECH Act Requirements. Dowell, MA. Request from the Knowledge Center.  
  • J Health Information Management. Fall 2009; (23) 4: 15-16.  HITECH Meets HIPAA: HITECH Act Changes to HIPAA Obligations for Covered Entities and Business Associates. Doe, B.
  • Medical Practice Management Nov-Dec 2009; pp: 149-152. HIPAA Privacy/Security Rules: Where We’ve Been and Where We Are Going: Updates from the HITECH Act Dramatically Impact HIPAA Privacy/Security. Bilimoria, NM.
  • Managed Care Outlook. Nov 1, 2009; (22) 21: 1, 7-9.  ARRA’s Impact on the Release of PHI. Dinh, AK. Request from the Knowledge Center.
  • MGMA Connexion. Nov/Dec 2009; pp: 26-28.  The new privacy-breach notification rule: What you need to know to prepare your practice. Request from the Knowledge Center.
  • J Health Care Compliance. Nov/Dec 2009; pp: 25-6, 69.  Breach Notification, New Regulations, and HIPAA Privacy and Security: HIPAA COW Web site Offers Helpful Breach Notification Policy.  Boerner, CM. Request from the Knowledge Center.  


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