Bridges to Excellence (BTE) Tools(2)

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Feature Header: The TMA has developed tools to help practices determine if BTE participation makes financial sense and how to become eligible for the BTE program. The BTE program in Texas is currently available for Asthma, Cardiac Care, and Diabetes


BTE Return on Investment Tool: Estimate If BTE Participation Is Practical for Your Practice

The ROI calculator asks for inputs to estimate revenue and expenses to generate an estimate of potential incentive dollars available.

First, Determine the number of patients that the payer has attributed to your practice. Then estimate the costs associated with reporting on this BTE condition. The tool will calculate the costs and potential revenue that can be earned from BTE participation and/or NCQA participation (where applicable).

The BTE Return on Investment tool is available for Asthma, Cardiac Care, and Diabetes.

BTE Eligibility Tool: Determine Which Patients Will Meet BTE Eligibility Requirements

BTE eligibility varies slightly by condition, but generally requires 25 established patients who have been initially diagnosed and seen once or more prior to a 12 month period (with at least one visit within the last 12 months).

Enter patient information one at a time, including name (or Patient ID), birth date, relevant diagnosis, diagnosis date, and date of visit. Enter subsequent visits using the same form. As patient data is entered, the calculator will automatically determine patient eligibility. The most recent possible reporting period will be used. The tool will notify you when you have reached the required number of eligible patients.

The BTE Eligibility tool is available for Asthma, Cardiac Care, and Diabetes.



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