A Message from Doris Johnson

I am delighted to have been chosen to serve as the 93rd President of the TMA Alliance. This achievement was not earned solely on my individual accomplishments but rather fulfills a volunteer’s career of working with family, friends, colleagues, and mentors to help Texas and Texas medicine make our state a healthier place to live.

When I was installed in Fort Worth during AllMed, I spoke about increasing one’s territory…..one’s sphere of influence with opportunities to make a difference.  In essence, that is what the Alliance is all about.  We are physicians, medical students, and spouses who are part of an organization whose purpose is to support the family of medicine and the people of Texas.  We work in tandem with Texas Medical Association in grassroots political and legislative advocacy and in community health programs to expand the opportunities for Texans to receive quality health care.

As meaningful as our work is, we cannot succeed without a caring and committed membership.  I know it’s challenging.  Society and our own personal situations have placed many demands on us.  Just maintaining a normal schedule is sometimes overwhelming; we are busy people with ever-diminishing time to volunteer. However, busy people make time to do things they believe in and we need to appeal to more of our potential members to join us in our work.  It’s worth it.

Throughout the coming year, I will dedicate myself to serving the Alliance and the family of medicine as your good will ambassador.  But I need your help. As I travel to different parts of Texas, I want you to come see me.  I want to hear about your triumphs and your challenges. In exchange, I want to offer you the same sense of pride that I have about being an Alliance member.  Our work is important.  Our work is fun.  And our organization needs you to be involved!  


Doris A. Johnson
2010-2011 President

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