50-Year Club and Retired Physicians

 The Board of Trustees of the Texas Medical Association approved the formation of a 50-Year Club in November 1984.  Plans for the club, including forms of recognition, activities, and dues were developed under the direction of Dr. Paul R. Meyer.

The first meeting of the new club was in May 1986.  The club meets once each year in conjunction with TMA’s TexMed: Educational Showcase & Expo.

Candidates for membership are Texas physicians who have graduated from medical school 50 or more years past.  Each year, qualifying physicians are invited to become members of this strictly volunteer social club.


The initial plan for officers, suggested by Dr. Moreton and Dr. Brindley, was to elect a president, a vice-president, and a secretary-treasurer at the first meeting, and that each officer would advance in line with the president retiring the office at the conclusion of each annual meeting. After the first meeting, only a secretary-treasurer would need to be elected at subsequent meetings.


Effective 2014, there are no officers to the club. The group has evolved into a purely social format.    

Past Presidents


In 1998, the 50-Year Club received the Young at Heart Award, presented by the Young Physician Section (YPS). Thanks to financial support from the 50-Year Club, the YPS was able to increase from one to three the number of scholarships awarded.


The next 50-Year Club reception/dinner will be held in Austin, TX during May 2015.  More information will follow.

Staff Contact: Gail Schatte at (800) 880-1300, ext. 1600 or e-mail 50-Year Club.

Retired Physician Groups in Texas

Local retired physician groups allow senior and retired physicians a forum to remain active and involved in organized medicine and the local community. They provide a forum to advocate for the issues important to retired physicians, an avenue to continue communication with colleagues, and promote opportunities for involvement and community service.

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