Virtual ICD-10 Training in Your Office

With ICD-10 preparation well under way and the transition date less than eight months away, it's time to determine how the new coding system will fit into your practice's daily operations. How does your current documentation stack up to the new guidelines, and what changes do your staff members need to make to their standard workflow to ensure a seamless transition and steady payment flow? Your practice's success is in the details.

TMA's new seminar, streaming live over the Internet March 18, will train you and your staff in ICD-10 documentation and auditing. It will cover navigating the expansive ICD-10 CM code book, the new coding guidelines, and avoiding denied claims through proper documentation and audit methods.

The live streaming seminar gives you the opportunity to ask questions and interact just as you would in person but without the travel. To register, visit the TMA Education Center or call (877) 880-1335.

Action, March 14, 2014

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