Texas Medical Association Making House Calls

You can’t pick up a paper or turn on the television set without hearing about national “health system reform, universal health care, or the Obama plan.” It is critical that our patients know that their physicians are at the table as well. TMA is on top of the discussions and we are analyzing the different Congressional plans. More importantly, TMA is shaping its own Texas-style health care reform package. We believe that any health system reform must put the needs of our patients first. 

TMA will travel across the state co-hosting town hall meetings, aka for “House Calls,” with county medical societies. Our goal is visit at least 10 communities while our U.S. representatives are back in Texas during the August recess.

TMA wants to have a candid discussion with Texas patients. We want to hear firsthand what they think about our health care system and about our plan. The only way to accomplish that task is by listening to our patients. That is why TMA is making a House Call in your community.

Please join TMA. Attend one of the House Calls in your community and bring your patients. 

TMA “House Call” Town Hall Meeting Schedule


Date  Time  City  Location 

July 29



Watch the recorded video 

Aug. 13

  Austin  Watch the recorded video  

Aug. 17

  Houston  Watch the recorded video  
Aug. 18  


Aug. 18  


Recorded video coming soon

Aug. 20   Dallas Watch the recorded video  
Aug. 20   Tyler Watch the recorded video  

Aug. 25




Aug. 25




Aug. 25


San Antonio

Watch the recorded video 

Aug. 26


Corpus Christi

Watch the recorded video 

Aug. 26




Aug. 27



Watch the recorded video 

Aug. 31


Fort Worth 


Sept. 1


Wichita Falls


Sept. 14


Oct. 6


Oct. 22

6:30-8:30 pm
View the live feed. 

El Paso 

Catheral High School
1309 N. Stanton St.

If you would like to co-host a TMA “House Call” in your community please call Pam Udall, director of Media Relations and PR at (512) 413-6807.


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