Tips on Hiring the Best “Biller”

When hiring someone for your billing department, invest time in the careful recruitment and selection of the best candidate. Don't hire someone just to "fill a chair." Follow these tips to help in the selection process: 

  • Use a descriptive job title in your ad to eliminate an influx of résumés from unqualified applicants.
  • Select candidates who have medical office experience, not just hospital billing experience. Coding for medical practices is different from coding in hospitals.
  • Inquire about each candidate's technical knowledge and skills. Look for someone who is familiar with electronic billing, computer billing systems, and collections modules.
  • Ascertain how much each candidate knows about your specialty. This knowledge is a valuable asset in the reimbursement/follow-up process.
  • Have candidates review an explanation of benefits form. This will reveal if they can interpret and explain correctly key elements and requirements.
  • Ask candidates for recommendations on prioritizing your aged accounts receivable report. This will give you a sense of their problem-solving skills and ability to think logically.

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