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Latest issues of TMA's Legislative News Hotline

TMA Legislative News Hotline: Wednesday,May 13, 2015
As the end of the legislative session draws near, the bottleneck of hundreds of bills is swelling. Some bills of interest passed today while several others up for consideration have been postponed one day to the next.

TMA Legislative News Hotline: Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Insurance Card Transparency: House Bill 1514 by Rep. J.D. Sheffield, DO (R-Gatesville), received final passage in the Texas House yesterday. It would require issuers of Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange plans (known as qualified health plans) in Texas to display the acronym “QHP” on the plan ID card. (An amendment stripped from the bill the requirement to also label the cards with “QHP-S” if the enrollee receives a subsidy.) The bill’s intent is to help physicians’ offices easily identify patients who are covered by ACA health plans and eligible for the ACA’s 90-day grace period, so doctors and staff can educate patients about the importance of paying their insurance premiums. The House passed the measure 129-8 and sent it to the Senate. 

TMA Legislative News Hotline: Monday, May 11, 2015
Today is a milestone in the Texas Legislature — it’s the 119th Day, which is the last day for House committees to report out House bills and House joint resolutions. And bills are stacking up! Hundreds of bills are on the Texas House calendar for today, tomorrow, and Wednesday alone. Several measures up for consideration are left over from Friday’s calendar, including the following.

TMA Legislative News Hotline: Friday, May 8, 2015
Hear new TMA President Tom Garcia, MD; new Board of Trustees Chair Doug Curran, MD; new House of Delegates Vice Speaker Arlo Weltge, MD; Trustee E. Linda Villarreal, MD; and former TMA House Speaker Clifford Moy, MD, give their perspectives on where TMA’s budget priorities stand as House-Senate budget conferees continue their work. The 10-member panel is charged with agreeing on Texas’ fiscal plan for the next two years, by bridging the differences between the respective chambers’ initial proposals.

TMA Legislative News Hotline: Thursday, May 7, 2015
The Senate State Affairs Committee this morning heard testimony on House Bill 80, which would impose a statewide ban on texting or talking on handheld phones while driving. “Distracted driving, such as texting, interferes with the primary task of driving,” the Texas Public Health Coalition said in written testimony delivered to the committee.


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