Get Claims Paid Promptly With TMA Live Webinars

Since their inception in 1991, Texas' prompt pay laws have helped ensure commercial health plans pay a practice's clean claims promptly and correctly. 

Texas law provides for payment no later than 45 days after the date a health plan receives a nonelectronic clean claim and no later than 30 days after receipt of an electronic clean claim. But many physicians are still dealing with payment hassles and finding it necessary to divert practice resources to get paid what the plans owe. 

On July 16, during the noon-1 pm lunch hour, a new live TMA webinar will address prompt pay issues as they relate to your practice and your revenue cycle and will instruct you on how to put yourself in a position of advantage to enforce the prompt payment of your claims. 

Prompt Pay and the Revenue Cycle — Part I (July 16) discusses the following concepts: 

  • The relationship between Texas prompt pay laws and your revenue cycle;
  • Contract terms that affect your ability to enforce prompt payment of your claims;
  • The importance of collecting and tracking specific patient insurance information to support prompt pay enforcement; and
  • The impact of your practice fee schedule and charge capture on prompt pay enforcement. 

Part II of the series will discuss the Texas prompt pay laws in the context of your claim-submission process, accounting for patient responsibility and insurance receipts, practice management system setup, and appeal or reconsideration:

Live Webinar: Prompt Pay and the Revenue Cycle, Part II 
July 23 - Noon-1 pm 

Don't miss the final program in this series, which will teach physicians best practices for effective collections:

Live Webinar: Effective Collections Techniques
July 30 - Noon-1 pm


Action, July 1, 2014

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