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Latest issues of TMA's Legislative News Hotline

TMA Legislative News Hotline: Friday, Jan. 30, 2015
This week’s TMA Legislative News Hotline video features TMA’s Darren Whitehurst, vice president, Advocacy, who outlines the details of the Senate and House 2016-17 budget bills. He covers the proposed spending of Senate Bill 2 and House Bill 1 and what it means for medicine.

TMA Legislative News Hotline: Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015
It takes a lot of work and many steps to finalize the state’s budget. It’s a lengthy and detailed process. Here is a short tutorial briefly outlining the steps:

TMA Legislative News Hotline: Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015
So far, Senate and House members have filed a total of 1,266 bills: The House filed 937 bills, while the Senate logged 329. TMA is monitoring bills affecting physicians and their patients. Several bills filed related to public health would implement a statewide texting ban; regulate e-cigarettes; retain a child’s immunization records in the state immunization registry until age 26; and improve the efficiency and operations of the state’s health service agencies.

TMA Legislative News Hotline: Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015
Senate Finance Committee Chair Sen. Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound) and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick held a news conference this morning to unveil the Senate’s spending plan for 2016-17. Senate Bill 2 spends $205.1 billion (state and federal funds), an increase of 1.5 percent from current spending. It also allows for $4 billion in tax cuts.

TMA Legislative News Hotline: Monday, Jan. 26, 2015
A new stage takes shape for Texas’ leadership when Gov. Gregg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick are sworn into office today. Governor Abbott, the state’s longest serving attorney general, will become the state’s 45th governor. Lieutenant Governor Patrick, a four-term Texas senator, will take the reins in the upper chamber. Inauguration ceremonies are the main event today under the dome.


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