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      A decade or two ago, health care was strictly between patients and their doctors. Patients and their doctors had candid and open conversations and were in charge. That’s not the case today. Instead, the government, insurance companies, and politicians are making the decisions. Health care has become too bureaucratic, too confusing, and too complicated.

      Plus, with all the rhetoric surrounding health care – everyone is confused.

      We want to help patients and doctors find a new and better way to talk to each other. The purpose of TMA's new Me & My Doctor blog is to create a dialogue between patients and doctors where they can discuss important health care issues, such as the new health law, government health insurance programs (Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE), health insurance, and hundreds of other topics. We invite you to join to the discussion. Please feel free to ask questions, share your concerns and insights.
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  • 33 Charts

    Medical Leaders will Think Out Loud

    What is Content?

    Worms and The Huffington Post

    Context Collapse and the Public Physician

    The Value of Sharing Links We Haven’t Read

  • Echos for the Future: Reflections on the State of Healthcare

    The Surgeon General— Where’s the Beef?

    Complacency, Acceptance Then Dependency— A Master Plan?

    Does Bedside Manner Matter Anymore?

    Outcome Measurements Could Be a Two-Edged Sword

    It Always Seems to Boil Down to Politics

  • GruntDoc

    Top 5 Reasons Why ‘The Customer Is Always Right’ Is Wrong | Alexander Kjerulf

    Terrific Southwest Airlines safety briefing video

    Medicare Payments to Providers in 2012 – WSJ.com

    Texas citizenship test: Dirk and Conan

    Resuscitation 2014

  • Digitized Medicine

    Ask Not What ICD-10 Can Do For Healthcare, Ask What Healthcare Can Do With SNOMED and ICD-11

    AMA's Opposition to Bill on SGR Fix and ICD-10 Delay Is a Winning Ploy

    AMA Fails To Do Homework on ICD-11 Cost Analysis

    EHR Interoperability is a Nervous System

    Vendors Can Raise EHR Safety, Lower Business Risks Through Patient Safety Organizations

  • TrendsMD (from TMLT)

    Heartbleed Bug may present a new vulnerability for medical practices

    TMLT announces 2014 Risk Management Spring Seminars in Austin and Houston

    Conducting an annual insurance check up

    Why I love my physician

    TMLT dedicates $20 million to the Trust Rewards Program for 2014

  • Residency Notes


    Psychofunctional Neurosurgery

    You Can Keep Your Doctor

    Physician Shortage

    More Medical Students, More Residency Spots?

  • Austin Dermatology and Vein Treatments

    Photo Rejuvenation IPL Before and After Photos


    Tip of the Week: Considering Laser Treatment? What to Look For…

    Photo Rejuvenation (IPL Pulsed Light) Skin Resurfacing Cost

    Just Released: Dr. Zimmet’s new Chapter in “The Vein Book”

  • American Health Scare

    Variations in Hospital Pricing

    The Harms of Patient Satisfaction

    Obamacare — Now That Enrollment is Closed

    I Still Get Butterflies on Match Day

    More Evidence on the Limits of the PCMH

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