Four Keys to an Enforceable Collections Policy

Establish a collections policy for patients, or your slow payers will do it for you! Remember these four key elements: 

  • Convey your attitude toward collections to your collection staff. Only when they know your attitude can your staff communicate effectively with patients about money. 
  • Identify which staff member(s) is authorized to negotiate payment. 
  • Follow the Billing Disclosure Requirements for uninsured and indigent patients.
  • Instruct your staff to follow the collection procedures outlined in your office policy manual.
  • Finally, establish how far your office will go to enforce collections before turning debt over to an outside collection agency. 

Collecting bad debts is not the most pleasant part of running a medical office - but TMA can help. Contact TMA Practice Consulting  today to request a Billing and Collections Assessment proposal for your practice at (800) 523-8776, or e-mail TMA Practice Consulting. For outsourcing problem accounts, TMA has endorsed I.C. System . For details and collections, call I.C. System at (800) 279-3511 and mention that you are a TMA member.


Content reviewed: 3/23/2007

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