2013 TMA Dues Statements Coming

TMA began mailing 2013 membership renewal statements on Oct. 1.

We value your membership and participation, and urge you to renew today. The 2013 Texas Legislature is just around the corner. If the last session was any indication, it will be 140 very difficult days for medicine. But don't worry. TMA is hard at work, laying the groundwork for medicine's priorities at the Capitol. 

We heard your concerns – the ones about reduced payments, growing overhead, and the future of your practice. You told us about burdensome regulations, endless paperwork, and the cost of compliance. And most of all, you told us about protecting your clinical autonomy and about your commitment to caring for your patients in spite of the changes and challenges. 

We hear you, and we are committed to finding the solutions. Rest assured, no one will fight harder to restore a sense of control, stop the tide of decisions made by others, make sure you are paid what you're worth, and allow you more time for patient care.  

Only with grassroots support … only with your support … can we kill or amend the bad bills and pass the ones that are good for medicine and patients. Renew online today! The TMA Knowledge Center can answer your renewal questions by telephone at (800) 880-7955 or by email. 

 Action, Oct. 15, 2012 

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