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Texas Medical Association Alliance

Alliance members come from a variety of backgrounds and professions, but all realize that medicine is an integral part of their lives. They work together to make a difference in health care and health issues for all Texans.

Organized in 1918, TMA alliance is one of the oldest volunteer groups in the state, and continues to make a difference, county by county, through projects targeting Texans of all ages. Alliance members work as advocates for medicine in communities large and small, always with the goal of quality health care for all citizens.

The partnership between TMA, TMAA and the TMA Foundation has proven invaluable in carrying out the campaigns listed below. You can read more about TMA's public health initiatives here . TMA provides the scientific and clinical research and information while TMAF provides the funding. The alliance's role is to deliver the message to the public. The following programs have served as vital tools in helping all three to fulfill their missions. 

  Be Wise - Immunize SM  
This immunization mission aims to increase physician and patient awareness of the importance for immunizations throughout all stages of life by increasing accessibility to low cost and free vaccinations for children and adults. Alliance members, with funding and support materials from the TMA Foundation and TMA, have helped deliver more than 100,000 immunizations to thousands of Texans since the program's inception.  These volunteers are currently in a community in Texas - maybe yours - helping improve the rate of, and access to, immunizations. Texas is now ranked 24th, up from it's previous ranking of 48th, out of 51 states in children immunized by the National Immunization Survey (NIS). If you would like to schedule a health fair or immunization program in your area, or for more information on how to order free Be Wise materials, contact the outreach coordinator, Tammy Wishard, at (800) 880-1300, ext. 1470, or email  

Hard Hats for Little Heads
This year-round bicycle helmet donation program was created for Texas physicians to help prevent head injuries in their communities. More than 100,000 children have received bicycle helmets since the program's inception.   Contact outreach coordinator Tammy Wishard at (800) 880-1300 ext. 1470, or email .

Project WATCH (2000)
This partnership project was designed to increase physician and patient communication and awareness about cardiovascular disease (CVD) and stroke risk factors and promote a clear and consistent message regarding these conditions.  The five leading preventable risk factors for CVD and stroke are: Weight, Activity, Tobacco, Cholesterol, and High blood pressure.  For more information and for a Project Watch implementation guide, click here.

Other projects alliance chapters are involved in include teen pregnancy programs, AIDS awareness campaigns, vision and hearing screenings and drug and alcohol projects, among others.

To learn more about alliance philanthropic activity through the TMA Foundation, Physicians' Benevolent Fund, and the Physician Health and Rehabilitation Assistance Fund, visit the TMA Alliance philanthropy page.

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