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Fall Conference: See What You Missed!

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    Focus on a Healthy Vision for Texas

    Physicians and medical students from varying specialties gathered at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines for TMA’s Fall Conference leadership meeting. The TMA Fall Conference provided an opportunity for physicians to conduct TMA business, obtain CME and network with peers.

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Upcoming Events

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    Healthy Physicians, Healthy PatientsLearn methods to stimulate personal growth and wellness; incorporate mindfulness behaviors and ethics into daily life; integrate resilience and coping strategies; and assimilate learned changes to improve patient outcomes.
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    Physician Well-being for LifeThis activity offers strategies to physicians for being resilient and how to avoid or address health conditions that may compromise quality of care provided to patients.
  • CME
    Business Boot Camp: Take Charge of Your Finances - Live SeminarAlthough health care is big business, individual physician practices are small businesses. Practice costs — like any other business’ operating costs — continue to rise. Take charge of your practice finances!

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Insurance Exchange

The government launched a health insurance exchange in Texas for individuals to begin buying and enrolling in plans offered through an online marketplace. That could mean more patients walk in the door with health coverage. Read More