Publishing Information

  •   TMA Knowledge Center- Get answers to your questions, as well as access to medical journals and publications.
  • TMA Publications - listed in the section "About TMA" on the TMA Web site, include TMA's monthly newsletter, Action, its monthly journal, Texas Medicine , and the TMA Physician Directory and Resource Guide
  •   TMA Education Center- provides descriptions and ordering information for CME education produced by TMA    
  •   Elements of Style - written by the writer and educator, William Strunk, Jr. (1869-1946) as a guidebook on the principles of English style and grammar for his students at Cornell University, and hosted by online bookstore  
  •   MedBookStore - provides an on-line medical bookstore of over 90,000 medical titles, CD-ROMs and electronic titles   
  •   U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress - lists key publications, including informational circulars, application forms for copyright registration, links to the copyright law and to the home pages of other copyright-related organizations and a link to online copyright records    


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