Doctors' Orders: Vote Tuesday

TEXPAC Board of Directors Chair Jerry Hunsaker, MD, would like you to take a moment and think about where and when you will vote on Tuesday. 

  • Which party primary?
  • Where is your precinct voting place?
  • Will you vote on the way to the office? After hospital rounds? Before you head home for a fun evening of paperwork? 

"Research shows that when people visualize themselves at the polls, in very concrete ways, they are more likely to actually vote," Dr. Hunsaker, a Corpus Christi ophthalmologist, said. "I hope this little visualization trick works on you because we need every physician, alliance member, and medical student in Texas to turn out and vote for the Party of Medicine."

TEXPAC, the Texas Medical Association's political action committee, has endorsed a slate of candidates who have strong physician support, who understand medicine's issues, and who have a good chance of winning. "By helping to elect these candidates, you're helping TEXPAC protect your patients and your profession from the intruders who want to tell you how to practice medicine," Dr. Hunsaker said.

TEXPAC-endorsed candidates at the top of the ballot include:  

  • For U.S. senator: John Cornyn (R)
  • For governor: Greg Abbott (R) (open seat)
  • For lieutenant governor: David Dewhurst (R)
  • For attorney general: Dan Branch (R) (open seat)
  • For comptroller of public accounts: Harvey Hilderbran (R) (open seat)  

For Supreme Court of Texas:  

  • Place 1: Nathan Hecht (R)
  • Place 6: Jeff Brown (R) 
  • Place 7: Jeffrey Boyd (R)
  • Place 8: Phil Johnson (R) 

"Also," Dr. Hunsaker noted, "the trial lawyers have infiltrated the Republican primary for seats on the Texas Supreme Court. Read this analysis from Austin lawyer Mike Hull before you vote."

The full slate also includes Democrats and Republicans endorsed in races for the Texas Senate and House of Representatives.

"Whether you've already voted or you're headed to the polls on Tuesday, share the experience," Dr. Hunsaker urged. "Remind your spouse and your colleagues and your staff and your patients and your friends and your family to vote, too. The Party of Medicine needs your support."  

Action, March 3, 2014

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