American Medical Association Healthier Life Steps

The AMA Healthier Life Steps® program offers physicians and their patients practical resources and tools for establishing and supporting healthy lifestyle goals. It focuses on four behaviors — healthy eating, increasing physical activity, quitting smoking, and reducing high-risk alcohol consumption — that can help prevent many chronic diseases.

Physicians play a vital role in changing their patients’ lifestyles by talking with them at every visit about how these negative behaviors impact their health.

AMA Healthier Life Steps® offers physicians and their patients these resources:

  • Patient questionnaires,
  • Action plans,
  • Progress tracking calendars, and
  • Continuing medical education opportunities.

AMA Healthier Life Steps® program materials are free for physicians and patients, courtesy of TMA and AMA. Physicians can download the material for use in your practice. For more information, email or call (800) 888-1300, ext. 1470, or (512) 370-1470.

The AMA Healthier Life Steps® materials can be reproduced or duplicated and distributed without charge for noncommercial purposes. All copies must include the American Medical Association's copyright notice and contain no change in the content or format of the publication. Any other uses require AMA's prior written consent.

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