It's Time to Start ICD-10 Implementation

You and your practice staff have hopefully taken the necessary planning and preparation steps to get your ICD-10 transition off to the right start. But the period for planning is quickly coming to an end, and now it's time to get serious about a practical and efficient ICD-10 implementation.

Now that you know the time to get started is now and you have an overview of how it's going to affect your practice and why it's happening, it's time to start piecing the ICD-10 puzzle together and take the first three steps. TMA's seminar ICD-10 Now! How and Why is available as an on-demand webinar. You do not want to miss this webinar. It will help you with the next most important phase – implementation.

The time for ICD-10 action is here, and TMA's on demand webinar, Achieving ICD-10 Implementation Success, will help your practice put all the pieces in place. This webinar details exactly what you need to do in all areas of your practice, highlighting all the basic elements – from initial organizational setup through post-ICD-10 implementation assessment.

Action, Aug. 16, 2013

updated Nov. 17, 2014

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