How Do I Pick a Doctor? Where Can I Find This Information?

Those are tricky questions to answer right now because as you’ve probably heard, there are some glitches with the federal marketplace right now. But once those are sorted out, you should be able to apply online to shop for insurance and then link to a list of doctors in each plan’s network. 

If you have trouble with, or prefer a live person, you can call the marketplace hotline at (800) 318-2596 and a representative should be able to help you with the application process so you can pick a doctor. But remember: Not all plans have the same networks, and it varies by region, so you might want to do some shopping around to make sure you find a doctor or hospital that’s right for you. Some insurance companies have directories of their marketplace plans and networks on their own company websites, so you can check there. You can also find phone numbers for the insurance companies on their own websites, too.

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