• Get Involved

    • Medicine's Strength is YOU

      The involvement of physicians, medical students and alliance members is critical to the success of TMA's grassroots lobbying efforts. A vital asset to TMA's professional lobbying team, only you can give your state legislators the most accurate picture about how the issues really affect the practice of medicine and the patients of Texas.

      Remember, effective political action is a local activity. Get involved with your county medical society and get to know your senators and representatives when they're in their home offices. That way, they'll recognize your name and voice when you write or call them at the capitol.

      The First Tuesdays at the Capitol program is a huge success every legislative session. And, 2013 was no exception. Almost a thousand physicians, medical students, and TMA Alliance members made the trek to Austin to lobby their state legislators on issues important to medicine.

  • Take Action Today

    • Help Us Advance the Party of Medicine
      Learn what's happening in organized medicine. Read the letter from TEXPAC's chair to TMA members.
    • Lobbying Tips
      Never been to the Texas Legislature or Congress? Never fear. TMA's tips turn you into a master lobbyist in moments. Don't forget your secret weapon: Your own stories.
    • Who Represents Me?
      Elected representatives respond best to their own constituents. You can't be an effective lobbyist if you don't know who's in Washington or Austin on your behalf. Find you incumbent -- then write those letters and make those phone calls.